Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj apologizes to Kesar

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 20th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kabir asking Aarti, what happened to her hand? Aarti lies that her hand got burnt just like that. He asks her to say truth. Shakuntala tells that she has burnt her hand, to make her understand that she has right on their lives. She says Aarti has to marry any man she wants, to repay her debt. Kabir asks how can you think like this? Shakuntala burns Kabir’s hand. Aarti and her father try to stop her. Shakuntala says you was sitting on my head since few days, and reminds them that they are chained by her debt, else she will kill them and end the matter. Jinesh tells Baa and Babu ji that he has done wrong with them, but they let him return in the house. He says his mistakes are not forgivable, but please forgive him. He asks Babu ji and Baa to forgive him, and says it seems like he has a stone on his heart since years and asks Baa to forgive him. Baa asks him to do his karma for penance, and asks him to swear that he will not be controlled by his wife and will do what he feels right, else he will see her dead face. Jinesh kisses Baa’s hand and thanks her for giving him a chance. He swears to her that he will not let his spine bone lost. Baa smiles. Kesar hears and smiles.

Jayati says Hetal’s intentions are exposed. Jinal says Ambika, you and me have right on this property, and tells that Hetal wants share in that also. Jayati says soon Ambika will leave her support from Kesar. Jinal says first we have to face Hetal. Jayati says yes. Kesar hears them. Jayati blames her for becoming great and spoiling their Navratri celebrations. Jinal blames Kesar for ruining their happiness.

Aarti tells Kabir that their mother is their biggest enemy. Kabir says she is greedy in money, and forgot that she is our mother. He says but we can’t forget that we are her children, has to stay here and change her.

Suraj comes to Kesar and says sorry. He says I talked to you rudely, I shouldn’t have do that. He says I am worried for Maa. Kesar says nothing will happen to Masu. He says nobody understands and thinks why my thoughts and dimensions are related to Maa, and says she always thought about this family and this family is her priority, and says she shall be someone’s priority too. He says he has come to ask her to shift to his room, and says he will stay in the guest room. Kesar says she will stay here. Suraj says I will go. Kesar says Masu is my priority too. Suraj says I know, I was upset and we get upset from our loved ones. Kesar smiles.

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Hetal looks at Kesar’s cosmetics and perfumes, and thinks I was living an ordinary life, but they were enjoying the luxuries. She thinks to use costly perfume which she finds in the box. She then sees Kesar’s dress and thinks it will suit me well, I will look beautiful. She says the painful days are over, and now she will get everything. She turns and sees Baa standing. She pretends as if she is feeling like fainting. Baa says there is nobody here, so don’t act. Hetal says she is feeling pain. Baa asks Hetal to wake up at 4 am, and says you will make me do exercise, and then Navratri puja at 8 am. She says you got the chance to do Saas’s seva after 20 years.

Shakuntala asks Aarti to wipe the floor well. Aarti says ok. She cries and recalls Kabir’s words. Shakuntala goes to sleep. Aarti posts the message with her photo. Ansh replies her back and they exchange hate messages. Kabir calls Kesar and asks if everything is fine. Kesar says prayers are needed. Kabir says he always pray for her and all his friends. He says he will bring prasad for her also. Kesar says you bring smile on everyone’s faces and ends the call.

Ambika tells Kesar that Hetal will not think about her. Kesar tells that she can’t change in a day. She swears that she will not let her family break. Ambika asks her to remember what she said, an says just like Ambe Maa’s tiger protects her, I will protect my family. She says my eyes will be opened always, as Hetal is a rotten fruit which can rot all fruits. Kesar says she will make the rotten fruit fine.

Episode ends.