Neerja 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja swipes Didun’s invitation

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Didun asking Neerja to speak with Sheikh. Neerja hesitates but complies. Sheikh is engaging in flirtatious banter with Neerja, and Didun insists that she sing for him. Neerja realizes that this performance is necessary to gain Didun’s trust. As she sings, she envisions Abeer’s presence, and he wipes away her imaginary tears. The audience applauds her, and she snaps out of her reverie. Sheikh compliments her and promises to meet her soon. Shabho Rani questions Neerja if she’s crying over Abeer, but Didun asserts that Sheikh’s approval is what matters, leaving Neerja reassured. Didun excuses herself for a phone call, and Neerja contemplates its significance, suspecting that it might involve someone important.
In the meantime, Neerja enlists Chakri’s help to eavesdrop on Didun’s conversation with Dada Bhai. Didun assures Dada Bhai that she will meet him at the upcoming Anandha Pooja event. Neerja, intrigued by Dada Bhai’s identity, sets out to uncover it.
Didun receives an invitation to the Anandha Pooja, and Neerja shares this information with Shefali. Shefali is perplexed, as she has never heard of Dada Bhai and is unsure how to proceed. Neerja decides to approach the problem creatively. Shefali suggests that Neerja attempt to feed Protima with her own hand as a sign of devotion, and once she accomplishes this, Shefali will grant her permission to investigate further.
As Didun gets ready for the pooja, Shabho Rani applies makeup. Neerja offers to help with the makeup but is met with a humorous threat from Didun. However, Neerja skillfully compliments her appearance and secretly swipes the invitation from Shabho Rani’s bag.
Meanwhile, Moushmi encourages Abeer to meet Sunaina, emphasizing the importance of discussing her likes and dislikes. Abeer’s brother Kaushik remains uncooperative. Neerja arrives but fails to notice the banner with Abeer’s name. Moushmi, speaking of her efforts to make her son happy, asks Abeer to pray for his pain to be lifted. In the midst of this, Neerja wishes to complete the pooja before Didun’s arrival. A minor incident occurs when a woman accidentally bumps into Neerja, causing her thaali to fall.

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Pre cap: Neerja performs traditional dance in the pooja.
Neerja and Abeer bump into eachother and taunt about the change in behaviour