Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala tries to defame Kesar using media

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kabir and Kesar are in the jungle, under the bridge. The goons put lights, but couldn’t see them. The goon tells others that they shall see somewhere else. Kabir signs Kesar, all is well. Kesar smiles. Kabir sits awake. Later in the morning, Kesar wakes up and finds him seated and sleeping. She looks for the goons. Kabir wakes up and shouts Kesar. Kesar comes back to him and asks him to be silent. She says we can follow the sun direction and shall go. Babu comes there with his goons and says we will tell you where to go. The goon says you can’t be saved now. Kabir throws sand at them and starts running with Kesar holding her hand. Kabir’s friend talk to the other about Kabir, and says Rotlu is in hospital with Bachchan. Aarti hears someone knocking on the door and opens it. Moksh comes there and asks Aarti how is Kabir? He says Shakuntala told him. Aarti thinks he is concerned for Kabir and thinks she might be wrong to doubt him. Just then he gets an attack and holds Aarti’s neck. Kabir’s friend and Janardhan make him leave Aarti. Aarti calls Ansh and tells him everything.

Suraj imagines Kesar kissing on Kabir’s cheeks and hugging him. Tu mera koi na hoke bhi kuck laage plays…The Police officer tells Baa that nothing is found yet, the Policemen changed their duty and new policemen went to the jungle. Kesar throws stone on the honeybee hive and hides with Kabir under the tarpaulin. Babu and the goons run away as the honeybees attack them. Kesar asks Kabir to come. Kabir asks Kesar not to marry Suraj. Suraj calls Ambika and asks when she will return. She says she will not return without Kesar. Shakuntala comes there and says they have spend a night together, nobody will ask Kabir, but will ask Kesar. Kabir tells that Suraj will ruin your life. Kesar asks why you are behind Suraj and says why you dislike him? Kabir says Suraj doesn’t know what is love? Kesar asks what do you know about love? Kabir says I know love, as I love you. Kesar is shocked. It turns out to be Kabir’s imagination. He says sorry for saying that she shall not marry Suraj. She says he shall be sorry and tells that they shall leave from here. Kabir thinks he really loves Kesar, but she can’t marry him as she is of Suraj. He says God has done a big joke with him. Babu and the goons come back. Kabir asks Kesar to run. They run holding hands.

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After running for a long time, they sit down and relax. Babu says Queen will not leave us. He shoots one of the goon in anger. Kesar tells Kabir that his so much blood is flowing, and asks if he has handkerchief. He gives handkerchief. Kesar ties handkerchief to his hand. Kabir looks at her. Kesar says you are seeing me as if you are seeing for the first time. He says I am seeing you as the doctor for the first time, and says he will call her Dr. Kesar now. Kesar says you say anything.

Shakuntala thinks very soon everyone will be shocked and starts the countdown. Darshan asks why Kesar went without telling anyone. Suraj asks Baa to say and asks if Kesar was pressurized for marriage and if she was suffocated here. Baa says you are doubting Kesar and tells that the relation breaks due to the doubt.

Shakuntala counts 1. Just then Suraj and others get the new channel video in which they say that Kesar has eloped with Kabir. Suraj gets angry. Shakuntala thanks the reporter for posting the news. Suraj gets angry on Ansh and Riddhi for posting news on social media. Ansh says we understand the sensitive matter. Suraj asks Shakuntala if she did this. Shakuntala says why she will do this, and tells that people will say that Kabir did mangal in jungle. Hetal asks Suraj not to do the same mistake which she did. Suraj says you are burdened by Kesar’s favors and tells that he will expose her. Hetal looks angrily at Shakuntala.

Ansh meets Aarti and asks what has happened? Aarti tells her that she couldn’t understand Moksh and tells that her mother doesn’t want to listen to her. Ansh tells that his kaki can give her life for her daughter. He says he will talk to her mother. Aarti says it will be of no use, and says they need proofs against Moksh.

Queen hears the news and then calls and threatens Babu. He thinks to kill Kabir. Ambika gets a call from Commissioner that Kabir’s last location was Palanpur jungle and not Junagarh jungle. She says ok. Queen and Ambika stop their respective cars at the signal.

Precap: Ambika finds Kesar’s bangle in the jungle. Kesar senses Ambika is near her and calls her. Ambika comes to Kesar. They are about to leave, when Queen fires an arrow at the tree and asks them if they will leave without meeting him.