Meet 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi Lies to Everyone about Her and Raj


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Poonam asks Shlok what Raj did? Shlok accuses Raj of deceiving both Priyanka and Pankhuri. Priyanka, however, defends Raj, saying he supported her when her video went viral, and he cares for Pankhuri because she’s his sister. Priyanka stands by Raj and holds his hand, vowing not to tolerate any accusations against her fiancé. Shlok challenges Raj to look into Priyanka’s eyes and confess if he or Pankhuri did anything morally wrong.

Raj hesitates, recalling Pankhuri’s accusations of his misbehavior, and he fails to meet Priyanka’s gaze. Shlok asks Sumeet to reveal what the doctor said about Pankhuri’s illness. Pankhuri worries that if Shlok blames Raj, he might explode and expose her lies. Before Shlok can disclose the doctor’s report, Pankhuri interjects, insisting that his suspicions are unfounded. She claims any mistakes made were collective and admits to a romantic relationship with Raj.

Pankhuri fabricates a story, stating that she and Raj love each other, leaving everyone, including Raj, shocked. She claims she had the courage to confess their love. Sumeet disputes her claims, citing Raj’s earlier oath of love for Priyanka. Pankhuri argues with Shlok and supports Raj. Raj prevents Sumeet from further confrontation and tries to calm her. He tells Sumeet that he has something to confess.

Raj shares that he and Pankhuri were at his home one day, but before he can finish his explanation, Poonam angrily slaps him. She accuses him of betraying Priyanka and forbids him from addressing her as “mother,” stating that he has disrespected both her daughters. Priyanka faints, and Shlok pushes Raj away. Later, Raj confronts Pankhuri for lying about him loving her. Pankhuri emotionally manipulates Raj, claiming she did it to protect Shlok and Sumeet’s relationship. She explains that if Shlok discovered Raj’s misconduct, he might convince Sumeet to sever ties with Raj. Pankhuri pleads with Raj to make Shlok believe that they love each other for the sake of Sumeet.

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Priyanka regains consciousness and calls for Raj. Shlok refuses to let her speak to Raj. Sumeet approaches Raj, assuring him that she knows he only loves Priyanka and that he must have a valid reason for keeping the truth hidden. She urges him to be honest with Priyanka and stop hiding the truth for the sake of true love. Raj eventually meets with Priyanka and confesses his love for her. Shlok and Poonam demand that Raj reveal the whole truth. Raj acknowledges his mistake but expresses his genuine feelings for Priyanka. Raj and Sumeet share an emotional moment. Shlok advises Priyanka to seek answers from Raj, and Sumeet decides to uncover Raj’s hidden secrets.

Precap: Shlok says to Priyanka ask Raj to leave and say no to him. Priyanka says I want to marry Raj.
Pankhuri says I won’t let Pankhuri get married to Raj and for that I can go to any extent and slips a letter in Shlok’s pocket. Shlok read the letter saying Sumeet and Raj deceived Priyanka and accuses Raj of raping her. Shlok gets angry he throws the dhol and says stop this marriage.