Neerja 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja learns Abeer doesn’t know the truth

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Neerja reluctantly agreeing to follow Didun’s orders. Kallu is instructed to prepare to place Neerja in the client’s room. Neerja is in tears, remembering Protima, but eventually complies with Didun’s demands.
Chakri approaches Neerja and asks about her actions. Neerja explains that she had no other choice. Chakri inquires about Abeer, and Neerja reveals she left him a letter, unsure if he’d want to meet her after learning about her background. Chakri reassures her that Abeer will come to see her.
Shobbhorani intervenes, preventing anyone from meeting Neerja per Didun’s orders and instructs Chakri to lock Neerja in.
Abeer tries to call the brothel’s landline but the call disconnects before Shobbhorani can answer. Bappa encourages Abeer to try again. Chakri answers the call, and Abeer identifies himself. Chakri asks if he’s Neerja’s Abeer, and he confirms. Abeer requests to speak with Neerja but is told she’s locked in. He asks Chakri to pass on a message to her. Abeer asks Neerja to meet him that night and provides the location, to which Chakri agrees, leaving Abeer elated.
Chakri feigns an injury to persuade Shobbhorani to let Neerja do embroidery work on Didun’s clothes. Shobbhorani hands Neerja the clothes, and Chakri signals her before Shobbhorani leaves. Neerja discovers Chakri’s phone inside the clothes. Chakri calls Neerja from Sharmili’s phone and informs her about Abeer’s desire to meet. Initially skeptical, Neerja later believes Chakri. She plans a way to meet Abeer, feeling grateful for the opportunity.
Satark notices Abeer’s happiness and questions it. Abeer explains that he’s going to meet Neerja and hopes to uncover the truth about their relationship. Satark assists him in selecting his attire, hoping they can express their feelings for each other.
Neerja waits for Chakri’s signal but wonders why it hasn’t come yet. Didun asks Shobbhorani to keep an eye on Neerja while she heads to the market. Neerja notices Chakri’s missed call, realizing Didun’s absence is her chance to execute her plan. However, the lights suddenly go out. Shobbhorani instructs Kallu to investigate. Didun returns, curious about the power outage and sends Kallu to check on Neerja.
Meanwhile, Abeer inquires with a guard about a girl waiting to meet someone, but the guard doesn’t have any information. Abeer waits for Neerja but misunderstands her absence as disinterest and leaves. Neerja arrives after Abeer’s departure, inquiring about him from the same guard, only to learn that he has left. She feels disheartened, believing fate is against their meeting.

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Pre cap: Neerja discovers that Abeer has the wrong letter and doesn’t know the truth about her background. She’s shocked when Abeer makes a derogatory comment about Sonagachi, and its residents, leaving her with the decision to reveal the truth to him.