Meet 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok and Sumeet return home


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Shlok, Sumeet, Raj, and Akki return to India, and their family members warmly welcome them. Poonam embraces Shlok and Sumeet, and when Shlok inquires about Sarthak, Priyanka fabricates a story, claiming he’s gone shopping. Rajeev attempts to shield Shlok and Sumeet from the media reporters who wish to interview them. Poonam tells Sumeet that she had promised to bring Akki and Shlok back safely, and she’s fulfilled that promise.

The reporters push their way in and ask Sumeet how she found the courage to rescue Shlok from Pakistan all by herself. They question her about whether she believes Shlok would do the same for her if she were in a similar situation. Sumeet holds Shlok’s hand and asserts that in a marriage, both husband and wife share equal responsibilities and are bound by the thread of love. She affirms that Shlok would even confront God to protect her. Raj and Rajeev manage to escort the reporters out.

Afterward, Sumeet gets ready, and Shlok affectionately hugs her from behind, attempting to be romantic. She playfully eludes his advances, reminding him that the door is unlocked and someone might walk in. Shlok reassures her that they won’t be disturbed, savoring this precious time together.

Sumeet confides in Shlok about a dream she longs to see fulfilled. She asks him to close his eyes and imagine her words. She describes a vast stadium filled with an enthusiastic audience resonating with his voice, while she stands in the midst of the crowd, cheering for him. Shlok feels touched and says not all dreams come true, but Sumeet encourages him, claiming he will become a superstar, and she will be the superstar’s wife. Shlok contemplates proposing to Sumeet when their dream materializes.

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At Bappa’s immersion ceremony, Poonam summons Shlok and Sumeet. The priest recommends performing Shlok and Sumeet’s gathbandhan as well. When the veil of their gathbandhan catches fire during the puja, everyone becomes anxious. Pankhuri labels it as a bad omen, but Raj dismisses such superstitions. Sumeet asserts that no force can separate them. Poonam suggests the priest examine their horoscopes, who hints at impending challenges and advises them not to gaze at the full moon.

The priest suggests they have Shlok and Sumeet remarried, and Rajeev proposes that Raj and Priyanka also get married. Anju enthusiastically volunteers to make all the arrangements, and Raj expresses his willingness to perform the kanyadan ritual wholeheartedly this time. Sumeet discloses that she has tracked down the truck driver who transported Shlok to Pakistan. Pankhuri, attempting to elicit sympathy from Raj, leaves upon seeing Priyanka. Raj pulls Priyanka closer, and Pankhuri experiences jealousy as she contemplates replacing Priyanka in Raj’s life. Shlok and Sumeet locate the truck driver, uncover the truth, and inform the police of their intention to file a complaint against the person who sent Shlok to Pakistan. Just then, Shagun arrives with the police.

Precap: Sumeet says to Shagun, Shlok is my strength and soon you will see him progressing.
Raunak says to Shlok in the name of love you a ruining Sumeet’s life too, you are of no use, you can’t become anything.
Shagun says this time I won’t let anything come between Sumeet’ loss and my winning.
Shlok shouts at everyone and asks them to follow all the rituals quietly. Sumeet thinks why Shlok is behaving in such manner.