Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Nidhi orders Rocky to kill Shristhi

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The inspector tells they must leave so Rajveer quickly walks out of the house, karan stays back with Mohit and turns towards him which worries Mohit, Preeta in the room is very tensed wondering what would be happening when she hears karan warning Mohit to not lie with him, Preeta comes behind Karan who is warning Mohit that he really hates both deception and lies, Preeta suddenly starts remembering something from her past, she is about to call but then gets a headache so just keeps standing there while karan leaves the house. Mohit notices that Preeta is getting dizzy and about to fall, he rushes to help requesting that she must control herself so he takes her into the room.

Rakhi and Kavya are standing when there is someone at the door so Kavya rushes to open the door thinking ti might be her father, Nidhi comes asking what has happened when Rakhi informs that Rajveer has gotten in some sort of trouble. Kavya is shocked seeing that karan returned with the police and is informing them about the entire house, Nidhi is worried wondering if they have found out the truth that she is behind the kidnapping, Karina questions why has the police came to their house, Karan informs that the aunt of Rajveer got kidnapped, Nidhi gets a call from Rocky but wonders how can she answer the call here in front of everyone.

Karan leaves with the inspector, Rajveer runs to Rakhi apologizing that the police came to their house when he is sure that his aunt cannot be here, Nidhi wonders why is Rajveer calling her as his aunt or did she hear something wrong, Rajveer asks how did Mr Luthra find out the truth, Rakhi informs that Kavya tried calling him but someone else answered his phone and they could hear him arguing with the police which is why she send Karan with them, Nidhi thinks of answering the call, Rocky asks when do they kill the women because only then would they get paid, Nidhi mentions they will only kill her tomorrow as it is her birthday but they are going to make it her death date, she even asks them to arrange an eye witness since these days they can buy out an eye witness.

Karan and the Inspector come down when the Inspector says they have not found anything here so decide to leave when Nidhi is glad that she did not get in any trouble. Karan reaches the main door with the Inspector asking what should they do now, Inspector tells how Rajveer told them that his friend Mohit and the lady even saw her being kidnapped, Inspector asks the name of the lady so Rajveer gets worried when Karan also questions about her name, Rajveer remembers what happened hen his phone got exchanged with that of Nidhi Luthra so runs back to the Luthra Mansion.

Rajveer asks Nidhi where is she, he says that he knows she is the one involved in the kidnapping but Nidhi asks if he thinks she can do anything of the sort but Rajveer replies that she can deny it since he knows she has some sort of involvement in it and he is going to have a very close eye on her, Rajveer angrily leaves saying he does not have much time to waste on her. Rocky is trying to call Nidhi, she answers the call after entering her room when Rocky says that she promised to give them the money but he has to hire extra men for the night which will cost some extra money, Nidhi agrees to give them one hundred thousand but Rocky demands an extra three hundred thousand rupees, Nidhi agrees on just two hundred thousand, she thinks that she will surely teach Rajveer a lesson which he will never forget.

Mohit is standing when Rajveer and Karan arrive with the police, Mohit informs the Inspector that this is the last location where they followed them but after that sot the car, Rajveer leaves with the Inspector and his constables, Mohit tries to leave but Karan stops him asking if he was telling the truth about what happened in the house earlier today, Mohit replies he cannot remember anything but Karan is furious asking if it is actually the truth. Rajveer returns wit the Inspector mentioning they have not found anything and ask Mohit if he is sure but Mohit replies he is perfectly sure, Inspector asks Karan to go back home but he insists on staying here, Rajveer also advises that Karan should go home however he asks why are they all taking decisions on his behalf when they have to find his aunt quickly, they all leave in the police jeep.

Bani Dadi is waling in front of the main door while Rakhi and Karina are also tensed, Rakhi asks Maa je to not walk so much as she already has pain in her knees but Bani Dadi says how can she remain calm. Kavya comes with the tea asking them all to have it, she asks if they got any call when Bani Dadi replies they indeed have not gotten any call. Rakhi explains she was not able to see the condition of Rajveer and prays that his aunt should be found. Nidhi comes down with the bag when Bani Dadi asks where is she going, Nidhi explains that she has been invited to the birthday party of her friends daughter, they all wish her when Bani Dadi is glad she left to celebrate a birthday so they all would also be able to celebrate the birthday of Preeta, Karina mentions they say whatever happens is for the best, Rakhi prays that Bhagwan should help them find the aunt of Rajveer.

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Gurpreet and Preeta are sitting on the couch when Preeta suddenly wakes up screaming her name, she questions why has Shristhi not returned till now when Gurpreet informs that she go the call from Rajveer who said they have found proof so this means they are very close to her. Preeta explains that this is a very big city but she was not able to stp them when they kidnapped Shristhi in front of her eyes, Preeta explains she is not able to do anything and is sitting in the house. Preeta says what happened to her health as she was going to find her sister but how did she get dizzy, Preeta says she has to go and bring her sister back home, Preeta exclaims Mata Rani cannot do it to her, Gurpreet requests her to trust in Mata Rani as she will surely make a way for them to bring her back, Preeta relies she wants her sister and wonders where can she find her, Gurpreet assures they will find her but Preeta tells her to look at the time asking when will they find her, Gurpreet requests her to drink some water and remain calm.

In the morning Karan and Rajveer are searching for Shristhi, they stop their jeep in a market when the Inspector says that they have gotten very tired and should drink some tea but Rjaveer requests them to have a cup of tea but Karan suggests he should arrange a second team as they cannot stop so Karan agrees to it and then they leave.

Nidhi and Arohi are enjoying in the birthday celebration when after a while Nidhi asks Arohi to come with her saying that she should give the money to the junior artists and even send everyone away, Nidhi thinks she should in the mean time add Rajveer to the family group, the photographer says that he has sent her the photos when Rajveer thinks now everyone would get the photos, Rajveer takes out his phone questioning why is Nidhi jee adding him to the family group when Karan says that he is a member of the family, and the Inspector also says that he is also a Luthra.

Arohi comes to Nidhi when she says that now Preeta would die but no one would be able to suspect her, she says that whenever they meet Preeta is the target.

Karan also gets the notification and after seeing the photos questions why did Nidhi sent these photos in the family group since no one knows them in the Luthra family. Rajveer also gets a bit suspicious.

Nidhi calls Rocky instructing him to kill her and erase all the proofs, she ends the call. Arohi gets a call from her husband and says she will come back after answering it. Nidhi exclaims she said that whenever she meets with Preeta then she is the one who dies, she is smiling.

Nikhil says that Shristhi is quiet, she asks what has she done to them and exclaims she is requesting and even going to plead in front of them, Shristhi mentions that her life is very important as two other lives are attached with her, meaning her sister Preeta di and Rajveer, as her sister gets panic attacks she further explains that her sister is like a mother to her who would get very tensed. Shristhi mentions she only lives for her son Rjaveer and cannot live without them as each and every mother desires that her son gets married in front of them, Shristhi informs that her son likes a son she wants to see him settle down, Shristhi says they would be understanding what she is saying, she asks who is the mam that ordered her murder, Shristhi explains she can say would surely try to give them more then the lady but requests them to tell the reason she has been kidnapped, Shristhi while crying explains she will help them whenever they need, and she promises to not tell anyone including the police and asks why are they not saying anything, Nikhil replies they have forgotten whatever she said since they just have one rule which is that they never let anyone leave whom they kidnapped, Shristhi gets worried.