Meet 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Naaz learns Shlok’s truth.


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Sumeet was deeply concerned about being constantly followed by Bilawal’s men. She pulled Shlok aside and informed him that he needed to continue pretending to be Adil for another 10 hours as she has talked to the person from embassy. This was because the Embassy officer was still arranging for their return home, along with Akki. Meanwhile, the real Adil managed to escape from his room and tried to reach Naaz, but she left before they could meet. Sumeet spotted Adil, she gets scared and warned Shlok that meeting Naaz would expose their entire plan. Sumeet asks Shlok to reach embassy with Akki and she leaves to chase Adil.

Elsewhere, Priyanka attempted to hang herself, but Raj and other family members arrived in time to stop her. Raj consoled Priyanka and assured her that he would never let go of her hand, even in their next seven lifetimes. He promised to find the person who had harmed her dignity and self-respect. Pankhuri and Masoom discussed their failed plan and noted that Raj and Priyanka’s relationship was growing stronger. Pankhuri believed that Raj could never catch her, as she had executed everything according to a carefully laid plan.

Naaz, Adil, and Sumeet all arrived at a dargah (a Muslim shrine). Naaz expressed her gratitude to Allah for bringing Adil into her life and prayed for his happiness and safety. Shlok also reached the dargah while Naaz was still praying. Naaz hoped to catch the spy Shlok and seek revenge on Sumeet. She saw Shlok in front of her and felt joyful, but the real Adil appeared before her. Shlok witnessed this from a distance and hurried to the scene.

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Naaz told the real Adil that she didn’t recognize him and ordered him to get out of her way. When Adil tried to guide her on the right path, she threatened to have her fiancé beat him. Adil then revealed his true identity, shocking Naaz. He explained how his arrival had been delayed, and upon his return, he was kidnapped by Shlok and his wife. A poster of Shlok flew by and reached Naaz, who confronted Shlok. She asked him to confirm that he wasn’t the person depicted in the poster. Adil stated that Shlok wanted to marry her and then return to India under the pretense of visiting Ajmer Sharif.

Naaz was emotionally shattered by this revelation. Sumeet arrived at the scene and encouraged Naaz to look closely at Shlok and judge whether he was a spy or capable of deceiving her. She urged Naaz to listen to her heart and consider whether Shlok was innocent. Naaz accused both of them of taking advantage of her country’s hospitality. Sumeet reminded Naaz that Shlok had even written the truth in a letter that was later altered by Akki. Naaz declared that Shlok’s dead body would now leave Pakistan.

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