Pandya Store 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha blames Dhawal


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The Episode starts with the doctor saying we have put Suman on ventilator. Natasha asks why, she was fine in the morning. He says due to her old age and heart attack, her organs aren’t working fine. Nurse says we need to get the medicines from Mumbai. Natasha asks what. Doctor asks her to try to get the medicine. Natasha worries. Chiku says the brother in me has awakened, every brother will fight if his sister is in pain. Dhawal comes and looks on. Chiku says you have hurt my sister, Chutki, when Daama got to know this, she suffered a heart attack, she is in the hospital, if anything happens to her, then Amrish, you and your brothers won’t get saved. Amrish says Yash means… Chiku says I m Yashodan Pandya aka Chiku. Dhawal asks what, is Suman in the hospital. Shesh says she is admitted in city hospital, she is serious. Dhawal runs to see Suman. Chabeli says he went to the hospital. Amba says no, he has gone to sort the matter, my son can’t go against his family. Amrish asks why didn’t you tell us till now if you are Chiku.

Natasha calls Neetu and asks her help in arranging the medicine. Chiku says everything has a right time, I didn’t find it necessary to tell you. Shesh gets Natasha’s call. He says yes, we will come soon. He says we have to go fast and arrange medicine for Suman. Chiku leaves. Natasha says I feel useless. Dhawal comes there. He sees Natasha crying. She gets angry seeing him and pushes him. They fall over a stretcher. Rukh zindagi ne mod liya kaisa….plays… They fall down. Amba says that guy is Chiku, I m scared, Natasha’s Daama can suffer, we will get blamed for it. Amrish says I won’t let this happen, if he is real Yashodan Pandya then why did he want to break Pandya store, when its his store. Dhawal asks are you fine. Natasha scolds him. He asks about Suman. She asks why do you want to know about her condition, she is here because of you, you can’t see us in peace, you want to snatch her life, leave us alone. She gets a call. She says I have to get the medicines from Mumbai. Dhawal hears Mumbai and says is she planning to shift to Mumbai.

He asks the doctor about Suman. Doctor tells everything. Dhawal asks can I help. Doctor says try to arrange the injection, it will help if we find a good heart specialist, we don’t have much time. Dhawal goes. Natasha says he left me alone when I needed him the most, I will never forgive him. Amba says Natasha is a storm of problems, why did she tell everything about our family, her Dadi is old, she should have thought about it. Bhaven says its not about Suman, but Pandya store, if this guy is Yashodan Pandya, then we can never get the store, they got the legal owner of Pandya store.

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Chiku says don’t worry, I will get the injection from Mumbai, I have come now. Natasha beats him and asks why did you come now, to complete formality, tell me, where were you since all these years, when we were madly finding you, did we do any mistake. She slaps Chiku. Bhaven jokes on Amrish. He says you couldn’t identify Natasha and Chiku, did you think what they will do against us. Natasha asks Chiku to answer her, why did he come now. Shesh cries. Natasha asks don’t you want to take revenge on his shameless elder brother. She says you wanted to break our store, Suman got a heart attack, so you spoke up, why did you do this, didn’t you pity us, I will kill you today. Chiku hugs her and cries.

Chiku says I m sorry, I had anger of many years in me, I felt you all are happy without me. Natasha says your anger ruined the love, you have Dhara’s upbringing, how can you be so heartless. Amrish says I understood this, you want to become director, you question my every decision. Natasha says Suman missed you a lot, she prayed for your return, she loves you a lot, she will get up and stand if we take your name. She says Shesh and Mittu have kept crackers for you, we were incomplete without you, I have kept rakhis for you, we love you a lot, you don’t care for us, I missed you a lot, how can you be so stone-hearted, did I make any mistake. Chiku says I suffered a lot in life and became a stone, today your tears have melted me, I m sorry, I got late in coming. They all hug and cry.

Shesh says late but you have come back, I m very happy, I missed you a lot, Mittu will be very happy that you are back. Natasha asks where is he. Shesh says he is a coward. She says our happiness is incomplete without Suman, will she get fine. Chiku says don’t worry, she is very strong, everything will be fine. Nurse says Suman is critical. They get shocked.

Suman gets fine. Natasha and Shesh smile. Dhawal gets his family. Suman sees him and recalls Natasha’s words. She asks is everything fine, you said Dhawal cheated you.