Pandya Store 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha leaves Makhwana house


Pandya Store 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Natasha arguing with Amba. She says I m leaving, you all have backstabbed me. Dhawal says please don’t go. She says you have never loved me, you did business, I will break this deal, I will never bear a loss, I don’t want your love, I can’t give my Pandya store to you. She says Pandya store will always be there. She takes her bag. Dhawal stops her. Suman goes to boil milk. The milk vessel falls. Mittu and Shesh come and say we will clean it. She says so many things went wrong today. She prays. Natasha makes Dhawal away. Her bag hits a puja plate. The sindoor and water kalash fall. Natasha steps on it and leaves. Everyone sees the foot prints. Dhawal cries. Shesh says I will give the entire house in 2mins with an imported machine. Suman jokes. Mittu laughs. Hetal’s son asks Natasha where are you going. She says nowhere, go inside. He asks why are you crying, what happened. Natasha says Golu, dirt went in my eyes, please go inside. He hugs her and cries. He says my exams are coming, don’t go, I will fail, who will make me prepare. Natasha says be a good boy, go inside the house. He goes. Amba says this girl is unlucky, I already told this to Amrish. Dhawal runs to stop Natasha. Amba asks her bahus to get to work.

Natasha comes home. Chiku comes on. Auto driver asks her to take her bag. Chiku says I know her, give me the bag. Natasha sees the Pandya store and cries. Chiku holds her. She asks Dhawal, who called you here, go away, don’t touch me. She turns and sees Chiku. He asks what happened, why are you crying.

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He holds her head to pacify. She holds his hand. He cries. He says there was dirt on your head, take your bag. He worries and thinks did she fight with Dhawal, I have to find out. Shesh gets the vaccum machine. He sits to clean the house. The milk splashes everywhere. Suman scolds Shesh and asks him to take his machine away.

Natasha comes home and cries. She recalls Suman’s encouraging words. She promises to tell every problem to Suman. She sits crying. Dhawal runs on the road.

Natasha says Suman got a heart attack because of me, I will take revenge for this. Chiku says I m Chiku, your problems are mine. Natasha slaps him and says my brother can never be a goon, Amrish has sent you, go and tell him, he will never get Pandya store.