Mera pyaar… Part 53 ( Truth out and fun)


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Bani gets shocked seeing veer..

Bani:veer..wh.. what ar..are you do.. doing here?

Veer: enough of your drama bani. I heared everything crisp and clear..


Veer:i just don’t need your explanations bani. Just tell me whether you love me or not?

Bani: i swear..i love you. I always loved you and will always love only you.. whatever i spoke in phone..

Veer:stop it. Actually i believe your love for me..i don’t doubt your love. But you do things hiding from me..why? I know there will be some reason for telling like that.. that you and Ram’s engagement will be nice..i don’t understand what you mean by that but i know that it’s just consoling words.

Bani gets emotional as veer trusts her love..

Bani: you are so nice dint even doubt my love..thank you so much.

Veer: actually i always know you..that’s why i dint doubt. You always do things hiding and later fell into problem. Don’t you remember that daksh’s case?

Bani recalls that incident and smiles..

Bani: so you already got a lesson from you was aware of me..

Veer: ofcourse. Thank god i overheard you.. orelse again i should have traced you when you fell in problem.

Bani: that daksh’s case was different and this is different. Actually this is a kind of help..

Bani tells everything of ram anika and jhanvi’condition..

Veer:ohh..poor ram. So that’s why you immediately believed lookalike of Naira bhabhi?


Veer: don’t worry..I’ll support. I won’t be a stupid boyfriend who gets doubtful and does break up like in serials. I will stand with you in every way of your life..

Bani smiles and hugs him..

Bani:iam so lucky to get such a wonderful boyfriend.

Veer:iam lucky to get such a beautiful girlfriend. But promise me..from won’t hide anything from me.

Bani: i promise.

Veer kisses bani’s cheeks..

Later they go back near OT where everyone is waiting..


Kartik is still crying and mishti hugs him and consoles..

Mishti:jeeju.. please stop crying. Iam sure that naira di will be completely fine for your sake atleast.

Kartik: my naira suffered too much. I won’t tolerate if again.. anything goes wrong..i will die if she suffers again..

 He cries while mishti consoles him and other too cry..

After sometime ranveer and his team doctors comes out of OT and kartik runs to them.. is my naira? What was surgery result?

Ranveer smiles and hugs him..

Ranveer:you proved your love again kartik. Surgery is successful and naira is completely fine. She is unconscious now..but soon she will regain her consciousness and will identify everyone.

Everyone gets happy hearing it and they thank ranveer..

Manish:i don’t know what we did for you in previous birth but you have done a big favour for us. This favour can’t be forgotten..

Ranveer:arrey..its my duty to save life. When I saw naira first in unconscious state..i myself promised to save her for her family’s sake and I am happy that i did you all must be happy and celebrate for her return and for her successful surgery.

Andy: right..once we she gains consciousness..we will talk with her a lot and will have family time with her.

Dadi:right..i will first ward off bad sight from that she won’t face any troubles again.

They all discuss happily about naira while ranveer notices sirat crying in a corner and goes to her..

Ranveer:sirat.. what happened? Why are you crying now? You should be happy that Tina’s surgery is successful..

Sirat: i don’t know whether I should be happy or sad. Iam happy that her surgery is successful but..but she will go away from me as she will regain her memory. Though we just bonded for 5 months..but we got a strong sisterhood bond. I will really miss her..

Ranveer hugs her and pacifies her..

Ranveer: i know it’s hard to live without Tina. But she will be with kartik only as they got married again. We can visit kartik’s house whenever we want and even she will come to see don’t worry.

Sirat nods..

Soon naira regains conscious and nurse comes and informs it..

Akhilesh: kartik..first you go both must share your heart of secrets..then we will go.

Kartik goes in and sees naira and naira gets emotional seeing him and smiles..


Kartik slowly sits near her and caresses her head emotionally.. are you feeling?

Naira: better mendak. Iam sorry.

Naira gets emotional while kartik gets confused..

Kartik:for what?

Naira:for forgetting you and forgetting everyone of our family. Now i remember everything..till i fell from cliff. And i remember after memory loss incidents too..

Kartik kisses her forehead and..

Kartik: it’s not your mistake that you forget everything..we can just blame our fate. But now our fate brought everything right again..lets forget all our bad memories and start afresh.

Naira smiles and nods her head and they both hug..

Naira: i love you kartik..

Kartik: i love you too naira..

Soon kartik brings family in and they all get emotional seeing her and even naira gets so emotional seeing them after 5 months..

Naira emotionally: dadi..Swarna maa..Manish papa..akhilesh chachu..surekha chachi..Andy chachu..sumitra chachi..veer..Abir..Mishti..Bani..Keerthi di..naksh bhai.

They all get happy as she got her memory back..

Manish: know we were missing you terribly. We never lived happily till now from the day went far away from us. Sorry..we..we thought you dead..

Naira:it’s okay papa. Now iam no more tears. Lets forget all the bad memories and start everything afresh happily..

Everyone smiles and swarna hugs naira..

Swarna: i got my daughter back..iam so happy. Let no evil cast on you hereafter..

Dadi wards off bad sight from naira..

Dadi:thu..thu..thu.. get rid of all kind of bad and evil eyes.

Naira smiles and suddenly she sees naksh crying silently..


Naksh turns away crying while naira feels heartbroken..

Naira: iam seeing and feeling you after many months.. won’t you even talk to me bhai? Are you upset with me?

Naksh runs and hugs her crying and both of them cry their hearts out..

Naksh: how dare you forget me huh? When i used to forget to do your school projects in your used to scold me and punish me. But now you forgot me atself.. what shall I do?

Naira holds her ears and apologizes..

Naira:iam sorry bhai.. will i forget wantedly? It’s all because of my bad fate..iam really sorry. If you want you can scold and punish me like i do..

Naksh puts her hands down and hugs her..

Naksh: no..i won’t do such stupid things like you. I am so happy that my sister is back from dead..i wish to spend time with you happily..that’s it.

Naira: bhai.. how is mumma papa?

Everyone gets sad thinking of akshara while Naksh decides to lie..

Naksh in mind: i can’t tell naira that maa is in coma as she will stress herself. I’ll reveal once she gets better after taking rest as now only she underwent surgery..

Naksh: naira..maa papa are fine. They just miss you everyday..once you take rest then I’ll video call them and show them you as a suprise…ok? Now you just take rest and get better as now only you underwent surgery..

Naira smiles and then bani and mishti comes near naira and acts annoyed..

Mishti:naira di.. you remember bhai and not us right? Everyone used to tell that you are dead but i always used to believe that you will be alive..

Naira hugs mishti..

Naira: mishti..iam really sorry. I just lost memory but not our connection..We are inseparable sister’s since childhood and we will be till the end. Now iam back right.. please smile.

Mishti smiles and..

Mishti:then promise me.. that you won’t go away from us hereafter.

Naira:pakka promise.

Everyone smiles and later Bani veer Abir and Keerthi too spend some time with naira..

Naira:i want to meet sirat..

They call sirat and sirat comes near naira..

Naira: did you forgot your sister now?why dint you come and see me?

Sirat cries and hugs her..

Sirat: will i forget my sister? I always thank god for sending you in my life. I just thought to stay away for sometime as you met your family after long..that’s why. I was crying outside for you..

Naira: You know..i have own brother naksh bhai. My cousin sisters mishti and bani. And now i got my own sister too.. that is you sirat. You shouldn’t stay away from me for any matters. You have full rights like my family promise me that you won’t stay away from me.

Sirat emotionally smiles and promises her.

Naksh: you are like my sister too..i dint!p mean by same looks but for your good heart. If you ignored naira that day..i wouldn’t have got naira now. Thanks for saving her..

Sirat:it’s my duty ji.

Naksh:no need to call me ji ji and all. It’s embarassing as i think you like sister.. please consider me too as your brother like you think naira as your sister.

Sirat:sorry.. I’ll call you as bhai.

Everyone smiles and even others bonds with sirat and soon ranveer comes to naira.

Ranveer: how do you feel Tina?

Naira: better jeeju. Thank you once for making me recover completely..

Ranveer: i did what i should do. Don’t thank and embarass me. Now you should follow my instructions..

Naira: what instructions?

Ranveer: i prescribed medicines to kartik for you. So you have to eat medicines properly and should not cheat like how you did with me and sirat. Ok?

Kartik: when I am here then why there is fear? Naira can’t escape from me..i know how to make naira eat medicines.

Kartik smiles while naira makes a puppy face..

Naira:iam gone for sure..

Everyone laughs..

Ranveer:ok now.. you can discharge her. Now Tina have to go to i and sirat will do bidaai for Tina.

Sirat and naira gets emotional and they hug each other..

Sirat: i will surely miss you Tina. Don’t forget me ever..

Naira: iam always your Tina..will i forget my sister? You too don’t forget me. And i will come tomorrow to see maudi.. happy and enjoy happily with kartik jeeju. May god bless you both..

They bod adieu and kartik and his family takes naira to kartik’s home..


Ram and Priya reaches udaipur and ram takes Priya to his house and they ring the bell and jhanvi opens the door and gets shocked and suprised seeing priya..

Jhanvi:Priya beta..

Ram: maa..Priya will stay here permanently.

Jhanvi gets shocked..

Jhanvi: what are you telling ram? She is anika’s sister.. how can she..

Ram: maa..iam sorry for lying before. The girl you saw with anika’s face is not anika..she is bani. Bani is anika’s lookalike. And this is not Priya..she is anika.

Jhanvi gets stunned and feels drowsy due to shock and she was about to faint but ram holds her..


Jhanvi: what are you telling ram? I can’t understand anything..tell me everything clearly.

Ram:maa..when i anika and Priya met with accident..anika was declared as dead to me. So we thought anika as dead..but you believed anika was alive and your health got worsened thinking about one day I saw bani and got shocked as her face was same as anika and I planned to use her to make you recover.. that’s why bani was acting as anika.

Jhanvi gets shocked..

Ram: then when I met Priya in competition..she was behaving exactly like anika which was shocking but i dint realise that she was anika only. I went to Ahmedabad to confront anika’s parents as I got to know about some of their lie and that’s when I got to know the truth that Priya is anika.

Jhanvi is again shocked..

Ram: anika’s face got disfigured so they operated with priya’s face to her as Priya is dead in accident. And anika have forgotten her past too.

Then ram tells about mohini and Moloy’s play against their love and what they did which shocks jhanvi more..

Ram: iam sorry maa for..

Jhanvi slaps ram shocking Priya and ram..


Jhanvi: to cure have did wrong ram. You fooled me..and also you cheated your anika by using her lookalike.

Ram:no maa..i just love anika. I just did drama to make you feel good.

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Jhanvi: then what about marriage? You was going to marry anika’s lookalike right?

Ram: was just drama. I just accepted to marry her to convince you. You was happy forgetting your disease..that’s what I wanted. I would have told you truth sooner..

Jhanvi cries..

Jhanvi: iam sorry ram..i understand that you did everything for me. I just slapped as i thought you cheated anika..iam sorry.

Ram:it’s okay mom..don’t cry nd stress yourself.

Jhanvi caresses priya’s face and cries..

Jhanvi:anika beta..

Priya: i know we have some connection jhanvi maa.. don’t worry..I’ll get my memories back and soon we will continue our old relation.

Jhanvi nods her head and kisses her forehead..

Jhanvi: you go and rest beta. I will make some dishes for you..

Jhanvi shows Priya her room and Priya goes to rest while jhanvi and ram talk..

Jhanvi:i never thought mohini ji and moloyji will be like this. I wish they realise their mistake soon..

Ram: they will realise it maa. They can’t be away from anika as she is their daughter so they will surely understand their daughter one day.

Jhanvi: i wish it happens soon..

Ram:even I wish too..


Everyone reaches kartik’s house and..

Swarna: both don’t enter now. I will welcome my daughter back with grah pravesh..

Swarna does naira’s grah pravesh nd welcomes both kartik and naira..

Dadi:thu thu thu..let my kittu and naira live long with no problems..

Mishti: last time there was no fun in naira di and kartik jeeju’s marriage as it was just fake but now they married with love…so we will make them play games.

Abir:right..first ring finding ceremony.

Everyone gets happy and they make the arrangements and a big pot is kept with milk and they put the ring inside it..

Surekha: common both of them dip your hands and find the ring.. whoever gets it will be the winner and whoever loses should obey to the partner for whole life.

Kartik and naira get excited and they immediately dip their hand and search their ring..

Kartik:naira..get ready to obey my commands.

Naira: don’t dream impossible things. Iam naira..iam always winner.

Kartik:losers always call themselves winners.

Naira: dreamers always just dreams but fails in reality. are challenging me? Lets see who takes the ring..

Naira: fine..lets see.

They search awely while others support them ..

Bani:common naira..make kartik lose.

Veer:my bhai will never lose. I bet you..

Bani: really? If naira wins then you should take me to Switzerland.

Veer:what? Are you mad?

Bani: you only gave a fulfill it.

Bani giggles and goes while veer gets embarassed..

Veer in mind: ohh God.. Please make kartik bhai win orelse bani will trouble me till i take her to Switzerland.

Naksh: I’ll support kartik. I wish he wins..

Everyone gets shocked especially naira and kartik smiles..

Naira: bhai?

Naksh:yes… because naira makes everyone obey her. Atleast now if kartik wins..naira gets chance to obey Kartik. I can take revenge in this way..

Everyone laughs while nira gets irritated..

Naira:you are too bad brother.

Keerthi: don’t worry naira..iam on your side. I want my bhai listen to someone as he never listens to anyone.

Kartik:Keerthi..are you my sister?

Keerthi: ofcourse..that’s why I am supporting your sweetheart.

Everyone laughs..

Andy:Abir and mishti..whom are you both supporting?

Mishti:iam supporting both. I will get shagun gift from the one who loses as I am both team..

Abir: what? Your so cunning..

Mishti:haha..i agree. Whom are you supporting?

Abir: it’s my secret. I will tell only at end. Only god should know who I am supporting..

Mishti: you are idiot. I know you are cheating as you want to be there in team who wins.

Abir: then you are fool too because you planned to get shagun gift by cheating..

Everyone hits their head and..

Dadi: arrey both of them shut up. You two never grow up..fight later on..

They get silent while everyone laughs..

Manish: did you both find the ring or not?

Kartik: wait a minute..see how il find now..

Naira smiles and find the ring and she places in kartik’s hands shocking him.


Naira signs to show the ring and kartik takes the ring out while everyone claps their hand..

Veer:Woohoo..i don’t need to take bani to Switzerland..iam so happy.

Bani stares him..

Bani:are you happy that kartik won or are you happy that you don’t need to fulfill my wish?

Everyone laughs and

Veer:woh..for both..

Bani gets angry..

Bani:so you don’t like to fulfill my wishes? Don’t talk to me..

She turns away while veer gets dull..

Veer in mind: i dug my own grave..stupid veer.

Mishti: then I’ll ask shagun from naira di.

Kartik:woh.. actually i..i dint win. It was naira who won but she gave the ring to me inside the credit goes to her.

Everyone gets shocked..

Swarna: why did you give it to kartik naira beta?

Naira: if i win or kartik win..both are same as we both are one. I want to see my husband win in everything. A wife gets happy when husband wins more than her win..that’s why.

Everyone smiles and they clap hands for naira..

Swarna:i feel proud of you naira beta. You understand the relation of husband and wife we’ll..

Akhilesh: if everyone are like will be good.

Surekha: what? what do you mean? Are you telling that I am a bad wife?

Akhilesh:when did i tell like that? You are good wife but always hit me badly to win yourself..that’s why i told like that.

Everyone laughs..

Surekha:wait..I’ll go and hit you more in our room for making me embarassed.

Abir:ok maa..papa.. continue your fight after going back to our house. Now let’s focus on kartik and Naira..

Dadi: its suhaagrat night. So swarna take naira to the room..

Swarna leaves naira in her room while kartik goes and sees naira sitting with ghoonghat and smiles..

He goes near her and removes the veil and holds her cheeks and.. beautiful you are!!

Naira blushes and turns red..

Kartik:my wife.. please don’t be beautiful like this na..then i can’t control my heart.

Naira smiles and she goes and sits on kartik’s lap and encircles hands around his neck..

Naira:you don’t be handsome like this na..then I can’t control myself.

They both giggle and naira kisses kartik’s cheeks..

Naira:i love you kartik..

Kartik kisses her forehead and cheeks and..

Kartik:i love you too  much naira..

Slowly naira comes closer towards kartik’s lips but kartik pulsar Naira away..

Kartik:naira.. now it’s medicine time.

Naira gets irritated..

Naira:you are stupid. Today is our first night..but you spoiled my good mood.

Kartik: whatever!! but first you have to take medicines.

Naira:yuck!! will be so bitter.

Kartik takes the medicines and pours it on the cap and he kisses the cap and..

Kartik:i kissed your it will be sweet..common drink it.

Naira turns away and..

Naira: no..please..

Kartik:yes please..

Kartik feeds her medicines..

Kartik:good girl.

Kartik pulls her closer and kisses her forehead..

Naira:i hate are so bad.

Kartik: but i love are so good.

Naira:fine..I’ll forget it as i don’t want to spoil this special night by being upset.

Kartik: now it’s time for you to sleep..

Naira gets irritated and pushes him..

Naira: you are so irritating. You are forgetting today is our first night. Last time..we marred just due to situation but this time we married with love and God gave us one more chance to spend our first night.. but you are spoiling it.

Kartik holds her ears and apologises..

Kartik:baby..i too want to spend this night with you but your health is more important to me. Now only you had you should take rest. Once you get fine..we will celebrate suhaagrat again by marrying again ok?

Naira smiles..

Naira: fine..ok..I’ll sleep now. But you should carry me to bed.

Kartik: you are my highness..i will obey your command my highness.

He lifts her and twirls and smiles..

Kartik:lets go to sleep my love.

Naira: yes my love.

They both lie and naira lies on kartik’s chest holding his hands..

Kartik: i wish the time freezes now.. holding you in my arms and sleeping is the best moment of my life. I want to hold you forever like this.. please don’t go away from me hereafter..i can’t live without you even for a second.

Naira: even me too..i want to sleep cuddling and hugging you forever. I won’t go away from you..even if death comes again..then I’ll fight against the death for you.

Then they both slowly dozes off..


Mansi runs towards kartik’s house tensed..

Mansi in mind: iam sorry all called me but i couldn’t take the call as my friends dint allow me to take it to enjoy with them. I don’t know why my family was calling me repeatedly..i should hurry home as it’s already 10 pm now..

She runs towards her home but suddenly some guys sorround her..

Vishva: hey pretty lady..your roaming late at night to find any guy for your time pass right?

Samrud: then why shall she roam late at night vishva? Ofcourse..she would have been searching for some guys..

Ashok: we are there for you miss. You can pass time with us tonight..

Mansi gets angry..

Mansi: you shameless creatures!! How dare you? You guys talk anything about girls to defame us right? That will never happen with me..better Move away from me orelse..

Vishva: orelse what you will do? Will you beat us or fight with us?

They all laugh and the three guys comes closer to her while Mansi gets scared..

Mansi: hey.. don’t come closer.. just mo..move away..

Vishva touches inappropriately while Mansi screams..

Mansi: someone helppppp

Suddenly someone comes and bangs the three guys and mansi gets suprised seeing Dheeraj..

Dheeraj: will you guys run away or shall I call police?

The guys run away while Mansi feels relieved seeing him..

Dheeraj: are you fine? Did they do anything to you?

Mansi: no..ia..iam fine. Thanks for saving me..

Dheeraj: i just did my duty. Anyways girls must be strong enough to handle this situation as guys like them take advantage because of girls weakness only. So try to be strong and defeat them next time if it happens like this.


Dheeraj: come..I’ll drop you home as it’s late at night.


Dheeraj: you can believe me. Iam goddess parvati’s devotee..i won’t do any wrong with girls.

Mansi laughs..

Mansi:no..not that..i believe you completely. I actually forgot the route to my house.. that’s why I was roaming here and there..

Dheeraj gets shocked..

Dheeraj: what? forgot your route to your own home?

Mansi: i don’t live in Mumbai.. my brother only lives here. I just came here for a purpose..i visited my Facebook friends i forgot the way to my brother’s house.

Dheeraj: then call and ask your brother now about the address.

Mansi: my phone is off..

Dheeraj:stupid girl. Thank god i came orelse you would have roamed Mumbai the whole night. Fine take my phone and ask.

Mansi calls Abir through dheeraj’s phone..

Abir:hello..who is this?

Mansi:bhai..iam Mansi. Actually sorry..i couldn’t attend the call as I was with my friends. Now my phone was I called from a nice guy’s phone.

Abir: are too stupid. You have to attend phone calls as it maybe some important news also. We called you repeatedly to give you a important news..

Mansi: what is it bhai?

Abir:come’s a suprise..I’ll show you.

Mansi: ok I’ll come in some minutes. But tell me the area name of kartik bhai’s house..

Abir:  At.johns street, bandra West.

Mansi:ok..thanks I’ll come sooner.

They cut the call and mansi tells dheeraj and she hops into his bike and dheeraj takes her..

Mansi ‘s hair flies in air and dheeraj gets mesmerized seeing her through mirror view..

Then he drops once her destination comes..


Dheeraj: welcome!! Anyways nice meeting you this time as last time we both were like enemies.

Mansi:yeah..i don’t we will meet again or not so bye..

Dheeraj: bye..

They both go..

PRECAP:- Naira gets shattered. Ranveer thrashes Narendra. Mansi is blackmailed. Abir and mishti’s romance. Aditya challenges naksh. Priya gets shocked..