Neerja 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Neerja gets Kaushik arrested

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Neerja says to Abeer she will choose the right over wrong, she will choose a girls respect before anything and will make sure Kaushik is punished for his deeds. Moushmi asks Neerja what is she going to do. Neerja says I want to kill him but I want justice for Chakri and so I will drag him to court. Abeer stops Neerja and says enough of this non, I am here for my family, I will protect my brother from your misunderstanding and says just wait on watch how I prove that my brother is innocent. Neerja leaves the house.

Neerja goes to the hospital to collect Chakri’s body but learns someone already took it, likely Didun. She calls Shefali for help. Meanwhile, at home, Moushmi blames Neerja, and Munmun threatens self-harm if Neerja proceeds with Kaushik’s arrest. Abeer arrives with lawyers, assuring Kaushik won’t go to jail.

The lawyer advises stopping Neerja from filing a police complaint to protect Kaushik. Abeer reassures them they won’t find evidence against Kaushik. Kaushik grows anxious and plots to stop Chakri’s postmortem. Meanwhile, Didun boasts about her supposed care for Chakri’s last rites and ignores Kaushik’s calls.

Neerja rushes to stop Didun’s plans and prevent the destruction of evidence. Kaushik blackmails Didun to comply with his demands. Didun reluctantly agrees, and Neerja races against time to reach the graveyard. Just as Didun is about to light the funeral pyre, Neerja arrives, halting the proceedings.

The next morning, Abeer anxiously tries to reach Neerja but receives no response. Moushmi urges him to stay calm, but Abeer is determined to protect Kaushik. 

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Neerja arrives with Shefali. Shefali announces Kaushik’s arrest based on Chakri’s death statement. Neerja stands firm in her quest for justice, while Abeer struggles with the ramifications of her actions.

Precap: Chakri’s lawyer gets bribed by Didun and he denies to fight case. Neerja decides to fight the case for Chakri.