May I Come In Madam 2 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update

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May I Come In Madam 2 17th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sajan gets ready in Naag costume for going to office. Sanjana gets shocked to see him while her mother laughs at him. Sanjana questions him why he is dressed like that and Sajan says he is participating in event to protect snakes so he is dressed like one. Sanjana asks if he has taken responsibilities of all the snakes. Sajan tells he doesn’t need to be their relative to protect them. He says his company understands both human as well animals’ rights.

Bhupesh says he works in same company as Sajan then why was he not informed to wear such costumes. Sajan makes excuse that only experienced and seniors are asked to do so. Sanjana tries to stop him and tell her the real reason. Sajan says that anaconda are rare and it’s poison is used for cure so he is saving lot of lives by participating in protest to protect them. Bubbly compliments Sajan for looking handsome . He says beauty lies in eyes of beholder and leaves for office.

Sajan reaches office and goes to meet Sanjana. She sings around and dances with Tere Sang Me playing in background. This turns out to be Sajan’s imagination who dances around with Chedy instead. Chedy scolds him for the same. Sanjana tells Sajan that he will be officially welcomed to naag vansh by a ceremony at night. She says to begin the ceremony, they will get him bitten by few snakes. Sajan gets worried but Sanjana tells him it will be completely harmless and Chedy says the poison will spread in his blood and he will turn into snake. Sanjana leaves to attend a call.

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Sajan questions Chedy what he can eat after turning into snake. Chedy teases him giving stupid answers. Khilone gets sentimental after hearing everything from Sajan and sings for Sajan. Kahan Ja Rahe plays in background as Sajan leaves back. Sajan comes home and Sanjana questions him for coming back late and she has to reheat food for him. Sajan tells that he has already eaten rat sizzler. Sanjana says he is vegetarian why he is eating such things. Sajan tells that he is snake and Ramvati laughs at him. He tells he cannot stay with human. Sajan tells Sanjana that he will make her snake too but she denies saying she hates snake.

Sajan teases Ramvati about biting her. Chedy dresses as Naag too. Sajan comes there and Sanjana is also dressed in saree like Naagin. She tells Sajan that now he is will be called Mr Snakeish. After all the drama, Sanjana and Chedy break out truth to Sajan that neither he is snake nor them. They say about fooling him. Once Sajan leaves, Sanjana tells Chedy about having meal. Sajan comes to Kashmira and says he is normal human and not snake. The episode ends with Sajan trying to appease Kashmira and she slaps him repeatedly.