Neerja 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Neerja 10th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News Neerja postpones the signing of contract

Abeer about to sign the deal papers. Neerja gets worried and she sees a cutter and cuts her hand with it. The blood splashes over the deal papers, everyone gets shocked. Sheikh gets angry and scolds Neerja for spoiling his deal papers. Abeer shouts at his staff and asks them to get first aid kit and says to Sheikh don’t worry we can get new papers made. Trisha sees Abeer worried and taking care of Neerja and feels bad. 

Trisha becomes jealous when Neerja accidentally ruins an important document. Sheikh gets angry, but Abeer defends Neerja, saying mistakes happen. Sheikh, claiming to like his wife, suggests a dinner to sign the documents. Neerja signals Abeer not to agree, but Trisha convinces him to attend. Neerja lies to Sheikh about broken slippers, signaling Abeer to resist. Trisha, feeling helpless, watches as Neerja enters Abeer’s room.

Abeer scolds Neerja, questioning why she keeps coming between them. Neerja, trying to explain about Sheikh, is interrupted by Trisha’s arrival. Trisha scolds Neerja, accusing her of trying to get close to Abeer. She warns Neerja to stay away, claiming Sheikh gave her money. Abeer urges Trisha to listen, but she insists Neerja is trying to deceive them. Trisha tells Neerja to leave, leaving her heartbroken. Abeer requests Trisha to listen, and she apologizes, confessing that staying away from him is difficult.

A waiter gives Neerja a bouquet, informing her of Sheikh’s arranged dinner. Neerja is shocked and orders seafood, suspecting Sheikh’s intentions. Later, Sheikh welcomes Abeer and Trisha to dinner. Neerja attempts to save Abeer, but Trisha stops her. Sheikh mentions the documents ready for signing after dinner and comments on Neerja’s apparent fondness for Abeer. Trisha urges Abeer to eat, sensing Neerja wants to talk to him. Sheikh asks Abeer to stay in the hotel due to societal norms, and Trisha smirks at Neerja.

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Didun asks for Chakri, and Shyamli informs her he’s unwell. She offers extra money to Didun to send Chakri. Shabbo Rani comments on Neerja’s behavior, but Didun mentions she went with Sheikh and warns against messing with her. Sheikh urges Abeer to sign, but Neerja warns Abeer about the bad omen after 11. Abeer agrees, and Sheikh claims Neerja loves him. Abeer says Neerja is right. Sheikh says to Abeer, my bride is so caring and I can’t say no to her, we will sign papers tomorrow and now I have to go for a special celebration with my wife.

Sheikh brings Neerja to a decorated room. He starts touching Neerja. Neerja faints. 

Abeer knocks the room and walks in to discuss something regarding agreement and is shocked to see Neerja unconscious.

Pre cap: Abeer introduces Trisha as Mr.trisha Abeer bagchi to Neerja.
Neerja swears that she will get back the right to be called as Mr.Abeer Bagchi and change the fate of Sonagachi.