Kundali Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi prepares to end the life of Shristhi

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Shristhi while crying blames herself and mentions nothing wrong is happening to her, she prays that Bhagwan jee should call her to him as when she dies then both Preeta di and Rajveer would understand how right she is because she is very tired while trying to convince everyone but he has grown but even then doesn’t listen to both his mother and aunt, she even tried to tell Preeta di no matter how much they live Mumbai it only give them pain, Preeta di refused to listen to her even after suffering so many attacks, she wonders how are Rajveer and Preeta di because she has a very small family and she just wants to meet her family but they do not want to live in Mumbai as it has not only given them anything but pain because it first snatched their entire family and now that they finally have such a small family it is still causing so many problems, Shristhi wonders what would happen to Preeta di if she dies because Rajveer has not even started to live his wife. Shristhi pleads for some peaceful situation from Bhagwan but is very emotional.

The inspector is glad that the second team arrived and greets him, the other inspector replies that they have gotten all the information and know all the details because they know the last time the car was seen near sector five so they are going to start their search. Mohit mentions he had given this information last night but Karan stops Mohit explaining that the police officers know a lot about such things, both the inspector decide to start the search when Mohit decides to go with the second team at which karan once again scolds him but he says he is scared of karan. The Inspector asks Rajveer why does he call karan as sir when he says that Rajveer only calls him sir when he is angry with him, Rajveer replies he is indeed very furious with Karan who says there is no need to waste time and they must leave.

Nidhi stops the car at the warehouse asking Rocky why were they not able to do even a single task properly, Rocky asks her to not scold them as they kidnapped the girl which she showed them, Nikhil and his accomplice says they only saw her dupatta and kidnapped her because she mentioned they should kidnap the girl with the green dupatta, Nidhi asks Rocky where is Shristhi, he replies that she is very strong and has tried to escape twice, Nidhi takes the gun when Rocky asks what doe she need it for, Nidhi asks for what purpose do they use the gun, she leaves but is shocked after opening the door of the room.

Preeta is trying to contact Rajveer but is not able to find him, she wonders why does he not inform her about anything so decides to call Mohit who answers her call, she asks him if they have been able to find Shristhi but Mohit informs they are still searching for her. He reveals the location so Preeta says she will take the auto but Mohit requests him to stay in the house however Preeta replies she will surely search for her sister. Preeta is standing when she Arohi sees her from the car and getting shocked calls Nidhi, she asks if she has run away when Nidhi says she is searching for her, Arohi explains she is at the signal of sector sixty four and so Arohi says Nidhi should call someone whom she knows and get Preeta kidnapped Nidhi replies she was not able to inform Arohi that the kidnappers have kidnapped Shristhi, Arohi gets worried saying something very wrong might happen, she advises Nidhi should first take care of Shristhi and then order some one whom she knows to also kidnap Preeta from here, in this way they would be able to take care of everyone. Nidhi realizes she knows a kidnapper named Katya so decides to all him.

Nidhi calls Katya saying that she wants him to kidnap a girl so is going to send her photo, she says he can even kill her if he is not able to kidnap her but Katya replies that she is lucky as he is just two minutes away from the signal but the cost would be one million so Nidhi agrees and sends the photo of Preeta.

Nidhi questions why is Shristhi hiding because she knows that Shristhi si still hiding here and must come out and face her if she has the courage, because she has seen the CCTV footage, Nidhi keeps searching for her not knowing that Shristhi is lying unconscious in the metal trunk, Nidhi exclaims that if Shristhi dies then no one would be able to protect Preeta, Nidhi exclaims that today is also the birthday of Preeta so today she is going to give her a gift of death, Shristhi angrily pushes the boxes warning Nidhi to not even take the name of her sister from her tongue, Nidhi says Shristhi should at least look at her condition since she has been hit by a bullet and is about to die but still loves her sister a lot, Shristhi angrily replies she indeed loves Preeta a lot and is her protection so Nidhi would have to go through her to get to Preeta, Shristhi mentions she is ready to die a thousand times for her sister and even when a lot of people like Nidhi come but they would not be able to do anything to her sister. Shristhi exclaims she is going to fight till her last breath with her, she is about to fall so Nikhil forces her to sit back on the chair. Nidhi exclaims that Shristhi cannot fight right now, she brings the chair when Shristhi asks if she thinks she is strong while standing with the criminals because they are just ready to work for money. Nidhi says that Shristhi should even throw the money at them but Shristhi replies she knows they will never work for her because she has sense their face, and is really smart but not and idiot like her. Nidhi instructs Nikhil and his accomplice to go out but they still stand when she says she can handle her alone so they should leave. Shristhi is glad that now they both are alone but asks if Nidhi would be able to take care of her alone, she challenges Nidhi that she will be able to get out from here and reveal the truth about Nidhi otherwise her name is not Shristhi. Nidhi standing says she is also going to give an open challenge that if she does not let Shristhi get out from here then is surely going to give her sister a birthday gift as today Preeta is surely going to die. Nidhi sits back on her chair mentioning the door is open and Shristhi should try to escape if she has the courage, Shristhi tries to run but Nidhi hits her on the arm which is injured causing her to fall, Nidhi points the gun at her when Shristhi hits her gun with the rod causing her to fall, Nidhi fanatically tries to search for the gun but hits her head against the table, Shristhi quickly start tying her to the desk while screaming due to the pain, she finally manages to tie Nidhi explaining Nidhi fell due to her, warning Nidhi to see how she manages to run away from here. Shristhi challenges Nidhi that she is going to make sure her sister and Karan meet again and she will get them both married, Shristhi using all of her strength manages to stand up, the accomplice hits her from behind with a glass bottle. Nidhi screams at them to open her from the bounds while Shristhi once again falls on the floor, Nidhi angrily points the gun at Shristhi asking her why was she giving so much warnings, explaining this is the problem with them all as they do not do anything. Nidhi keeps hitting Shristhi saying that she should wait to see how she burns from the fire, Nidhi starts pouring the kerosene in the warehouse while Nikhil and the accomplice request her to not do this as the whole godown would burn but Nidhi does not listen to anyone, she lights a match and throws it on the floor which causes a fire in the godown, Shristhi is unconscious on the floor but Nidhi furiously leaves.

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Katya is with his accomplice who says that they took some time to get here so she would have left but Katya says his eyes are very strong and so after a while sees Preeta and then mentions she is still standing here waiting for an auto, Katya drives the car to Preeta asking if they can take her anywhere but Preeta instead gets in an auto so Katya starts following her, Preeta requests the auto driver to be a bit fast but Katya while following her explains that thy cannot lose her, Preeta wonders who is following her when Katya explains that she got away due to the constant speaking, Katya explains that there is no reason to be worried about since they have also prepared, Preeta finally gets off from the auto while Katya quickly asks his accomplice to get out from the car, he slowly walks to Preeta and quickly covers her face with the napkin and then pushes her in the trunk while Preeta is constantly asking for help.

The police jeeps both meet when the Inspector ask each other if they have found anything, Karan tells the Inspector now he has to leave as today his wife Preeta is going to return and he need to prepare for her welcome, he asks the Inspector to give his best choice when they leave. Karan asks Rajveer to surely call him if he needs anything when Karan leaves explaining someone must come back, Rajveer tells the inspector that they have search for his mother everywhere but should now continue their search in their separate ways, he is about to leave with Mohit who asks why did Karan Luthra say that Preeta je is going to go back, Rajveer replies that today is the birthday of his mother and Karan sir has promised to bring her back to the Luthra Mansion, Mohit leaves with Rajveer.

Shristhi is still unconscious on the floor while the fire keeps increasing, Nidhi angrily closes the door of the room and then starts looking at her through the window in the door.