Neerja 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja and Trisha bond

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Didun keeping an eye on Neerja. Neerja is about to meet the man, she sees Abeer’s favorite Sandesh store and remembers how much Abeer loved them. Neerja thinks she can’t let Abeer’s memories distract her from her mission. Neerja hears a Trisha relish on Sandesh just like Abeer did and walks to her. Neerja asks her how is she so crazy about them. She says my love said I am crazy about them. Neerja says he also said the same thing. Trisha says it’s my lover’s special day and so I can’t keep any for you. Neerja says please have all. Trisha says I never share my most loving thing, what if someday you ask something I like in return. Neerja says her lover doesn’t care about her anymore. She says but you love him right, then don’t let him go, I would do everything to stop my love. Neerja says maybe because he gives love back.
Trisha forms a close bond with Neerja as they share a moment eating sweets together. Their interaction is interrupted by Didun, who honks her horn. Neerja awaits Dada Bhai’s assistant, who hands her a package. Neerja is aware that the police are keeping a close watch on her, and she knows that once this package is in Didun’s possession, her plan may be compromised.
Neerja engages in conversation with Trisha, offering her good wishes. Trisha reassures Neerja that Abeer belongs to her, and she isn’t concerned about it. She expresses her worry for Neerja and discreetly places the parcel in her bag. Didun becomes agitated when she notices the parcel. She steps out of her car to confront Neerja but observes the police presence and remains behind. Trisha’s saree tears, causing her to become upset as it was her favorite. However, she decides to let it go, considering her good mood that day. Neerja apologizes to Didun, who admits she has occasionally misunderstood her. She hides the parcel upon seeing the police, proving herself to be clever.
Neerja breathes a sigh of relief. Didun inquires about how she plans to locate the girl. Neerja informs her that she knows the girl’s whereabouts. The police discreetly follow Trisha. Didun questions Neerja on how she intends to retrieve the parcel, to which Neerja responds that she knows how to do it. She requests a dupatta from Didun and cautions Neerja to be cautious.
Trisha engages in a conversation with a photo of Abeer, expressing her excitement at the prospect of meeting him and believing he will be astonished upon seeing her. At the same time, Neerja knocks on her door, claiming to have followed her to take her life. Trisha responds by saying she cannot take her life because she has given it to someone else. Neerja enters and tells her she must take something dear to her if she doesn’t willingly give it. Neerja hands her the favorite dupatta she tore after ruining her favorite saree.
Trisha playfully suggests that she should ask for her favorite item in return. Neerja agrees and promises her. Trisha inquires if Neerja is getting married, to which she responds that she will be married soon. Neerja assists her in draping the saree, complimenting her appearance. As Trisha takes a selfie, Neerja discreetly retrieves the parcel, discovering it contains chocolate laced with drugs. Didun mistakenly believes she has been caught and approaches to investigate.

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Pre cap: trisha dressed in orange saree with face covered walks to Abeer with face covered. Abeer lifts the veil. Trisha says to him. Let’s complete what we left incomplete on our wedding night.