Mera pyaar… Part 51 ( Emotions and drunk)


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Kartik suddenly remembers something and he moves from naira and comes to vedika and slaps her hard shocking naira ranveer and family members..


Kartik: vedika..i know about your intention well. You love me right?

Vedika gets scared..


Kartik shouts:tell me yes or no..

Vedika in fear:yes sir..

Kartik:you have crossed your line vedika. Iam not telling that your love is wrong.. anyone can fall for any person but you should know about that person’s feelings too. You thought I am soft towards you thought to hurt her to make yours..right?

Vedika bows her head down…

Kartik: listen to me well..iam soft towards know why? Because she is Tina for you all but she is naira for me.

Vedika and the family members are shocked..

Kartik: naira was my wife and will be my wife. We were married already but fate seperated us brutally. Now she is living in identity of Tina  due to our fate.  But we will be together again..

Vedika gets shocked hearing this while family gets emotional..

Naksh:th..that..that is my naira..i..i my sister back.

He cries seeing her while others too cry after knowing that she is their naira..

Mishti:i..i always believed naira di.. would be alive but you all made me believe that she died. But hope came true.

Swarna: I never thought lord will give my daughter’s miracle. I will keep fast for sending our naira back.

They all talk emotionally seeing naira..

Then ranveer shouts at vedika..

Ranveer: how dare you try to kill my sister? She is not my own sister but sister by heart. I won’t leave you today..

He was about to slap her but naira comes and stops him..

Naira: jeeju.. please don’t do this. She dint try to kill me..

Kartik and ranveer gets shocked..

Kartik:what are you telling naira?

Naira:i saw someone trying to kill me with gun..but vedika saved my life by pushing before bullet hit me. So i slipped down the cliff after she pushed me.

They get shocked..

Kartik:who the hell tried to kill my naira? Why there are many enemies for my naira? What did she do..she just gives happiness to everyone but why she gets many enemies in return?

Kartik cries while naira feels bad and hugs him..

Naira:kartik..stop crying..iam fine right.

Kartik:you are fine now but ..iam scared of future. I lost you once but i don’t want to lose you again..

Naira: we won’t lose eack other. Unless we are together..none can seperate us even god because we will fight with him also.

Kartik smiles and holds her hand..

Kartik:you are right. We will be together always and fight together whatever problem comes..

Suddenly sirat and dheeraj comes there running..

Ranveer:sirat..dheeraj. are you here?

Sirat:woh..when i was coming nearby to this temple..i saw i took him also here.

Dheeraj:i saw samrat following Tina to kill i was following them but lost the track in between.

Ranveer kartik and naira gets shocked..

Kartik:who is samrat? Why does he want to kill my naira?

Dheeraj:woh..ranveer bhai..iam sorry..i dint tell you this important thing. Our papa have planned to kill sirat. So he asked samrat to kill sirat within 2 days. I think samrat would have misunderstood Tina as sirat as both looks same.

They gets shocked and ranveer gets angry like lava and he fits his hands..

Ranveer angrily:how dare that mr.chauhan? Now no one will stop me..i wont spare him today.

He was about to go angrily but kartik and dheeraj stops him..

Dheeraj:bhai..your anger is right but situation is wrong. And the way of showing anger is also wrong.

Ranveer shouts:are you telling to sit quiet like all these years? For past five years I am waiting for his change..i was waiting for my and sirat’s relationship approval but did he change? No..he become more worst than before and stoopend more low..

Kartik:yes he did wrong ranveer. But don’t punish him like this..we will punish him in right way. Please understand..

Sirat cries: Ranveer.. please don’t do anything in anger. Though your pap is wrong but his words are right. Iam a family less mom ran away with some guy and I don’t have other family members except maudi. Who will marry such girl? Just think of it..

Ranveer gets sad and hugs her..

Ranveer:shut up sirat. Don’t dare to such things again.. you are not family less.

Kartik:yes sirat..ranveer told about your life. Don’t worry about it..we are your be positive.

Naira:i will slap you if you tell family less girl..iam there you as stop talking nonsense.

Sirat hugs naira and cries..

The family looks at them shockingly from back..

Veer: what’s going on? Why is that short hair girl looking like naira bhabhi?

Bani recalls seeing anika’s photo in Ram’s phone and gets shocked..

Bani:she maybe naira’s lookalike.

Veer: when did you start believing lookalikes? You used to unbelive it right?


Veer and bani were spending time with each other..

Bani:veer..shall I ask you one thing?

Veer:why are you getting permission..ask.

Bani:if you see flying star..then what wish you will ask for?

Veer laughs..

Veer:you are asking silly question. First you tell me what you will ask for..

Bani:I’ll ask the star to make me more beautiful.

Veer gets shocked..

Veer:are you mad? Already you are killing me with this beauty..are you going to murder me by becoming more beautiful? Wait..I’ll put you in custody so that you won’t commit that crime.

Bani laughs and hits his shoulder..

Bani: what a love!! Now you tell me what you will wish for?

Veer:iam not a criminal like you. I won’t ask to make me more handsome and kill you. I’ll just ask to send my lookalike. I wish to see my lookalike like in movies.

Bani makes a weird face..

Bani: lookalike? You watch movies more and take it in is it possible? There can be twins or maybe father son or mother daughter be same but how can there be lookalike? Talk which is possible..

Veer:you are foolish. God creates one man’s face in many ways..not only through twins or by our parents. There can be someone like us also..

Bani: not possible. I won’t believe.

Veer: fine.. don’t believe. I wish one day you see your lookalike ..that day you will remember my words.

Bani:fine..let’s see.


Veer: hey did you see your lookalike? Maybe that’s why you are believing now..

Bani gets shocked and gets nervous..

Bani in mind:bani..calm down. Don’t get nervous..he just asked randomly..he doesn’t know the truth. So keep silent and answer confidently..i won’t spill the truth.

Bani: no..i..i just believed as seeing that girl because she isn’t related to naira anyhow.. that’s why i believed.

Veer:why are you telling nervously? Are you fine?

Bani:i..i am ..iam just shocked to see naira alive and shocked to see her lookalike..that’s why.

Veer:even I am really shocked and I am feeling happy too.

Naksh cries seeing naira and recalls the moments with her since childhood..

Naksh:naira..i can’t wait anymore..i was missing you each and every day..i was angry on god for snatching you..but he returned you..i won’t wait anymore..

Naksh runs to naira and hugs her shocking everyone.. are you? Where were you? Why dint you come till now? You know how i was missing you each day..

He cries while naira gets stunned and kartik gets shocked to see his family and friends there..

Kartik in mind: ohh no..they followed me i guess. This shouldn’t have happened. I was fearing for this moment..i hope nothing happens to naira.

Naira shockingly pushes away naksh and shouts..

Naira:who the hell are you? I don’t know who you are..why are you hugging me?

Naksh an the entire family gets shocked while ranveer sirat and kartik worries..

Ranveer:kartik..entire family has come I guess. It’s danger for her mind. She still has injuries..if she gets flashes then it can cause health issues..

Kartik:i asked them not to come back..but they dint listen. Now god only should protect my naira.

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Manish and swarna comes near naira and..

Swarna:beta..iam your second mother..and your mother in law. And he is your brother naksh. Why are you reacting like this?

Naira gets stunned to hear nd she looks everyone deeply and she gets flashes of her moments with them..

Mishti cries seeing her and she runs near her..

Mishti:naira di.. you know everyone told that you are dead but i believed like kartik jeeju that you will be alive..see now my belief came true.

Naira gets flashes of her moments with mishti since childhood..

Others too comes and express their emotions while naira feels scared and cries..

Naira in mind: when i met kartik also i got flashes like this..iam scared to see flashes as it’s disturbing my mind. I feel comfortable with kartik now as he made me comfortable according to my state. But now how will I handle?iam getting more flashes seeing more members..iam very scared..

Naira starts feeling dizzy and holds her head and screams..

Naira screams:pleaseee..leave me..iam really scared..

She cries and runs and suddenly she faints while kartik gets shocked and goes and holds her..

Kartik: Naira..

He makes her lie on lap and tries waking her up..

Kartik:naira..naira..are you fine? Please open your eyes..

Ranveer runs to her and checks her pulse and does some medical checking..

Ranveer:kartik..we should take her to hospital.  I need to test her head with’s something serious.

Kartik gets shocked and everyone gets shocked hearing this..

Sirat cries:ranveer.. please save my sister Tina..

Ranveer: don’t worry.. nothing will happen to her.

They take her to hospital while everyone follows back…


Priya wakes up and sees herself in hospital and gets shocked..

Priya: what happened? How did i come to hospital?

Ram comes there shocking Priya..

Priya: ram? What are you doing here?

Ram: i..i came to see you but yesterday i saw you in road and followed you to coffee shop where you went along with Ridhima.

Priya: then how did I land in hospital?

Ram:I’ll tell you what happened yesterday..


Ram follows Priya and Ridhima to coffee shop..

Ram in mind: i wish you remember me anika..

Suddenly the gang of boys surround them shocking Ridhima and Priya..

Priya:who are you all? Even if you are big rowdies of India..iam not scared. only she fought with goons and chased away.

The boys laugh..

Sharan: hey are not such cheap guys. But we are girls are useless in everything. We guys excel in everything..

Priya gets angry..

Priya: don’t boast yourself. You don’t know about girls..girls can make boys fall on feet too..

Other men Rohan: really? Then will you drink wine like us? Now only we drank 2 bottles each..can you able to drink like us huh?

Sharan:Roshan.. what’s the use of asking? They say that they don’t drink wine ‘s as they are’s a reason of excuse as they can’t do it. Hahaha..

Priya gets angry while Ridhima and ram worries..

Ram in mind: ohh no..they are challenging her. If it was Priya..she would have ignored them and gone but anika never goes without poking them by winning challenge..hope she doesn’t accept this challenge.

Priya:do you think I am a fool to fall under your feet? Iam accepting this challenge..common give me many bottles of whiskey..I’ll drink and show.


Priya:shut up Ridhima..see how I’ll teach the value of girl’s power..then they will never underestimate us.

Ram in mind: even though she forgotten her past but still her behaviour and character dint change. Now god should only protect her..even if everyone stops her..she won’t listen.

The boys gives her drinks nd she drinks many bottles of wine while the boys gets stunned..

Roshan whispers:hey sharan..this girl is mysterious..see how she is drinking whiskey.

Sharan:i think we should go from here..this girl seems mad..if we stay here.. she’ll make us mad.

They both silently escapes while Priya gets into bhaang’s effect which worries Ridhima and ram..

Ridhimin in mind: now i don’t know what anika will create ruckus with this bhaang’s effect. God save me..

Priya suddenly laughs nd pulls Ridhima for dance..

Ridhima: anika..what you are doing?

Priya: you are a fooooolll Ridhima.. we are in party..then why aren’t you dancing with me? Nowadays you are becoming my enemy from friend..

Ridhima gets shocked…

Ridhima: anika..this is road not party.

Priya:you lier..see how many lights are are trying to fool me to stop me from dancing..i won’t believe you. You became friendship fraud..i hate you. Now i will rock this party..

Priya starts dancing while Ridhima feels bad..

Upside Down

Cute Jehi Smile Meri Sohneya

Tu Vi Kehda Ghar Bammb Lagda

Sonh Rabb Di Je Tainu Takkdi

Haaye Rabba Mera Dil Sangda

Mummy Nu Pasand Main Aayi Hoyi Aa

Teri Behan Naal Setting

Main Layi Hoyi Aa

Time Na Gawa Tu Mainu Phone Te La

Aaja Scene Banaiye Kal Shaam Da

Kal Shaam Da Kal Shaam Da

Kal Shaam Da

Aaja Baithiye Banere Utte Mil Mahiya

Mil Mahiya Mainu Mil Mahiya

Mainu Mileya Badi Mushkil Mahiya

Mil Mahiya Mainu Mil Mahiya

Mainu Mileya Badi Mushkil Mahiya

Mil Mahiya Mainu Mil Mahiya

Beh Ke Gallan Karni Hazaar Ae

Mainu Dass Kinna Mere Naal Pyaar Ae

Naal Zindagi Bitaun Layi Taiyar Ae

Tu Hi Meri Ankhiyan Da Star Ae

Tere Layi Main Risk Utha Rahi Aan

Naale Champagne Di Bottle

Vi Laa Rahi Aan

Hauli Hauli Tera Vi Mood Ban Ju

Gall Pyaar Wali Munh Te

Teri Aa Rahi Aan

Ram gets mesmerized seeing her dance and smiles..

Ram in mind: the same one can be like my anika.

Haaye Kehnda Na Tu, Haaye

Haaye Kehnda Na Tu Dil Wali Gall Mahiya

Still Mahiya Kar Chill Mahiya

Aaja Baithiye Banere Utte Mil Mahiya

Mil Mahiya Mainu Mil Mahiya

Mainu Mileya Badi Mushkil Mahiya

Mil Mahiya Mainu Mil Mahiya

He enjoys her dance and suddenly priya faints shocking ram and Ridhima and ram runs immediately and catches priya..


Ridhima gets shocked seeing him.. here? When did you come? And how do you that we are here?

Ram: wait..iam not answer bank to answer 1000 question at a second. I’ll tell you the truth. Actually by seeing priya’s behaviour i doubted i decided to come and check i came to Ahmedabad. When I was going towards her house..i saw her fighting with i was watching her without knowledge. Then you came and i overheard the truth too..

Ridhima gets stunned..

Ridhima:that means you learnt that she is anika?

Ram:yes i learnt that she is my anika..

Ridhima smiles emotionally..

Ridhima: iam happy that you got your love back..

Ram:but I am sad that her ego behaviour dint go yet. See how she drunk accepting those challenges from idiot guys.

Ridhima laughs..

Ridhima: that’s the beauty of anika. Her character is strong and bold..let her be of how she is.

Ram:you are right. Ok..I’ll take her to can go home.

Ridhima:are you sure? Do you need any help?

Ram: no..I’ll don’t worry.

Ridhima:fine take care..iam going.

Ridhima goes while ram takes Priya to hospital..


Ram:this is what happened..

Priya gets stunned hearing it.

Priya:that means you got to know that I am anika?

Ram:yes..i know you are anika.

Ram smiles emotionally while Priya too gets emotional..

Priya:yes..iam your anika ram.

She forwards hands towards him and ram holds her hands and they both hug and smile..

Priya: i forgot everything but i never lost connection with you. I always dream you and felt connected with you even though i forgot everything..

Ram:it’s because our love is pure and true.. that’s why God dint erase our love completely from you.

Priya:you are right..Ram..can i ask you something?

Ram: yeah..ask..

Priya: i need sometime to continue our relationship. I don’t remember can you give some time to make myself realise our love more.

Ram smiles..

Ram: i understand your mentality. You can take as much as time you want.

Priya smiles and hugs him..

Priya:thank you.

PRECAP:- Kartik and naira gets married again. Guys rags mansi.ram confronts anika’s parents.