Kundali Bhagya 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shristhi tries to escape from the warehouse

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Kavya walking down the stairs asks Bani Dadi if Palki came back as she went to bring hot water, Bani Dadi replies those were just excuses so Kavya asks what is she looking at when Bani Dadi mentions she is looking at the saree, Rakhi along with Karina come asking what are they doing, Bani Dadi says she is looking at saree, Kavya asks Rakhi to also look at some saree for herself but Rakhi replies that kavya should first ask Varun to make sure that his mother has to dance a lot in the wedding otherwise how would they enjoy, Kavya gets a bit nervous, Karina asks them to look at Kavya mentioning her face starts glowing whenever they talk of her in laws, Bani Dadi agrees mentioning they really torture her, Kavya asks Bani Dadi to not tease her, Bani Dadi says that whenever she sees Kavya she always seems tensed, Rakhi and Karina ask if they really tease her so much, Kavya replies they have now started teasing her, Shanaya walks down the stairs when Rakhi asks her to also join them, Karina stops Shanaya explaining that she knows that Shaurya and Shanaya are in love but she wants to ask her if she would like to love Shaurya, Shanaya replies that sometimes they cannot get whatever they want in their life, she reveals that Shaurya does not want to get married to her. Karina remembers of what she heard so goes back to sit informing that Shanaya must know they all are very smart, Shanaya thinks but she is over smart as she is only refusing because Shaurya asked her but in a way that they would feel that she is in love with him and he is also madly in love with her.

Palki is walking when she bumps into Shaurya and is about to fall but he catches her, she is tightly holding his jacket when after a while he says she should not fall again thinking that she can get a chance so he catches her, Palki asks if he thinks she fell purposefully, Shaurya replies he is not ready to argue with her but just needs an apology from her that she will never fall when he is around her and a thank you because then he would surely let her fall, Shaurya lets her fall on the floor. Palki is about to hit him with a file but then leaves saying he is a mad person, Shaurya asks Sandy if he heard it when Sandy replies this is what he meant because Shaurya remained quiet even when Palki said a lot of things to her, sandy says Shaurya is wrong and doing this because he loves her which he can see on his face, Shaurya asks why is Sandy behaving like a love guru, sandy asks when has it ever happened that Shaurya does not react when anyone says something to him, Shaurya asks Sandy to come with him as he will prove what he has in his heart for Palki, Sandy asks him to not do something wrong just to prove his point.

Shristhi slowly starts waking up, she calls Preeta di but opening her eyes wonders where is she at the moment, she feels a severe pain in her head and wonders what might be the reason, she starts thinking and then remembers when the kidnappers hit her on the head, she exclaims they hit her with such force that it is still hurting, she wonders how would she be able to open her hands and feet. Shristhi wonders what wrong has she done with anyone that is suffering like this as she does not even know the kidnappers, what sort of quarrel do they have with her. Shristhi remembers how she threw the piece of her dupatta on the road and Preeta di gets the hint that something bad is happening to her, she keeps praying to Bhagwan to help her and is even crying, Shristhi starts calling for help when she notices the broken pieces of the bottle, Shristhi using her feet manages to hold one of the piece with which she starts cutting the rope, Shristhi is finally able to break free from the rope, she starts massaging her wrists before removing the rope from around her feet. Shristhi then ties to open the door which Nikhil and his accomplices notice, Shristhi wonders what can she do now, she hears them wondering what is this sound and what if Shristhi is doing something. Nikhil rushes to enter the room when they see that Shristhi is still unconscious, but are relieved to see that she is still unconscious. Nikhil leaves the room when they exclaim they are very hungry so need to have something to eat. Shristhi is relieved she managed to stay safe so starts thinking of a way from where she can escape, she sees the curtain around the window and opening the window gets scared seeing the height, Shristhi thinks she would have to try and so jumps on the road. Shristhi gets a sprain in her legs, she thinks she cannot waste any time here because everything would be ruined if they ee her, Shristhi starts walking when she reaches the market, she starts checking the hall and is not able to walk properly, she thinks of running away before anyone sees her. Shristhi stops a car requesting him to help her, Raja is shocked seeing Shristhi is free and even she gets worried realizing he is the same criminal who was inside, she thinks he would not let her go. Raja gets furious thinking she tried to run away so he thinks of not letting her live, Shristhi starts throwing the boxes in front of the way, Raja gets out firing a bullet in the air as he follows Shristhi, he calls Nikhil saying that had he not come back Shristhi would have run away, he instructs them all to leave and find the girl threatening to kill them right here, they all start searching for Shristhi while she is hiding behind the boxes. Nikhil and his accomplices mention they are not able to find her, Raja threatens to ill them, Shristhi prays that she cannot stay here for much longer and needs to run away, Shristhi slowly starts walking when she unknowingly causes one of the boxes to fall, she quickly gets into the car and is about to get away but Raja along with Nikhil fire bullets at her, Shristhi starts crying when Raja says he warned her to not try and act smart in front of him but she did not listen, he warns her to come out quietly otherwise she will see what he is capable of doing, they once again take Shristhi inside.

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Shaurya stops palki asking why did she call him ill mannered, palki replies that she called him because there was no one else present there, Palki tells Sandy that she does not like his friend Shaurya as he has very big tantrums and ego in him, Shaurya asks why does she not listen to him whenever they get in a conversation, palki replies she always talks to scold him, Shaurya says that it is all just a nonsense as this is his way of living, Shaurya mentions he came after her to give a compliment and explains she is very stupid, Palki says even he is very childish so she would fight with him in the same manner. Shaurya walks close to her when she asks what is he doing, he says that he is coming true on what she said to him. Palki leaves saying that she does not want to talk with him, Shaurya explains she has to come after an hour and talk with him but she says she will never come back even for the rest of his life. Shaurya turns to Sandy with a smile on his face but seeing the reaction of Sandy leaves saying he hates her.

Nikhil is tensed hearing the constant screaming of Shristhi, they push her into the room when she questions what do they want from her as she does not even know them all, Raja replies that he is not bothered to listen to anything of the sort, Nikhil pushes Shristhi when she asks if this is the way to talk with a women, Raja replies that they are not made to be arrested as they are hired only for killing. Shristhi asks if they do not have any sister or mother in their house, Raja angrily fires a bullet seeing which everyone gets scared but then Shristhi is relieved since Raja hit the bottle behind her, Raja advises Nikhil to keep a close eye on her and kill her if she does not anything of the sort. Nikhil asks what is he planning to do when Raja says that he needs the money and would surely demand it from the mam.

Mahesh tells Rishab that Karan left saying he is angry with them but came back, Rajveer arrives when Mahesh says they were waiting for him, Rishab says he called Rajveer and asks if he knows color combinations when Rajveer asks about the Diwali, Rishab says it is in March but he is talking about what to wear, Rajveer does not understand when karan mentions that both Rishab and Mahesh are in a very different mood and just teasing him because he does not know how to properly match clothes, he explains that Rishab is the one who has no idea about clothes as he only has two colors in his wardrobe which are blue and black, Rishab stands up saying he even has a beige color, they are arguing when Mahesh answers the call but then hands the phone to Rishab apologizing, Rajveer remembers when he answered the call of Nidhi and the person said that the parcel is causing a lot of problem. Rajveer asks if any parcel is about to arrive hearing which all three of them get worried, Rajveer leaves saying he will come back after a while.

Nidhi in the room asks Rocky what did he say to that boy, Raja replies he just said what should they do about the parcel and nothing else, Nidhi asks if he knows who the boy is informing he is the son of Preeta and had he found out the truth then it would have caused a lot of problem, Raja advises that Nidhi should keep her phone close by so that it does not get exchanged with that of someone else, Nidhi gets furious warning him to not teach her what she must do, she ends the call which worries Raja. Arohi enters the room when Nidhi asks if she knows what happened, she informs that Rajveer answered the call when Raja called and he started revealing the plan to Rajveer, Nidhi is worried.