Meet 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet gets the contract.


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Sumeet noticed her staff carrying lunch for the collector and swapped the food plates. The collector questioned if the food came from an expensive hotel and cautioned Sumeet that she couldn’t win a contract by offering fancy food.

At Shlok’s house, moneylenders began throwing stones at their home, demanding their money. Anju believed they had made a mistake by trusting Sumeet, while Poonam wondered if Sumeet had managed to secure the work. Sumeet clarified that the food wasn’t from a fancy hotel but from her canteen. She had only changed the way it was presented. She requested the collector to give her a chance, assuring that she could organize an event on a low budget.

The moneylenders insisted on taking away the family’s belongings and publicly humiliating Shlok’s family if Sumeet didn’t secure a job within two hours. Sumeet told the collector that everyone, rich or poor, desires to have a beautiful wedding. She proposed a collaboration to make the community wedding special for everyone. The moneylenders threatened to write that the Chowdhury family were thieves on the walls. But before they could carry out their threat, Shlok intervened. He declared that their situation would improve, and they would repay the money. Poonam noted that they still had one year left. Anju kept trying to reach Sumeet but couldn’t get through to her. Poonam told Shlok that they shouldn’t burden Sumeet with all the responsibilities. She gave her gold bangles to Shlok and suggested that he sell them to repay the moneylenders.

However, Shlok contemplated calling Sakshi and inquiring about a singing opportunity. Just then, Sumeet arrived and revealed that there was no need to sell anything because she had already secured a job. However, Anju was disappointed to learn that it was a job for a community wedding, which wouldn’t generate much profit. Sumeet tried to make her see that this could open the door to more work, especially since the event would receive media coverage. Anju argued that they needed money. Sumeet asked Shlok if he trusted her or if she was dreaming too big. Shlok thought about Sakshi, who could give him an opportunity. He was about to discuss Sakshi with Sumeet but was interrupted by Poonam, who encouraged Sumeet to proceed with her plans. Meanwhile, Shagun informed Sakshi that Shlok had not yet called her and asked if they were underestimating Shlok and Sumeet.

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Sakshi explained that Shagun and her mother were best friends. She was determined to fulfill her promise to Shagun and ruin Shlok and Sumeet. She was confident that Shlok would turn to her to achieve his dreams. Sumeet considered allowing Shlok to sing at the community wedding and even designed a surprise poster for the event. Shlok intended to discuss Sakshi with Sumeet once everything was sorted. The Chowdhury family began preparing for the community wedding, with Shlok rehearsing his songs.
Sumeet and Shlok encouraged each other, and Shlok even attempted to steal a kiss from her. Baa suggested that they complete their work before Shagun found out about it.

Precap: A man says in some time chief guest will be here then we can begin with the marriages. Shagun steps out of car and everyone greets her. Shagun walks to them and says I did what I wanted to do. Raunak kidnaps panditji.
Collector says to Sumeet if Panditji is not here then how can we start the marriage. Shagun announces whoever took the responsibility for this work should be banned and should send them to jail.