Pandya Store 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha finds a proof


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The Episode starts with Natasha slipping and falling down. Her foot gets stuck under the cupboard. Dhawal looks on. She moves and the cupboard starts shaking. She thinks he doesn’t want to help me. She kicks the cupboard. He holds the cupboard. He helps her. Hetal calls her brother and asks how is Maa. Her brother says she is on ventilator, you have changed a lot. She says listen to me, I spoke to Amrish, he will help, I have a request, I can’t tell dad, you just come and apologize to Amrish for your mistake once. Her dad takes the phone and scolds her. He refuses to apologize. Pranali recalls Bhaven’s words. She damages the ceiling fan by cutting off the wire.

She says Bhaven will sleep without fan now, then he will know. She hides the mosquito net. Hetal cries. Her dad asks her to keep a wife’s duty and not come to see her mum. She says think of my situation, you send Bhai if you can’t come. Amrish disconnects the call. He says your dad thinks he didn’t do any mistake, let it be, I m ready to help even now, you are asking me to help them, they don’t care for you. He sits angry.

Bhaven comes to the room and sees the fan not working. He asks for the mosquito net. Pranali says rat has torn it, so I have thrown it. He switches on the AC. She asks why did you switch on the AC. He says we need AC right now, good night. He sleeps. She feels cold and says I can’t tolerate AC. She says fine, switch off the AC, I will fan air. He says okay, do it well. He smiles and sleeps. Esha wears the shirt and comes. Chiku looks at her and says when you didn’t kidnap Golu then why did you get scared and run. She recalls kidnapping Golu. She lies.

He asks why did you get scared of the police. She makes a story and fools him. She says I will do a job and go from here. He asks her to get well soon. He goes. She thinks to disappear the pics. She looks for her sling bag and worries. She recalls hiding her bag at the event venue. Natasha prays for her interview at Amrish’s company. She goes and collides with Dhawal. She falls in his arms. They see each other. The man calls Natasha and asks her to come by 11am. She says its already 10.30, I will come after interview. He says I m leaving for Ahmedabad, I can’t meet you later. She says I will collect it later. He says I can’t give footage to anyone, you can collect it after a week, all the best for the interview. She says I have to catch that girl, what shall I do. She leaves. He calls and says I got the footage. Amrish says we have to catch that kidnapper. Dhawal recalls Natasha’s words. He says I don’t want your money. His friend comes. He asks are you mad, who are you talking to. He thinks she will work and I will be at home. He discusses Natasha’s plan. They leave. Amrish asks who is the next applicant. Chirag says Natasha, she didn’t come. Amrish says she is careless. Inspector comes there. Natasha checks the footage. She asks Jignesh to show entry footages. He says I can’t show that entry footage, I delete it myself after the event, because Amrish is a private person, you can find your earring by checking the footage. She says I told you about my interview. She sees something and asks him to stop the footage. Inspector says thanks for the footage. Amrish says we can see who is the one behind Golu’s kidnapping, find the person soon. The inspector says we will try the best. He says I have worked hard to get this footage. Natasha thinks I got the proof finally.

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Natasha says I found out who had kidnapped Golu, look at this, this is my proof, I got this with that girl, don’t you have any answer, will you tell the truth or shall I tell your truth. He looks at the pic.