Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shristhi tries to escape but gets injured

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Shristhi asks Nikhil what benefit would they get from killing her, saying their boss was saying that they would not get the money if anything happens to her so she promises to give them the money but Nikhil gets furious angrily asking Shristhi to remain quiet, they plan to take her to the other room because she will otherwise keep irritating them, they push Shristhi into the room after pointing the gun at her, she however pushes Nikhil but he after getting up once again asks her to remain seated however Shristhi tries to run away after pushing them away, Nikhil fires a bullet which hits Shristhi in the arm, she falls unconscious on the floor seeing which Nikhil and his accomplice are tensed.

Karan is in the police van when he remembers what Partham told him that the would be able to find out everything about Partham, karan calls Partham but his wife answers the phone so karan asks him if he has found anything about Preeta, the wife of Partham informs him that Partham got in an accident hearing which karan gets shocked so karan assures he will come to meet Partham very soon. Karan after looking at Rajveer tells the Inspector that he is with them for the next hour after which he has to go and find someone whom he knows.

Nikhil and his accomplice slowly walk to Shristhi wondering if she has died but are relieved to see that she is still alive, Rocky also angrily returns when Nikhil apologizes saying that he fired the bullet by accident but Rocky points the gun at Shristhi saying they have now got the order to kill her hearing which Nikhil is relieved.

Nidhi is sitting when Arohi comes back panicking saying that her husband is really furious and even scolded the servants a lot so they are threatening to leave their jobs and she cannot do anything by herself as they are not used of working in the house, Nidhi asks Arohi to calm down mentioning she knows that they cannot work without the servants so Arohi should leave, in the meantime she will call Rocky.

Rocky pointing the gun at Shristhi asks her to wait and see how this gun has the bullet which is going to end her life, he gets a call from Nidhi so informs her that he is surely going to kill her enemy but Nidhi stops him explaining she wants to see her face and enjoy the moment explaining that Preeta has really caused a lot of trouble to her and came in between her and Karan, buts he would not let anyone interfere in her life and so is going to surely have her killed but asks Rocky to first make a video call. Rocky makes a video call when Nidhi asks him to turn the phone towards her, Shristhi realizes that it is the voice of Nidhi so she is the one behind everything, Nidhi is shocked seeing Shristhi so angrily questions Rocky what she has done since this sit he wrong girl but Rocky asks Nidhi to see her clearly as she is the same women, Shristhi says that this is the doing fo Bhagwan because she planned this all for her sister but now she is standing in front of her, Shristhi warns Nidhi of severe consequence saying she is glad they brought her in place of Shristhi, ordering her to plan it properly because these criminals are not able to do anything properly, Shristhi warns her for the last time to stop this all but Nidhi angrily ends the call, Shristhi asks why did she end the call and demands they should call her again.

Nidhi gets furious so she even tosses the table while screaming loudly. Shristhi starts laughing but Rocky warns her to stop, Rocky mentions that this mistake has happened for the first time and it is only because of Nikhil and the other, Rocky says he feels like he should fire all these bullets but Rocky leaves with both of them while instructing the other person to stand and guard Shristhi. She angrily asks where are they going and demands Nidhi should fight with her from the front, Shristhi is glad that the kidnappers brought her in place of her Preeta di.

Preeta is wondering why does the phone of Rajveer never connects, Gurpreet explains that Shristhi would come back very soon but Preeta mentions that the entire night has passed so she is herself going to leave, Gurpreet explains this is a very big city but Preeta leaves saying she will search by herself, Gurpreet gets worried so she immediately tries to contract Rajveer but is not able to reach him, Rajveer mentions that there is no network here so how can they call the, Mohit also says he asked him to get it changed. Karan wonders who is sending so many texts, Mohit requests Karan to tell them which network does he use since they would also change it, the Inspector says that this is a very far away place and there would not be any network for another fifteen minutes. Karan gets worried thinking that Nidhi has never even sent so many photos of the Luthra Mansion, Rajveer says that she might be trying to hide a lie, Karan also starts getting suspicious.

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Rocky is with Nikhil when he gets a call from Nidhi, she asks why did they kidnap the wrong girl but Nikhil explains they have kidnapped the same girl, Rocky asks I they should let Shristhi go and kidnap Preeta, Nidhi asks if they are surely kidnappers because Shristhi has seen her face, Rocky says she has even seen their face but Nidhi warns them to keep a close eye on Shristhi and properly kidnap Preeta this time because she is going to send her photo. Rocky blames Nikhil for being the reason because of which he had to be scolded by someone.

Kavya is standing looking at the welcome board when Rakhi calls her from behind, Kavya questions where was she for so long when Rakhi mentions she went to the Mandir and performed the pooja while she even gave so much in charity because they might not be strong enough but their good actions can do a lot, Kavya asks why did Badi mom not take her to the Mandir, Rakhi replies she heard the sound of her sneezing, Kavya gets a bit nervous mentioning it is due to the sudden change of weather, Rakhi asks Kavya to have some Parshad since it will cure everything, Rakhi asks Kavya why was she looking at the wall when Kavya says she was wondering why is it not written welcome back mom, Rakhi replies because Preeta is first her daughter in law so this is why she wrote it. Rakhi asks where is Shaurya when Kavya mentions he has gone to the house of Sandy to party, Rakhi replies he has gone there to not be present in this celebration, Kavya gets worried asking what might be the reason but Rakhi asks Kavya to first come and help her since a lot of work is pending. Kavya asks Rakhi if this magical event would surely happen and her mother is going to return, Rakhi mentions that Bhagwan is present and he would surely do something magical. Rakhi prays that the aunt of Rajveer should also return so they can also celebrate the return of his aunt like them.

Shristhi is trying the dupatta around the injury in her arm, the kidnapper is just looking at her. Shristhi remembers when Nidhi got furious at the kidnappers, she exclaims she never thought Nidhi would do such a thing as first there was Sherlin then that mental Anjali and now this Nidhi. Shristhi wonders why does it always happen to the good people because the bad ones tend to leave after committing the crimes but they have to suffer, Shristhi requests him to call his boss requesting that she should be released, Rocky enters the room when Shristhi mentions she does not have any quarrel with them so they should let her go, Rocky mentions he cannot let her go since they both are stuck in the same problem, Shristhi asks how are they stuck requesting them to let her go and swears on everyone life that she will not tell anyone, Rocky asks why is she trying to make him feel sympathy on her, because even if he lets her leave but his men would surely kill her as she has seen their face., Shristhi mentions she has promised to not tell anyone and they should let everything be buried here. Nikhil asks her to not plead because the human inside of them surely wants to let her go but their mind is not listening, She asks them to listen to the human explaining that she should be let go, saying she never pleads in front of anyone but is begging in front of them, Shristhi asks them to talk with their mam Nidhi that they will leave this city and return back to Jamshadpur, Rocky explains they just know that Nidhi wants to get rid of her as who would risk letting her go when her truth has been revealed, Shristhi tries to stop them but they leave, Shristhi thinks this is all her fault because she tried a lot to stop Rajveer from coming to Mumbai but he did not listen to her, and even was not able to stop Preeta di from coming with Rajveer. She remembers when Preeta di argued with her so she can come with Rajveer, Shristhi starts crying.