Pandya Store 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman worries for Natasha


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The Episode starts with Suman saying don’t worry about me, focus on your marriage and husband, these initial phase is beautiful, it never comes back, live it well, go home. Natasha asks is Pandya house not my home now. Suman says fine, drop me home and then go to your home. Natasha worries. Amrish says I have solved all the problems. Amba asks how. Amrish says I have made a deal with Chiku, we don’t need Natasha now, we don’t need to call her home. Amba says but you are forgetting something. Chiku calls the lawyer and says I will meet you tomorrow, I have some imp work.

Amba says we have to be careful. Amrish says I don’t want Natasha to come in this house. Amba says I agree with you, but will Dhawal agree. He says yes, he will listen to me, I m sure he will leave Natasha if I ask him. Doctor comes. Suman says let me go home, I don’t feel fine here. He says we have to keep you under observation. She says fine, take the guarantee of my life. He says we can just try. She says yes, you tried well and I got fine. Dhawal comes home. He says I need to talk to you. Amrish says I also want to talk to you, Dhawal, I m wrong, I have made a big mistake, you can get free from this relation, you can leave Natasha, you both aren’t happy, mum is also not happy, you will take time, but try to make a new start. Dhawal is shocked. Its morning, Suman talks to Natasha on call. Natasha comes and looks on. Suman asks Dhawal to come and take Natasha home. Natasha says don’t call me, he has to go to college. Natasha goes to deposit the money.

Amrish and everyone dine. Dhawal comes to have food. Amrish says we will get the papers signed by Chiku. Dhawal leaves the food. Chirag asks him to have breakfast. Dhawal says I m not hungry. Natasha brings Suman. Suman says thanks, go home now, I m fine. Natasha says I will go when you get fine. Suman asks what will your Sasural think. Natasha says stop thinking about it. Suman says who will think about you then, your Nana. Natasha says I have to give you a surprise. Suman asks what. Natasha goes and worries. Hetal asks where did Dhawal go. Amrish says when Dhawal is getting a chance to step out of this relation, he isn’t agreeing, he got attached to Natasha, but what’s the need to get so sad. Chirag says we don’t know if he has fallen in love with Natasha. Amrish says a man should just think of business, not relations.

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Shesh makes a collage on the kite. Natasha comes and helps him. She asks him not to use cheap products. She calls Chiku and asks where are you, you said Suman is your responsibility. He says I m busy, I will come. She says we are planning a surprise for Suman, we are going to introduce you. He asks her to chill, he will come home and talk to Suman. She says he is getting irritated. Shesh says maybe he doesn’t love us. She asks him to do his work. She asks him to handle the collage. Amrish meets the lawyer. Chiku comes there. Amrish says you here. Chiku asks why, can just rich people come here. Amrish says people come here for property related work. Chiku says I came for personal matter. Amrish asks did you seal the deal. Chiku says I have transferred the store. Amrish smiles and thinks we don’t need Natasha now. Chiku leaves.

Natasha comes to Makhwana house. Amrish says we don’t need you now, we are going to get Pandya store. Natasha shows the papers and says its on my name, I will give it to Amrish.