Mehndi Wala Ghar 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Rahul and Mauli confess love

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The Episode starts with Mauli confessing her feelings to Rahul in a drunken state. She says you are mine, I love you a lot, I cried a lot when you got engaged to Rati. He smiles. She says I can never say this to Rahul, but I can tell this to Rahul in my imagination. He hugs her. He takes her to the room. He says I just booked this room because Rati is sleeping in your room and Rohit is sleeping in my room. She says genius, are you really there, I can touch you, you aren’t my imagination. He says its late, change your clothes and sleep, we will talk in morning. She says no, you won’t go, I love you so much. He puts her to sleep.

Ajay scolds Swara. Swara and Janki cry. Ajay says I used to long for my parents, you stayed silent and lied to me, our relation can’t run without trust. Swara says I didn’t do this to keep you away from the house, calm down, I did a mother’s duty. Ajay says you aren’t a good mum and good wife. Janki stops him. Ajay says she doesn’t pity me, she is lying to take me away from my family. Swara says yes, but it’s a mum’s decision, mum can do anything for a son, Vijay has showed many dreams to Vaibhav, I have no child, I can’t lose Vaibhav. Janki says so you want to go away. Swara says yes, I have to go. He says no one will snatch Vaibhav from you, I won’t go anywhere. Swara says Vaibhav is going with me. Saloni looks on and asks Swara what does she mean. Janki says nothing, its their matter, they will sort it, go. Saloni goes. Janki says we have to hide this matter. Ajay goes. Janki says you made Ajay away from us to keep Vaibhav with you.

Vijay worries about Rahul. Manoj says Mauli is also there, even her flight is delayed, I wish their flight gets more delayed and they come back home. Vijay says yes. Manoj says you are thinking to keep Rahul and Rati’s marriage here. Vijay says yes, how do you read my mind. Manoj says its love and emotions. Vijay says you explain Rahul to stay back. Manoj says we will go to hotel tomorrow and get them home. Vijay says okay, promise me, you will get them married here. Manoj promises him and hugs.

Mauli wakes up with a hangover. She looks around and says this isn’t my room. Rahul comes and says good morning. She asks how did you come here. He says from the door. She asks him to go. He says its my room. He lies about their romance at night. He says it happened between us. She asks what. He says what happens between a young guy and girl, you forced me. She says no, you are lying, I can’t do this. He says don’t underestimate yourself, I know what you can do. She says no, just tell me that you are joking. He says fine, we will behave like nothing happened between us. She asks what happened. He says you are single, I m engaged, what will I answer everything, you asked me to lose control. She says I don’t remember, how can I do. He says you wanted that, I understand, you are single, how can you do that with any guy, your respect and family respect, take care of it, my respect is ruined. She says stop it, enough, what do you think about me, I can’t do all that with anyone. He asks how did you do that with me, will you do it with anyone. She says shut up, if I did it, then I did it with you, because I love you Rahul. He smiles and says I love you too, Mauli. She cries happily. She asks really. He nods. They hug. Hum tere bin…plays…

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She says I wasn’t in senses, you were in senses, why didn’t you stop me. He says calm down, nothing happened between us, I was joking, I know you think I m from London and it would be casual for me, but its not like that, I know respecting girls, I know respect is imp for a girl, trust me, nothing happened between us. She asks really. He says yes. She hugs him and thanks him. She says you scared me. He says so much happened and just a small hug, I want a kiss. She gets shy. He says stay happy with that hug. He says no way. He runs to catch her.

They fall on the bed. They have an eyelock. He says I asked you many times about Rati and my relation, you said you had no problem. She asks what could I say. He asks her to say it again. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She cries and says your relation is fixed with Rati. He says I already told her everything. She looks at him.

Rahul says we will go home and tell the truth to everyone. Ajay tells the truth to Vaibhav. Swara cries.