Meet 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Sumeet says to Shlok that she is confused because one of her own people is hurting the other. Shlok tells her to support one who is right and stop one who is doing wrong. Shlok insists Sumeet to tell him who is at fault and she tells it’s Pankhuri. Sumeet and Shlok return home and see Pankhuri feeding Priyanka fruits and saying that even if she stays abroad she will always been thinking of Mayra and her. She says what society will say seeing her staying alone with Raj. Priyanka says just like she is her sister, likewise she is like sister to Raj too.

Pankhuri drops plate hearing this. Shlok stops Pankhuri and confronts her about hurting Priyanka twice using dumbles and cutting iron wire. Shlok says they even have proof for the same and shows the nail extension pieces they found. All the family members insists Pankhuri to show her hand but she keeps denying. Anju forcefully sees her hand but the nailart is different. Poonam and Anju scolds Shlok and Sumeet for falsely accusing Pankhuri. Pankhuri recalls hearing conversation between parlor staff and Sumeet so she changed her nailart.

Pankhuri acts and blames Sumeet for accusing her. Shlok feels guilty and even asks Sumeet to apologise. Poonam says they may have misunderstood something and tells to forget about this incident. Pankhuri starts overacting and says Sumeet wants to take her outside home and says she doesn’t want to stay with them. She picks up Mayra and gives to Poonam. She says them to look after Mayra and leaves house alone. Sumeet asks Shlok to follow her. Shlok keeps calling her but she hides nearby and makes him worried. Pankhuri calls doctor and tells her to do next step.

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Doctor calls Raj and says that she had told him to take extra care of Pankhuri but she met her in a sensitive condition in the market. But she kept saying that Sumeet has accused her of hurting her sister Priyanka. Raj badly scolds Sumeet and says he will not forgive her if Pankhuri does anything wrong with herself. Raj’s behavior leave Sumeet shaken up. She thinks what’s going on between Raj and Pankhuri for him to behave like this. Raj looks around for Pankhuri and she intentionally comes infront of his car. She keeps acting like she doesnt want to live anymore.

Raj says Pankhuri that she can stay with him at his house. She acts to fall unconscious and Raj carries her in arms. She thinks once she reaches Raj’s home she will not return back. Poonam tells Shlok and Sumeet about Raj taking Pankhuri to his house. Sumeet and Shlok decide to go there to bring her back. Raj feeds soup to Pankhuri and she tries to tease him. Sumeet feels everything is happening as a plan by Pankhuri and thinks to find its cause. Sumeet and Shlok apologises to Pankhuri but Raj says that she cannot return home in this condition. The episode ends with Sumeet saying she will stay there for few days too to look after Pankhuri.

Episode ends.