Pandya Store 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha finds a clue


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The Episode starts with Natasha checking the event place. She checks the wires. She finds a box there. Amrish says I want that person who kidnapped Golu, I have worked hard to get this footage. He recalls Jignesh calling him and informing about Natasha asking for the cctv footage. Amrish says give the footage to me, Natasha is young, I don’t want her to see the kidnapping video, she will be scared, call her at 11am, tell her that you are going to Ahmedabad. Jignesh asks why. Amrish says I think you don’t want the sponsorship next year. Jignesh says no, I will do as you say. Inspector leaves. Dhawal and his friend come to the office. His friend taunts him. Dhawal asks him to go. Chirag says we should consider the last applicant. Dhawal comes in. Amrish asks how did you come, come in. Dhawal greets them and asks is the work going well. Amrish says we are trying, how did you come. Chirag says he came to check if Natasha got a job, he will make a personal request. Dhawal says no, I came here for my work, I came for internship, its my age to make you proud. Amrish says you have to lead, you are a boss, its time to have fun and enjoy, you have no option later than to join work, I want to explain this to Natasha also. Natasha gets Esha’s bag. She checks it and gets Makhwana family pics. She gets shocked.

Dhawal says I want to do something on my own, I have to learn basics, so take my interview as you take of other candidates. Amrish says fine, come tomorrow for the interview, don’t forget to get resume, job isn’t final. Dhawal thanks and goes. Chirag jokes. Natasha says it’s the family pics, the kidnapper is planning something big, who can it be. She checks Esha’s belongings. She says its someone connected to Makhwanas. She leaves. Dhawal waits for Natasha and thinks did she get stuck in any adventure. He calls her. They all have a talk. Natasha comes home. Amba taunts her. Dhawal asks where did you go, you didn’t go to give interview, you didn’t inform me, I have called you many times, how can you be so careless. Amrish says its not the way to talk to her, she might be tired, maybe she got stuck in some work. He acts sweet. He asks Hetal to serve food to Natasha. Natasha says I m not careless and irresponsible, I had gone to get a proof of my innocence. Suman makes Shesh write the list. She says Chiku, we too had a big family, you won’t understand, its Natasha’s first Diwali, we have to give gifts to her Sasural. Chiku thinks to arrange money. Suman says we don’t know about Amba’s choice. Esha suggests a Banarasi saree with broad border for Amba. Suman asks how do you know it. Natasha says I skipped the interview to get the proof against that girl, I m innocent. Amrish says you want to prove that I m a liar and I had let that girl go away, fine, I have no problem if you feel happy, did you get the proof. She says I didn’t want to say that, we didn’t do right to leave that girl, she was wrong about me, I wanted to tell you, I got this bag with that kidnapper. Esha says I have done fashion modelling, rich people have some taste, I m just suggesting, its your wish. She goes. Suman says Chiku, something is wrong with this girl. Esha hears them. Suman says she always stays scared, like someone is following her. Mittu says you are scared. Suman says no. Shesh says you are afraid that she can become your bahu. Chiku says don’t put this in Suman’s mind. Suman says we will go shopping tomorrow. Mittu says we will take Esha along. Suman taunts Chiku. Esha says I would have got stuck today.

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Natasha says I got the photos in the bag. Amba worries seeing the family pics. Amrish also gets worried. Natasha looks at them. She shows the necklace and says I got this silver ornament also. Amba and Amrish are shocked. Amba starts feeling unwell. Dhawal asks her to sit. Hetal gives her some water. Natasha says this kidnapper is dangerous, she has your pics, she is planning something big, you didn’t do good leaving that girl, the risk is on all of us. Pranali says Golu is Amrish’s son, he will think well. Natasha says I get it, I just want to say that, we should have not left that girl, I left the interview and went there, the kidnapper is dangerous, we can stay careful now. Amba thinks how can this happen, did she really come back. Natasha thinks why are Amba and Amrish so restless.
Natasha says I found out who had kidnapped Golu, look at this, this is my proof, I got this with that girl, don’t you have any answer, will you tell the truth or shall I tell your truth. He looks at the pic.