Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar and Kabir find out about Moksh and Kiran

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 23rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ansh telling Dhruvi, Kesar and Kabir that he had encounter with him twice, and he felt that they are two different person, one is silent and other one is insane and violent. He says Aarti felt his touch normal and sometimes vulgar, and she had noticed that once he work with his right and in the other meeting, with his left hand. He says this might be the case of split personality. Kesar says no, split persons. Ansh recalls Aarti’s words and says she said that they will take care of her very well. He tells Kesar that she is right. Aarti comes to Shakuntala. Shakuntala says damad shall be like Moksh. Aarti says Amma. Shakuntala asks my key to treasure and asks her to say. Aarti asks if you have ever loved me? Shakuntala says if you had grown up without love. Aarti asks why you have sold me? Shakuntala says she has sold her to compensate her mistake of marrying her father, who didn’t give her anything. She says she is trying to become rich by selling her and says she will be happy with the door. Aarti looks at Ansh’s photo and cries.

Kesar says it is not that simple, as Aarti has injection mark. She shares her plan with them. Kabir thanks her for help. Kesar says everyone can’t be selfish like you. Kabir says it is not his mistake and is about to tell her, when Suraj calls him and says if you try to say anything to Kesar then it will be last day of bachchan. He sees Ambika standing and asks her to listen. Ambika says I will not listen to you and says I asked Manoj Bhai to change your mirror, but he didn’t change, and says it is inauspicious. Suraj thinks he has to be careful.

Jinal, Jayati and Hetal take Riddhi to the Doctor/Counseller. Doctor asks Riddhi if she has any miscarriage. Jinal says My daughter studies in the college. Doctor says she is in depression and tells that there might be some reason behind it. He says they have to handle each patient differently. Riddhi attacks him with paper weight and says you are mad and in depression. Doctor gives her injection. Jinal asks him to say that her daughter is not in depression.

Kesar asks Kabir if he understood, and tells that they will not end the call. She says we might know something shocking today and asks him not to do anything or don’t react, and they shall not doubt us. She sits in her car, while Kabir sits on his bike. Baa tells Ambika that her BP gets normal, when she sees Kesar handling the responsibilities so well. Ambika says yes, your high BP is normal, as you are talking about Kesar. They feel proud of Kesar. Riddhi takes drugs. Baa tells that the other girls too shall learn good qualities from Kesar. Kesar tells Kabir that she has reached Moksh’s clinic. Kabir says he has reached his home. Kesar says if you see him there also then our doubt is sure. Moksh asks her to come in. Kesar says she has cold so thought to see him. The ward boy congrats Moksh for his upcoming marriage. Kabir asks her to keep the camera well. Moksh asks if you are recording me? Kesar says no, I don’t record without anyone’s permission. Moksh does her check up. Kesar says she is sneezing a lot. Kabir tells Kesar that he will knock on the door now. He knocks on the door and says it seems nobody is at home. Kiran opens the door. Kesar sees him in video call and gets shocked. Kabir gets angry. Kesar asks him not to do anything. Kabir says I thought you are in clinic. Kabir apologizes to him for whatever happened yesterday. Kiran closes the door.

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Suraj thinks Maa feels that everything is normal between Kesar and kabir, but I know how the men is, and thinks he shall go and end their social service drama. Just then Servant comes and says Nikita Madam came. Suraj panics seeing Nikita. Nikita comes there and asks Suraj if he thought to easily move on and enjoy new life. Ambika comes there. Suraj asks if Nikita came? Ambika asks if he wants to get his nail spa done, as Jayati called her. He realizes that she is someone else. Kesar tells Ansh and Dhruvi that they are two different men. Kabir says they both want to marry my sister. He blames himself. Ansh says it is not your fault, don’t blame yourself. Kabir says it is Amma’s fault, she got greedy for money and doing this with her daughter. Kesar stops him. Suraj is on the call, and thinks why this is happening to me, why my past is returning and this kesar’s friendship with Kabir, and thinks to teach him a lesson. The girl Suraj’s friend thinks to tell his truth to Kesar. Suraj hits a vehicle.

Episode ends.