Lakshmi Narayan 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Narayan takes Lakshmi’s wedding shagun

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Scene 1

Narayan tells Pamavati that he can’t be her tutor, he is an artist and can’t teach talent to someone else so he wants to leave. She nods and lets him leave. He leaves from there. Padmavati says he is an honest man and will be the best tutor, she follows him.

Shukar tells Bhargavi that Narayan has plotted this to stop us, she says I won’t let him win. She finds Rishi stuck under the snow and tries to bring him out. Shukar says this is all plotted by Narayan. She says Narayan cut my mother’s head and now hurting my father. Narayan comes there and says she can’t see the reason behind this, Rishi and Kavya have chosen the path of rage and revenge so they are paying the price. How could I let them do what they want to? I have to stop him for our love and for the balance of the universe. Shukar tells Rishi that he is going to use his powers to bring him out, he tries but can’t because Narayan uses his powers silently. Bhargavi says this is enough, I am going to use my powers to save my father even if it destroys the Earth. Padmavati comes there and says there is no need for that, if you show your loyalty then you will find a way. She finds Narayan’s idol in the snow and says I knew he would show me a path. She presents shagun to him which Rishi was taking for Lakshmi to Vasu. Narayan smiles seeing that. Rishi gets free from the snow and shouts at her that she shouldn’t have given his daughter’s shagun to Narayan. Padmavati says so what? you could have given it to anyone but it would ultimately go to Narayan. Bhargavi says this shouldn’t have happened. Padmavati says Narayan listened to his followers and freed your father. Rishi says Narayan has insulted me again. Bhargavi says I will never let Narayan have my shagun. I don’t believe in this, my shagun will be given as per my wishes and it won’t be presented to Narayan at all. Padmavati says you should be happy that Narayan blessed your wedding. Bhargavi says he is a curse, not a blessing. This shagun won’t be given to my inlaws now. She takes the shagun and throws it away but Narayan comes there and picks it all up in his chunri. She tells him to throw it away but he smiles and says this is a gift for me. I got it when you threw it away. She tries to take it away from him but Padmavati stops her and tells her to calm down. She says you are Rishi’s daughter and if you have given a gift to him then you can’t take it back, he is an artist so I won’t let you insult him. Rishi says let it be. Bhargavi gives it to Narayan and says you are right. I respect his artistry and your loyalty. I know loyalty brings peace and love, its sacrificial but I am sad that you are being loyal to a Lord who is a cheater and a liar. Shukar tells Rishi that they should get Bhargavi married soon. He asks her to come with them. Bhargavi tells Padmavati to think if she is really following the right path, she leaves from there. Padmavati tells Narayan that she really wants him to tutor her. He says I can’t as I have some mission. She says I am requesting you on Narayan’s behalf. He looks on.

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The episode ends.