Mehndi Wala Ghar 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas’ clever drama

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 27th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mauli praying. Manas apologizes to her. He says I don’t have an understanding of relations like you, I m trying hard. She gives him prasad and goes. He sees Janki. He thinks Mauli will ignore me and become bad in their eyes. He goes to Janki. She says this is for Holika dahan prasad. He asks for some work. She asks him to go and take rest. He says my heart is worried. She asks why. He says you know my dinner plan flopped, she scolded me, I m trying hard. He sits and asks Hari to tell him, how he won Janki’s heart. Janki says all this wasn’t there in our times. Hari says I didn’t do anything to impress Janki. She says you did it to impress the neighbor Sunaina, he took her for Kulfi treat, someone else can help you. Rohit gives advice to Golu. Janki comes there and asks them if they won some girl’s heart. Golu worries. She asks Rohit to tell her. Rohit says I had many female friends. She asks him to explain Manas. Rohit says go on date, take drinks and chill. Janki asks what. Rahul comes and says Rohit isn’t mad to say this at home. She says Manas is impressing Mauli. Rahul laughs and says fine, I will give you a tip, don’t use the old tricks on Mauli because Mauli isn’t like Aashna, she is smart. Tanvi asks Rahul to come and help. Rahul goes. Rohit asks Manas to buy fresh flowers for Janki. Janki says yes, she will get pleased, she likes simple things, take this money, buy anklets for her. Rahul looks on. He thinks why is Mauli giving a chance to this cheater. Manoj says wood is arranged. Ajay gets the uple. Akshay gets a chair and says this year, we will burn this. Ajay sees his chair and says you want to burn this, its my chair. He smiles. Vijay says I remember. They laugh. Ajay says I will get it fixed. Vijay says buy a new chair. Manoj says its memories are priceless, we will fix it. Ajay hugs him. Akshay gets angry.

Rahul reads a news. He sees Mauli with a scissor. He worries and follows her. He goes to her and takes the scissor. He says I will not let you murder Manas. She asks what. She recalls Jyoti telling about the tailor shop closure. Mauli says I will prepare for Holika. She asks did you go mad, Rahul. He says you have gone mad. She says I came here to stitch kurta. He says sorry, I thought… She says you don’t need to get involved, please go. He says Manas was asking Janki about you, he could have asked Manoj, I feel he has some plan, what does your heart say. She says elders asked me to give him a chance, let him do whatever he wants, I will refuse if I want. He says he doesn’t deserve you. He says you get down, I will help you. She falls down. They both get under the clothes. Janki and everyone come there, and look on.

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Manas comes with flowers. He thinks my work got easy. Janki worries. Manas asks how did you fall, are you okay. Mauli says I m okay, I was getting clothes, I slipped and fell down. Manas asks Rahul all okay. Rahul says yes. Janki thinks Manas showed maturity. Manas gives the flowers to Mauli.

Janki smiles. Manas recalls giving the flowers to Aashna. He says Mauli will never forgive me. She says you will make her appear bad. Mauli goes to Manas and asks why are you doing this. He says I want to please you. She says I know, you won’t put efforts, you don’t need to do all this, just be normal. He thinks I don’t have time. He says Janki is pressurizing you, accept me when you feel I deserve you. She says if I feel then you can cheat me again. He says I know its not easy, I have hurt your self respect. She says you want me to say no. He says no, I want you to take decision well. She taunts him and keeps the flowers. He thinks I can’t do this drama more. He sees Janki and says its time to use this old woman.

Janki scolds Mauli. Manas says I m sorry from her side. Rahul comes and asks Manas to stop his nonsense.