Neerja 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja sees Abeer with Sunaina

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Neerja spotting Abeer at the venue. Moushmi advises Abeer to understand his future partner, Sunaina, by learning her likes and dislikes. Neerja is disheartened upon hearing about Abeer’s impending marriage, recalling the judgmental glances from Bijoy and Moushmi due to her background from Sonagachi. Bijoy presents a gift to Sunaina while Neerja prays to Durga Maa. Bijoy then asks everyone to give Abeer and Sunaina some privacy, which Kaushik interprets as Bijoy’s plan to unite them, much to Munmun’s annoyance. He teases Munmun about fasting, joking that only food is on her mind.
Neerja is dancing nearby, and Sunaina notices that Abeer seems lost in thought, not engaging in conversation with her. She requests that he share his future wife’s expectations with her. Abeer notices Neerja dancing but is puzzled by her sudden disappearance. Sunaina asks him if he’s looking for someone, and he dismisses it as a misunderstanding.
As Didun arrives at the venue, the security personnel ask her for her pass, which she presents. However, Shabbo Rani is refused entry due to her lack of a pass. Didun instructs Shabbo Rani to wait outside.
Abeer, observing the burning coals near Neerja’s feet, intervenes to prevent her from stepping on them, but Neerja leaves the area without recognizing him. Abeer, too, believes that she isn’t Neerja. As Didun notices Abeer’s banner, she smirks.
Later, Sunaina’s parents discuss Abeer’s past engagement to Trisha and her tragic death, and how he struggled to cope. Munmun jokingly remarks that they thought he might end up in a mental asylum. Moushmi clarifies that Abeer couldn’t accept Trisha’s death initially but is fine now. As Bijoy praises Sunaina’s family, Didun’s unexpected appearance shocks him.
Neerja, still searching for Didun, accepts prasad from a lady and distributes it to others. Abeer notices her actions, and Bijoy glares at Didun. Didun is questioned by Sunaina’s father, but Moushmi steps in, discussing her orphanage and the classical music event she has arranged. Didun takes a jab at Moushmi regarding donations for her orphanage. The two exchange sharp words, and Didun leaves.
Abeer questions Neerja about her distribution of prasad, concerned that it might become dirty if she touches it. Sunaina is curious about their conversation, and Abeer explains that he had to talk to Neerja this way. When Sunaina inquires further, Neerja bluntly remarks that she can read minds, and people like Abeer only think about themselves, showing a lack of concern for others.
Meanwhile, Neerja notices Didun and decides to follow her, eavesdropping on their conversation. Abeer intervenes, dragging Neerja away from the scene. She vents her frustration at him, expressing that he promised to remove her problems from her life but has now become her biggest problem.

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Pre cap: Neerja tells Shefali Ganguly that Didun has planned a mission with Dada Bhai. Shefali Ganguly asks her to get back with all information.

During pooja Neerja looks at Didun and thinks she will destroy Didun.