Kundali Bhagya 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta reaches the office of the Luthra’s

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Palki angrily takes out all of the clothes from her wardrobe while cursing Shaurya and sits on the bed, Shanaya says she likes her need to clean the wardrobe whenever she is angry but she must also clean her portion, Palki replies she would even take care of her, Shanaya asks why is she saying it, palki questions if she did not hear what Shaurya said to her as he said she is like a chudrail but Shanaya replies he only said it politely but Palki says she would show him what it is like. Shanaya says even Palki called him a crocodile when palki replies he also called her a female crocodile. Palki questions if Shanaya is mad. Shaurya says that Sandy is mad by saying that he is in love with that girl and he does not even know what it is like, Sandy explains that he cannot see anyone else other then her but whenever she says anything else then he gets furious and is always ready to save her, Shaurya asks Sandy to stop blaming him for not having a good mind. Palki also tells Shanaya to not say anything like this because she is getting on her nerves.

Rajveer tells Mohit he really likes her so Mohit says Palki is very fortunate tat someone like him loves her but Rajveer replies he is lucky as whenever he sees her then cannot see anything else.

Shaurya says that palki is trouble while even Palki in the room with Shanaya says that Shaurya is not good for them, Rjaveer is smiling.

Rakhi is shocked asking how did Karina knows that Shaurya loves Palki, Karina replies she saw it in his eyes when Rakhi replies that she even saw Rajveer who loves Palki. Karina gets tensed mentioning she always felt that Shaurya loves Palki but she might be wrong and it is possible that Rajveer loves Palki, Karina explains Rakhi knows Shaurya and she felt he would never get married as he is not of that type and palki is not his type but she can understand when Shaurya and Shanaya are together but she asks what would Rakhi do if he says he loves someone else, Rakhi is looking at Karina who asks if she is getting confused, she explains they both know Shaurya and she feels that if Rakhi fixes his marriage then he might refuse to marry either of them as in that situation Rakhi should be mentally prepared which is what she was doing. Karina advises Rakhi to not change her mind if Shaurya says anything of the sort, Rakhi thanks Karina for teaching her this thing as Shaurya might be able to convince her but now she is always going to remember this advice and not divert from her desires. Karina explains now she feels they should not get late and go to the house of Daljeet, Rakhi explains she will surely talk with her tomorrow, Karina replies Rakhi is very eager to be a mother in law, Rakhi hugs Karina.

In the morning Rishab and Karan are in the office when Mahesh says he is going back to the house since their mother is calling, Rishab asks what happened so Mahesh questions what kind of questions is this, Rishab says they should never go but Mahesh replies they must return immediately when their wife calls, karan says that he is the one who would go as he knows Mahesh would not be the one to handle the situation and he must leave, Rishab records them both when Rishab explains Mahesh should sit here while they both would leave. Mahesh forces them both to sit on the chair questioning why are they interfering in his matter as it is between him and his wife. Rishab and Karan say that are the children of their mother, Mahesh questions who are they to him, they both say that they they accept he is their father, Rishab informs that he knows Mahesh might be a good business man but feel he might not be able to take care of their mother. Karan says he is only accepting they are his children when their mother said it to them, Mahesh forces them both to sit on the chair but leaves angrily saying he is the husband and going to meet his wife. Karan and Rishab both are laughing explaining that they find it very good to tease their father. Karan says he is saying it from his heart that their father cannot handle their mother better then them both. Rishab questions Karan where is the email that he asked for.

Shaurya angrily enters the cabin questioning what is going on because he rejected his proposal but accepted that of Rajveer and everyone is making fun of him. Karan says that he just accepted the proposal because Rajveer is good at his work and they must learn something from the one who is better then them, he explains that he had to force Rajveer to join their company when Shaurya leaves. Rishab explains that they must not always argue with the children when they grow up, Karan tells Rishab he did not say anything wrong and Rajveer is better then Shaurya so he must accept it, Rishab advises him to be polite.

Shaurya is angrily walking remembering what his father said to him, he sees Rajveer so stops him questioning what has he said to his father who just accepts his proposals, Rajveer replies that Shaurya should also start focusing on the business. Shaurya replies that ever since Rajveer came everything is going against him because before his father would come and accept his suggestions while even his uncle would like the suggestions that he gave, Rajveer tells that they did not like his decision but he did not realize they liked his suggestion to give him confidence but he wants Shaurya to learn something from his father. Shaurya questions what is the problem of Rjaveer and his father as they both have the same language and problems. Rajveer replies that it is due to mutual understanding so says he wants to leave due to some work because Shaurya does not know how to do anything, he suggests Shaurya to work because one the time is gone then it does not come back, Shaurya leaves angrily.

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Bani Dadi questions where is Mahesh as they called him a long time ago, Rakhi explains he said he is leaving the office, Mahesh reaching the house rings the bell when ketki questions why is he ringing the bell, Mahesh says that he is wondering why are they waiting for him and what kind of quarrel has erupted in the house, Rakhi says that he has not given her the opportunity to be a mother in law when they have two sons, Mahesh asks what can he do about it, Rakhi suggests that mummy je should see how irresponsible is her son. Mahesh is shocked and asks Karina what has happened, so Karina questions if he has ever seen them both fighting when ketki asks him to not be worried as Rakhi is going to fix the proposal of Shaurya and Shanaya. Mahesh asks then what can he do, Rakhi questions him if she can go to fix the proposal when Mahesh sits down saying he should accept the respect when he is getting it, he says that would she not go if he refuses, Rakhi gets worried saying she told Mummy je that her son is very irresponsible when Karina also says she did not expect this of her brother because she would always refuse to accept that her brother can do anything of the sort. Mummy je also says that Mahesh has ruined her respect, Mahesh questions why are they being so melodramatic and should ask if they are at their house and then go there, Rakhi leaves to call them.

Mr Khurana is reading the newspaper while Daljeet is in the kitchen when her phone rings so she asks Mr Khurana to answer it but he says that she gets furious when he answers it, Rakhi praises Daljeet who asks how is she, Rakhi replies she is fine and feels even Daljeet is fine by her voice so questions if she is in the house when Daljeet replies that she is always in the house. Rakhi says she wanted to ask as they are coming when Daljeet agrees and after ending the call starts dancing, Mr Khurana does not understand when Daljeet says that they are coming to fix the proposal so Mr Khurana asks why does she feel like it but Daljeet replies because this is what her heart is saying and she vows to prepare a lot of good dishes, Mr Khurana is not able to believe it.

Mahesh says he is not seen such a dramatic family, Rakhi returns explaining they are going to fix the proposal of Shaurya and Shanaya either he likes it or not . Mahesh questions then why is he being given such false respect, Mummy je says that she told Rakhi to not ask him when she replies she has fulfilled her right. Rakhi leaves with karina and Bani Dadi asking Garesh to bring the baskets of sweets, Mahesh hugs Kritika saying that he really likes the women of this family even when they are habitual of making such difficult decision without any hesitation, he asks her to go and select the dresses for the functions.

Palki is running after Priyanka when she gets hit with the mud from a car, Priyanka stops the car but is left amazed seeing Shaurya sitting there who offers to help her but she is not able to pick the bottle so he himself goes out, palki after handing him the bag starts washing the face, Shaurya is just staring at her as she keeps hitting her face with the water, Priyanka is amazed that such a handsome boy came out of his car for Palki, she is shocked seeing Shaurya and then yells at him, he says she must say thank you. Palki asks if he was driving the car when Priyanka agrees but Shaurya replies she needed the lift yesterday night, Palki says that she does not need his help when he tries to dry his hands with her dupatta, he warns her to not come out on the road but she says he should stop driving but he leaves. Priyanka is amazed with him and asks if there is anything going on between them both but palki replies he is a problem machine so asks they both leave.

Preeta enters the Luthra Industries office and asks the receptionist if she can meet Rajveer arora, she told tat his cabin is on the first office so Preeta starts walking but then stops feeling something strange, she is not able to realize that it is due to karan who is standing behind instructing an employee. Rajveer is shocked seeing Preeta and asks what is she doing here, Preeta leaves Rajveer while she starts walking ahead but karan has left from there, Preeta is confused.