Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku reveals his identity


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The Episode starts with Suman holding Chiku’s hand. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Chiku and Natasha look on surprised. Chiku asks Natasha to leave Suman’s hand and come with him. Natasha asks the doctors to save Suman. She asks who are you to bring me outside, leave my hand. Chiku says you get to senses, if you do this then Suman will die, her condition is critical. Natasha looks at him. He says its not your mistake, its your Sasural’s mistake, don’t blame yourself, the one who did the mistake will get punished, did you understand Chutki. Natasha gets shocked and recalls Chiku. Hetal comes to Amrish and gives tea. He asks how did this happen, Rakhi incident, how did you do it. She worries. He asks her to answer. She says I went out by jumping the kitchen window. He says Natasha might have given this idea, call your brother, ask him to cut the rakhi and send the pic. She asks why. He says you want to rebel, right. She says no. He says then call him. She says please. She calls her brother and says I had tied you the rakhi, cut it and send its pic. He asks what, why, I won’t remove it, sorry. She says just do as I say, I have done a big sin, Rakhi isn’t celebrated in my Sasural, I made a mistake, cut the rakhi and send the pic, and you don’t try to talk to me. She cries. He asks what are you saying, I won’t listen to you. She says listen to me, remove the Rakhi. Her brother cuts the rakhi and sends the pic to her. Amrish sees the pic and breaks the phone. He says you don’t need a phone now. She cries. Natasha calls out Chiku. Chiku stops. Shesh and Mittu come and ask where is Chiku. Natasha cries seeing Chiku.

Chiku cries and leaves. Natasha recalls Chiku’s words. Shesh says he is a goon. Natasha says go to him before he goes, I will handle Suman. Amba talks to Chabeli and says now Natasha can never come back. Natasha sees Suman and cries. Dolly asks will Natasha and Dhawal divorce each other. Chirag says no, they are made for each other. She says yes, but Natasha should understand, she has to follow the rules if she wants to stay here, I m adjusting here. Chirag smiles and says people are different, no one is mature like you, Natasha is immature and sensitive. She asks am I not sensitive. He says I mean you are Dolly, you are the best. They hug. Natasha prays for Suman. She lights a diya. She cries and says you can’t snatch Suman from me, Bholenath, Suman filled my parents’ place, don’t snatch her, make her fine, please, I want a good news.

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Chiku comes to Makhwana house and shouts to call Amrish. Amrish and Amba come out. Chiku starts breaking things. Amrish asks what happened, did you find a new way to break Pandya store. Chiku says no, I found a way to break you. He catches Amrish. Bhaven and Chirag out of their rooms. Amrish asks are you mad, if I fire you, you will come on the roads. Chiku says I won’t work for a cheap man like you. Bhaven and Chirag beat Chiku and scold him. Chirag asks Amrish is he okay. Chiku picks a vase and beats Chirag and Bhaven. Amba asks Amrish to call the police, why is this goon fighting in our house. Chirag and Bhaven catch Chiku. Chiku fights them. Shesh comes and sees Chiku. Chiku asks Shesh to come and beat them. He says you should be ashamed, did you forget how we used to save each other in childhood. Shesh recalls the childhood. Shesh says Chiku…. Amrish and everyone are shocked.

Chiku asks where is Mittu. Shesh says Mittu was with me, he has run away. Chiku says tell him, he is Shiva’s son. They fight Makhwana brothers. Amrish catches Chiku and says enough. Shesh asks Chirag to stop. Amrish asks who are you. Chiku says Yashodan Pandya aka Chiku.

Doctor says we have kept Suman on ventilator. Nurse says we will get this medicine only in Mumbai. Natasha blames Dhawal for Suman’s condition.