Neerja 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Neerja’s haldi ceremony takes place in Sonagachi. Didun asks Chakri to put haldi on the face of Neerja. Pratima, as the mother of bride, gets the first opportunity to put the Haldi on the face of Neerja. Neerja is asked to smile but she can’t enjoy her own marriage.

Shyamli seems very tensed regarding Bappan. But Didun confirms that he is alive but Didun will not bring Bappan until the marriage of Neerja. After a while, Pratima is requested to perform the dance to celebrate the Haldi ceremony of her daughter. Pratima being emotional recalls the memories of Neerja’s childhood days. She decides to celebrate the haldi ritual as today is her daughter’s day.

Here, Pishima alerts Bijay to arrange the marriage in a perfect way, so that Abir wouldn’t doubt them. The priest is asked to avoid the fire as Abir has a phobia of fire. The priest promises he wouldn’t allow any fire. Asmi prays for her son. Here, Abir paints the picture of his fiance.

Here, Bappan is informed about the marriage of Neerja by Kallu. He can’t accept that Neerja is marrying someone else. He promises to himself that he wouldn’t let marry Neerja anyone else. In the Sonagachi, Neerja and Pratima converse how they would arrange the marriage. Pratima shows her a red Benarasi saree which she bought in her childhood days. Neerja recalls her innocent childhood days.

Neerja fears if Pratima would forget her, but Pratima assures that she couldn’t ever forget her own daughter. Neerja asks a gift from a mother. She brings the saree of nurse, but Pratima fears that if Neerja could come to know the truth of her mother. Neerja requests Pratima to give that saree. Pratima breaks down in tears.

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Pratima asks Neerja to get ready asap. Meanwhile, Shyamli brings many jewelries for Neerja which she kept for herself. But that dream would be never fulfilled. She blesses Neerja with those jewelries. Other pr*stitutes also brings many gifts for Neerja and bless her for her nuptial future.

Episode ends.

Precap : Munmun plans to spoil the marriage ceremony and conspires to threat Abir with the fire.