May I Come In Madam 2 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjana Seeks Sajan’s Help

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May I Come In Madam 2 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sanjana’s friend tells her that Sajan is not the Sajan Agarwal who betrayed her. Sanjana sends friend aside and tells Sajan that she truly loves him and wants to marry him, will he continue his Monday to Thursday arrangement with Kashmira and Friday to Sunday arrangement with her and asks him to put a ring in finger and accept her, singing a funny song. Sanjana gets him out of imagination and reveals that he is putting ring in her friend’s finger. Sajan says he was apologizing her on behalf of all Sajan Agarwals in the world. Friend gets impressed with his gesture.

Sajan returns home. Kashmira returns from vegetable shopping and complains him that Kallu named goon flirted with her when she was buying tomatoes. Sajan says she shouldn’t have gone there and he will bring tomatoes from hereon. Kashmira feels disappointed. Next day, Sajan visits office. Sanjana walks in with style. Sajan stands mesmerized seeing her beauty as usual. Sanjana looks angry and says Kallu goon flirted with her. Sajan asks if she didn’t confront him. Sanjana says she was carrying her mother’s photoframe or else she would have slapped Kallu. She asks him if he ever flirted with any girl. Sajan lies tha the never did that. Sanjana asks him to flirt with her. Sajan flirts with her. Bhupesh walks in and slaps Sajan repeatedly without letting Sanjana speaks. Sanjana scolds him and asks him to apologize Sajan. Bhupesh says it’s a family matter and walks away.

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Sajan meets his friends at night and informs them about Kallu flirting with madam. Batuta asks him not to mess with Kallu as he is a politician’s BIL, he flirted with commissioner’s wife and commissioner just enjoyed samosa at Kallu’s house and didn’t confront Kallu. Sanjana walks to them and asks for diapers. She tongue lashes Batuta and Sajan for failing to punish Kallu. Sajan says they were discussing about same. Sanjana says she is buying diapers for her maid’s baby and walks away. Sajan meets Kallu next day and requests him to act in his ad. Kallu agrees. Sajan says he needs to be beaten in ad. Comedic events continue..

Preacap: Sajan asks Sanjana to imagine hims as Kallu goon and punish him. Chedi tells Sajan that Sanjana sees a goon in him, so he should take as much money he wants and leave his job. Sajan refuses. Sanjana points gun at him.