Neerja 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Abhir fights with the goon. Abhir assures Neerja that he is alright. Abhir points the gun at the goon. Neerja comes there holding Trisool in her hand. She resembles Durga Maa there. Neerja says to the goon that today is Shakthi’s day. She would end his life. The crowd comes there. Neerja gets alert and walks away. Abhir thinks that Neerja risked her life to save those girls. He thinks about Neerja’s truth. A girl kissed him on his cheek and thanked him for saving them. He says that someone is their hero. The police arrive there and save the girls. Abhir searches for Neerja there. The media ask him how he found the girls? He recalls Neerja’s words. He leaves from there. Shefali answers to them. Someone points a gun at Neerja. Meanwhile, the goons point guns at Didun. Didun says that it’s just a toy for her. She says to him that she hasn’t changed. Dada Bhai says that she didn’t change. But the police saved the girls. Didun says that it was not her mistake. He says that he is leaving her to find the person who leaked the information from Baadi.

Didun thinks who is betraying her. Shefali appreciates Neerja for saving the girls. She tells her that she didn’t do it alone. She says to her that she couldn’t find Dada Bhai. Shefali says that he didn’t come to Kolkata. It’s a risk finding him. Neerja asked her to release her mom. Shefali says that she didn’t forget her promise. She will definitely release her. She says to her that Didun won’t leave her if she goes back to Baadi. Later, Bijoy and family members were surprised to see the decorations in the house. Trisha says that it’s a good day. She is going to propose to him by marriage. Bijoy asks Kaushik to call Abhir. He notices the video and says that Trisha planned a surprise for him. But he is wasting his time. Bijoy watched the news and appreciated Abhir’s act. He says that he did a good job. He isn’t wasting his time. He brings prestige to our family. Munmun tries to provoke Trisha. Stark says that Abhir isn’t attending his call.

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Munmun blabbering to Trisha. Moushmi stops her. Satark says that Abhir did a good deed today. So the media were behind him. He will return home asap. Meanwhile, Neerja returns to Baadi. She is surprised to see Didun waiting for her there. All the lights turned on there. Didun dances there for Dolare’s song. She says that she danced well in the Pandal. When she asked her to dance she made faces and talked about her mom’s promise. She asks her where she was? Neerja says that she was in the Pandal. She met her there. Didun says that she had returned to Baadi one hour before. But she returns home after 3 hours. Neerja says that she was in the Pandal. Didun says that she is lying. What was she doing there? Neerja asks her if something has happened? Didun asks her to bring a chair for her. She is tired after dancing in the Pandal. Didun says that something happened which shouldn’t have. She asks Neerja to prove that she was in the Pandal.

Neerja asks her why she should prove it? Didun says that someone ruined her name today. She faced humiliations. Neerja says that she didn’t do anything wrong. She couldn’t give any evidence. She is ready to face any punishment for it. If she commits any mistake, then why should she return to Baadi? She is aware that she won’t leave her. She asks her to believe her. Didun says that she won’t believe her. She asks her to give the consequences. Neerja says that she didn’t do anything wrong, so Durga Maa will stay by her side. Didun asks Neerja to walk on the burning charcoal. It’s her agnipariksha.

Precap: Neerja vows destruction.