Neerja 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Didun blackmails Bijoy

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Chakri asks Neerja how is she feeling. Neerja says don’t orry about me, I am thinking what did Didun say to Abeer, I want to meet him. Chakri says that is not possible. Neerja hears few girls playing outside and makes a plan with them.
Didun says to Roopa, Shabbo is unwell so you ill stay with me until she gets better.

Didun sees the little girls dancing outside in verandah on her favourite song. Didun puts off the music and walks to the girls and asks Roopa to play the music again and dances on the song. Neerja takes advantage and goes look for Chakri’s phone. Neerja doesn’t find Chakri’s phone but finds Didun’s phone and decides to use it to reachout to Abeer. Didun’s phone rings. Abeer calling Didun. Didun asks Roopa to get her phone.
Neerja hides, Roopa tells Didun that Abeer is calling.

Didun says wow, the lover is calling lets make him wait a little. Neerja snakes out of Didun’s room.
Abeer calls Didun again, Didun asks Roopa to make sure no one hears to her conversation and goes to her room.

Didun asks Abeer why is he calling. Abeer says he wants to meet Neerja and will pay whatever she wants but not in Sonagachi. Didun says Neerja will do anything for money but you will have to come to Sonagachi, I will arrange a show your meet in a special room, see you today at 7 pm.
Sarthak asks Abeer, what did Neerja say. Abeer says its time to reveal Neerja’s true face. Sarthak says this path will only lead to destruction, stay away from all this. Abeer thinks about Neerja charging 5 lakhs for looking after him and hits his hand on a column. Sarthak asks Abeer to calm down. Abeer says you have no idea what I am going through, my heart has to understand its not love for Neerja but a fraud.

Roopa asks Didun why is Abeer coming even after knowing the truth. Didun says this is power of love, you go inform Kallu. Neerja walks to Didun and asks about Abeer and asks did you tell him about me. Didun says Abeer called me to book you, all men are same, the earlier you accept the truth the better it will be for you.

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Kaushik and Bijoy ready for a meeting. Bijoy says to Kaushik he will lead the meeting. Kaushik says please let me lead it, I will do it properly. Bijoy gets a call and he leaves. Kaushik walks to him and asks what is it. Bijoy says all good and I have to leave, you handle the meeting, like you anted to and prove your worth. Bijoy leaves. Kaushik says first I want to find out what is worrying you so much.

Bijoy sees Didun aiting outside his house. Bijoy says ho dare you come here and we can’t talk here come with me outside.
Bijoy says how many times I told you to stay away from us. Didun says the news is your son visited me in Sonagachi last night. Bijoy says what nonsense is this and tries to threaten Didun and says stop Neerja from meeting my son. Didun says I am least bothered wih your useless threats and you stop your son from seeing my daughter, he is infact ready to pay any amount to meet my daughter. Bijoy says Abeer would never do such thing, its definitely your evil games. Didun shows call recording to Bijoy.

Kaushik starts looking for Bijoy.
Bijoy says to Didun, I know you are using Neerja for money. Didun says its my job and I need 5 lakhs to keep your son away from my Neerja. Bijoy rites a cheque for Didun. Kaushik sees Bijoy signing a cheque but doesn’t see Didun, he leaves to attend the meeting.
Bijoy pays Didun and asks her to keep Abeer away from Sonagachi. Didun asks Bijoy to apologise to her for his behaviour. Bijoy says don’t worsen the situation, I will kill you. Didun says you are no where near to me, also who knows this conversation is being recorded and may get viral, so better get on your knees and apologise.

Bijoy gets on his knees and apologises to Didun.

Pre cap : Abeer says to Neerja, you are a fraud, you wanted money right. Neerja says how can you compare my character to money. Abeer says shutup, I paid for you and now you will dance for me. Abeer breaks bottle in her feet and makes Neerja dance on the broken glass pieces.