Neerja 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Protima worried about Neerja

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Neerja looks at herself in the mirror and feels disgusted. She says Protima you kept me away from this dirt all these years and took care of me but in these last few days Didun ruined all your hardwork. As she yearns for her mother, she clings to her saree and reflects on Abeer’s disillusioning words about people from Sonagachi. She’s upset that Abeer can’t understand her. Meanwhile, Abeer is lost in thought, and Bijoy is in discussion with the police, vouching for Abeer. Concerns arise about a video potentially causing trouble. Abeer defends the girl in the video but is shocked when Protima learns she’s from Sonagachi.
Neerja wonders why she danced at the pub and confides in Protima. Shyamli and Chakri advise her to tell Abeer the truth. However, Neerja fears Abeer’s judgment, given his misconceptions about Sonagachi. Later, Abeer is brought home, revealing to his wife what transpired. Neerja, wrestling with Abeer’s potential hatred, resigns herself to their fate, believing love is elusive in Sonagachi. Abeer’s mother hides Pishi Maa to shield her from seeing Abeer’s state.
Inside their home, Munmun notices Abeer muttering Neerja’s name. Pishi Maa suggests a bride for Abeer, emphasizing Neerja isn’t suitable. Meanwhile, Protima insists on talking to Didun but faces resistance from the inspector, who introduces a convict to deter her.
Back at home, Bijoy attempts to snap Abeer out of his fixation on Neerja by pouring water on him. Abeer vents his anger, raising a hand, and Neerja sees few men from the party from her window and gets scared.

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Pre cap: Abeer walks into Sonagachi. Didun welcomes Abeer. Abeer says to Didun he wants to meet Neerja. Didun calls Neerja and says your lover his here, should I tell him your rate or you will.