Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi and Dev plan the baby

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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bimla asking Dev and Vidhi to sit for puja, and says all the arrangements are done. Dev and Vidhi sit for puja. Hariprasad recalls losing truth on Maiyya and his words. He says I will sit inside. Bimla tries to stop him, but in vain. Satyavati asks Bimla to come. They also sit. Vidhi and Dev do the puja. Pandit ji asks them to distribute prasad to everyone. They take elders’ blessings.

Priya says I have a surprise for you and takes her to her cabin. Vidhi smiles and recalls her first day in office. Abhi asks did you remember first day in the office. Vidhi recalls and smiles. Sakshi gets Jai’s call and goes to attend it. Jai says you didn’t tell me that Vidhi went to Dev’s office. Sakshi says Dev has kept puja in office and offered a job to Vidhi, and also made her cabin ready. Jai gets furious. Bimla tells Vidhi that it will be good as they will work together now. Vidhi says I can’t work like you, and has decided what I want to do. Sakshi tells Jai that she will send him pic and says Vidhi is very happy. Jai recalls Dev’s warning and says you have shown your real value. He says first you made her resign and then hired her in your office, so that she don’t do anything. Hariprasad says they are with her. Sakshi asks everyone to pose for selfie. She clicks their selfie and sends to Jai. Jai says now it is my turn to play.

Amba asks Vikram to call Chitra and tell her that he can’t live without her, and is missing her etc. He says I will tell her, if she picks my call. Amba says her family might have forced her to consider her decision. Jai calls Chitra and asks if Vidhi went to office. Chitra says may be, she didn’t know. Vikram says she is not picking my call. Amba asks him to send voice note. Vikram sends voice note to Chitra. Vikram sends her voice note asking her to reconcile with him for their baby’s sake and apologizes to her for his doings.

The doctor checks Vidhi’s report and tells that reports are normal, so they can proceed. Dev recalls counseller asking them to plan the baby, so that Vidhi comes out of trauma. Doctor prescribes multivitamin and asks Vidhi to be calm, stressfree and happy. She asks her to do exercise also.

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Jai asks Sakshi if Dev is giving her extra money and says I have hired you and not him. Sakshi says what is my mistake if Dev sir don’t do anything wrong, Vidhi is very happy with Dev and they are perfect for each other. Jai asks her if she is missing her husband and says he will send her to him. Sakshi says no. He asks what has happened when they were in office. Sakshi says they had gone to hospital after office. Jai thinks what is happening.

Dev and Vidhi tell Satyavati that they can plan the baby. Satyavati gets happy and asks them to go for their second honeymoon. Dev refuses. Priya and Chitra insist them to go. Satyavati says I will book your tickets for Kathmandu. Vidhi says I have to meet Maa and Papa. Satyavati asks her to meet them and go. Vidhi hugs her.

Amba gets a call and gets upset to know that Dev is planning baby again with Vidhi. Dev hugs Vidhi and asks her not to forget him after going to her mother’s house. Vidhi says I will do your packing and will go. Dev reminds her that he had taught her packing. Vidhi tells that she will visit Balghar after meeting Maa and Papa. She says I will spend time with them daily, and will talk to Manju Didi about it. He asks where is the suitcase? She says it is here. They fall on the bed. Ek tu hai plays…….They look at each other. Dev says I know where are the bags? He says he is joking. Vidhi says shall I go to return soon.

Amba says destiny wants to give you heir with me, and says Dev and Vidhi will come back together again. She tells herself that you shall do something so that you don’t fall in Dev’s sight. Chitra asks Vidhi to meet her at 4 pm in cafe. Vidhi agrees. Satyavati gives something to Vidhi. Jai admires Vidhi’s photo frame. Chitra calls him and asks him to meet at 4 pm. Jai ends the call and thinks he will feel and see her after many days.

Precap: Dev searches for Vidhi. Police comes to Raichand Mansion and asks who can kidnap Vidhi? Dev says there is one person who can harm Vidhi and that her name is….