Neerja 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update : Chakri tells Abeer how he has misunderstood Neerja


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Didun calls Trisha and tells her that Abeer visited her in Sonagachi and how she saw love for Neerja in his eyes and asks her to be careful or else Neerja will replace her as the bride of Abeer. Didun says to Trisha, I saw the pain in Abeer’s eyes for Neerja now lets see whose love wins yours or Abeer’s. 

Abeer sees a paper thrown at him and it says I want to talk to you about Neerja follow me. Abeer sees Chakri and follows her. 

Trisha restless about what Didun said. Moushmi asks Panditji to find a shubh muhrat soon. Panditji says I don’t see any. Trisha purposely drops tea on him and says come I will show you the washroom. Munmun finds Trisha’s move very suspicious. 

Trisha pays Panditji and asks him to say that in 3 days there is Muharat. Panditji says you two aren’t a good match for each other and also there is no Muhurat for 8 months. Trisha steps on his foot and says do as I say and may sure you tell we are a match and do as I say, i am Bipin Chakroborty’s daughter and if he finds you disappointed me, he will send you to the God. 

Chakri says to Abeer, she doesn’t have much time and says I always asked Neerja to stay away from you but today I am happy to see you also love her. Abeer asks her about Sheikh. Chakri says first you need to know Neerja’s truth. Chakri tells the whole story of how Didun always trapped Neerja for Protima or for Abeer and says Neerja has nothing to do with Sheikh, she agreed to marry Sheikh to save trafficking of two small girls and Neerja. Abeer says oh God, I misunderstood Neerja. Chakri requests Abeer to take care of Neerja and himself and that Didun is very cunning and will cross all lines to save herself. 

Abeer says Didun won’t be able to destory Neerja because between her and Neerja its me now tos ave Neerja.

Trisha starts acting and says Panditji find the best day, I have no rush. Panditji says there is a Subh Muharat in 3 days. 

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Munmun expresses concern about the rush. How could they possibly arrange everything in just three days? Despite Munmun’s reservations, Trisha persuades Moushmi to agree to the plan. She urges her to speak with her father about her imminent marriage to Abeer within this short timeframe.

Sarthak suggests discussing this with Abeer too, but Abeer dismisses the need, citing that life is full of unexpected events. Trisha emphasizes that it’s their wedding and insists that Abeer should do as he pleases, especially since he’s helping Neerja. Despite her efforts to persuade him and urging him to smile about the upcoming wedding, Abeer refuses, stating that now isn’t the right time for marriage.

Bijoy reminds Abeer that he had agreed to marry Trisha and should honor his commitment. Abeer acknowledges this but insists that the timing isn’t suitable. Moushmi suggests that those responsible for mistakes will face consequences, asserting that Abeer shouldn’t worry about Neerja. Abeer, resolute in his decision, believes Neerja sacrificed her happiness for them and can’t be happy himself while she suffers in jail. Kaushik supports Abeer’s decision, contrary to what Trisha had hoped for after marriage.

Abeer confides in Sarthak about his intent to find those girls. Despite their contact, they couldn’t locate them. Bijoy promises to aid Abeer in finding the girls but puts a condition: Abeer must agree to marry Trisha. Feeling trapped, Abeer agrees to save Neerja but struggles with the condition set by Bijoy, who insists that Abeer must forget Neerja if he wants his help.

Emotionally overwhelmed, Abeer witnesses Neerja enduring bullying in the prison kitchen. Despite the mistreatment, Neerja remains unfazed. Seeing this, Protima becomes emotional, acknowledging that Neerja ended up in this situation because of her. She expresses her determination to help bring Neerja out of this plight. Abeer sees Protima and Neerja and says I will do anything to save Neerja.

Pre cap: Didun warns Moushmi to take care of Abeer or she may lose her son to Sonagachi.
Didun taking kidnapped girls in a car with Abeer disguised as her driver. Didun on call asks did Neerja’s hearing begin.
Abeer takes Didun to court and says your game is over.