Neerja 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja plans to save the girls.

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Neerja walking alone thinking about the girls, she reaches Shakti Garage and remembers the man meeting Shyamli.

Kaushik tells Abeer about Sheikh’s new project and they should invest 500Cr. Abeer says we don’t have this huge amount and taking such big loan is a huge risk. Kaushik says so you think I am incapable and do not understand what is all this, I know you and Baba don’t consider me smart. Abeer says stop it, I don’t want to fight anymore. Kaushik asks who did you fight with. Abeer thinks about Neerja and leaves the office. Kaushik says Abeer and Bijoy both are worried and i will find out what’s cooking and take advantage of the situation.
Kaushik calls Munmun to keep an eye on everyone in the house and find out why is Bijoy worried.

Neerja sees Shakti leave his garage and then walks to his man and says my boss sent me to talk to Shakti because she heard that Shakti supplied girls to Didun. Abeer sees Neerja dealing with the garage guy and misunderstands the situation.
The garage guy tells Neerja about the address and makes fun of the situation. Neerja about to leave the man holds her hand and asks her to spend some time with him. Neerja threatens him and leaves.

Abeer pulls over his car in front of Neerja, questioning how low she’s willing to go for money. He accuses her of accepting a considerable sum of money, which he witnessed her taking from someone.

Fuming, Abeer tells Neerja that he’s infuriated when she engages in such unsavory conversations. He asks if she has no shame in accepting money from him. Neerja counters, deeming herself tainted but suggesting that Abeer is virtuous. She challenges him, asking why he ventured into Sonagachi if he’s so pure. Abeer threatens to obliterate Sonagachi’s essence with his influence, to which Neerja retorts that he underestimates the power of the soil there. She informs him that he and his father came to Sonagachi to acquire its soil, which will be molded into a statue of Goddess Durga. This statue now graces their home, where they worship it. Neerja’s response leaves Abeer stunned.

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Bijoy confides in Moushmi, blaming himself for the ongoing events. Moushmi asserts that he’s the root cause of the troubles, regardless of the reasons. Bijoy eventually reveals the connection to Sonagachi. Pishi Maa overhears and presses for details, inquiring about who visited Sonagachi. Moushmi tries to share the truth about Neerja, but Bijoy intervenes with a falsehood, claiming that Abeer is fixated on Neerja and desires to meet her. However, since Neerja’s orphanage is near Sonagachi, Pishi Maa expresses her reluctance to let her son go there, a sentiment Munmun aims to exploit.

Pishi Maa advises Bijoy to find a suitable bride for Abeer and suggests that he needs to get married. Moushmi chimes in, asking Bijoy to ease up on Abeer’s workload, but Kaushik asserts his ability to manage the business. Despite knowing that he’s belittling Kaushik’s talent, Bijoy compares their abilities and assigns office responsibilities to Abeer. A heated discussion unfolds, with Kaushik claiming that Abeer’s diversion of focus is detrimental to the business. Pishi Maa urges Bijoy to give Abeer time, noting that he needs it until he gets married, and Kaushik can handle the business in the interim.

Later, Shabbo Rani questions Didun about the ethicality of exposing the two young girls to the Sheikh. She suggests showing Neerja to the Sheikh instead. However, Didun insists on keeping Neerja at the scene, sharing her plan for persuading the girls to agree to the arrangement. Shabbo Rani offers food to the abducted girls, but they refuse to eat. Shyamli, concerned for the girls’ safety, contemplates offering them chocolate to gain their cooperation and discusses her plan with Neerja. Shyamli tells Neerja how the chocolates contain drug which will adict those girls to it and even if Neerja saves them they will come back to DIdun for the drugs. Neerja thinks she will have to do something to save the girls before Didun hurts them.

Pre cap; Didun showing the girls to Shaikh on video call. Neerja walks dressed in front of Sheikh and he demands to marry Neerja. Neerja agrees. Abeer hears that and is in shock.