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Scene 1
Karthik gives Lakshmi the gift. She gets happy. He says it has a saree, bindi, and bangles of your favorite color, red. He says I wanted to see this smile. Sonu and the kid are happy. Sonu says I am so happy for her. Sonu says Shanti will know her lesson. She will be so upset to see Lakshmi get all this. Sonu comes outside Shanti’s house. He says Karthik and Lakshmi met. They have cleared all the misunderstandings. They will get married. He dances everyone is shocked. He says you called her a curse. She is shining with her fate now. Bhushan says but has not spoken to us. Sonu says Karthik gave her shagun. Get ready, they are gonna get married soon. People say Shanti you shouldn’t call her a curse anymore. Shanti says why should I trust this idiot?

Kusum says you should trust us. Gayatri and her husband are also with Kusum. Mangal is also with them. Bhushan takes them inside. Sonu says Karthik and Lakshi are here. They come in. Karthik is shocked to see his dad. He meets his dad happy. His dad says I had to come for your big day, right on time. The driver brings in shagun. Karthik is confused. Mangal asks Kusum what is all this? Gayatri says it’s their rasam today. Karthik is shocked. Gayatri says I heard Karthik was getting shagun things for Lakshmi, saree, bindi, bangle. We are here to give rest of the shangun. Kusum says I’ve never seen you so happy. Karthik is confused. Kusum asks Mangal to get Lakshmi ready. Karthik says maa what is all this? Gayatri says I knew you were gonna give shagun. He says but.. She says I’ve no issues you chose things of your choice. She says we had to do rasam here. Adit says yes.

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Mangal says to Lakshmi what happened today? Did you and Karthik talk? I want your consent for this marriage. Kusum says get ready fast. Mangal says I was asking her if hey talked. Lakshmi says he cleared everything and gave me this gift. Kusum says I knew Karthik likes you. There is no confusion now. They spoke, that’s what you wanted. Mangal is still confused.

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