Kundali Bhagya 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi manage to catch Shambu

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Mohit comes asking Shristhi and Preeta if they should leave, Shristhi says that he came after getting ready but where is Gurpreet ji, Mohit asks Shristhi to not think that his mother is some weak women and they just have to go to their neighbor house, Mohit replies he never thinks of his mother as some weak women, someone hits Shristhi from behind when she questions if he is drunk while walking, Mohit also questions what is this behavior, Shambu gets furious hearing this and demands Shristhi she must shut up, Shristhi recognizes that he is the same person who did the accident of Preeta and, she insists that they must catch him, Shambu tries to run while Mohit is following him, Preeta throws a helmet at Shambu because of which he falls down, Shristhi and Mohit start beating him when Shambu pleads with them to help him otherwise they would kill him, Shristhi after picking him explains he is the husband of their house help Deepkia so they are taking him to their house, Shristhi says he is not married, Mohit threatens Shambu saying he has placed a gun on his back and would not hesitate killing him.

Rajveer is helping Rakhi in the Luthra mansion when Shaurya calls him, he turns to see Kavya walking down the stairs with Palki and Shanaya, he is not able to take his eyes of Palki and even starts smiling. Shaurya also keeps staring at Shanaya, he even compliments her with the sign mentioning that he is looking very good. Palki then meets Karina, Shaurya is just looking at Shanaya. Karina takes Palki to the corner where they both start having a discussion, Shaurya then starts staring at Palki nt knowing why he is not able to take his eyes off her. Kavya goes to meet Rishab who praises her for being very beautiful, karan asks if anyone has told her that she is look more beautiful then the Pari. Kavya says that someone has already said this to her, Karan asks the name of the person when Kavya says it was Dadu, Karan asks Rishab to at least let him say something to Kavya otherwise he would not be able to praise his own daughter at any moment. Karan and Rishab both start arguing, Mahesh comes mentioning Rishab is just like his own father hearing which Karan gets jealous, Bani Dadi pulls Karan to the couch where she explains he is just like her and is the best son of this house, which is why girls are also mad after him, karan questions why is Dadi doing this to him as Palki, Rajveer and Shanaya are standing here, karan gets irritated so exclaims he is going to leave from here as they are making fun of him. Rakhi stops him questioning where is he going, Rishab requests her to let him go since he needs attention. Karan hugs Rakhi. Rishab apologizes to everyone for what they have to witness since this is what usually goes into their house, Palki says there is nothing to be sorry about since the love which both of them for each other is shown in their behavior, as Karan sir acts childish in front of him while he is the sensible and mature elder brother. Rishab asks if she does not know a lot about him, Palki replies she would surely know since she is the doctor of Bani Dadi, and as per her words he is the reason for these strong relations and base of the family.

Rakhi asks Palki where is her mother since she was also invited today, Palki says she is going to call her when Daljeet enters the house, Palki introduces her to everyone whom she greets, Daljeet immediately goes to Shaurya asking who is he doing, she then mentions she feels they would have some relation in the past life, Rakhi replies she might be telling the truth which is why she is present in their house today. Shanaya asks Rajveer to come with her to the side as she needs to talk with him, Palki gets a bit saddened seeing this behavior of Shanaya, Shaurya also notices it.

Rajveer asks Shanaya if everything is fine, she apologizes that she brought him from the function like this and explains she wanted to ask something from him for so many days, but is a bit personal. Shanaya asks if he likes someone when Rajveer recalls the moment when they were discussing how the marriage has been fixed with ketan. Rajveer replies there is a girl that he likes but he does not know if she likes him, but when he finds out she also likes him then he would surely tell her. Shanaya is shocked when he asks if this is what he came here to ask, Shanaya asks if that girl is Palki, Rajveer gets a bit emotional and then agrees, Shanaya is shocked however Rajveer says that she must keep it on the low, Shanaya replies but the way he cares for her everyone would feel that he likes her, Rajveer is shocked when Shanaya explains he got furious when Shaurya said they must go for coffee and even scolded her, Shanaya notices Shaurya standing outside the room explaining he is not understanding that everyone should not feel he is very insecure about her and gets jealous when anyone is around her, she says he must first take care of his own emotions, Shanaya leaves explaining she will meet him in a while. Rajveer thinks he understood whatever Shanaya said and it is right as no one should feel he is possessive about Shanaya, he exclaims he should focus on his love so no one feels wrong about him. Rajveer thinks he has wasted a lot of time but this time is very right as he should focus on his own path, and he likes Palki so must reveal his emotions to her.

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Varun enters the Luthra Mansion, when Karina and bani Dadi greet him. Karan comes to hug Varun, kavya tells Rakhi she is going to come after a while but Rakhi stops her explaining they both would go together. Varun even kneels to take blessings from Rishab but he instead hugs him. Karran asks why did his father not come, Varun explains that there is also a pooja in their house so everyone could not leave the house alone, Varun explains that he got a call from Kavya so had to come, Rishab questions if she emotionally blackmailed him, Kavya insists he should tell the truth and everyone asks Varun but he replies the truth was what Rishab jee said, Kavya mentions that she got a call from Varun who said he is missing her so she asked him to come here. Mahesh comes asking if Rakhi would leave something for him, Varun takes his blessing when Mahesh asks Varun to o the work for which he c came informing they also used to be very romantic in the times before their wedding. Rakhi gets a bit nervous so they all leave, Kavya scolds Varun as he told their conversation to everyone. Varun tries to cheer her up.

Gurpreet gets worried so rushes to open the door, she is shocked when Shristhi and Mohit enter the house with Shambu, they force him to sit on the chair and Shristhi asks Mohit to bring the rope, he signals Preeta di to take the gun, he starts tying Shambu when Gurpreet keeps blaming Mohit, Shristhi asks if he does not have any tongue and should tell the truth, Mohit says he just told a small lie that he has a gun when it was his fingers, Shambu asks if he lied to him, Shristhi angrily slaps Shambu questioning why did he hit Preeta di with his car, as she saw that he even turned back to see her, Shristhi keeps slapping him when Shambu explains he is not able to understand anything, Mohit asks if he is feeling bad right now, Gurpreet explains that Shambu should reveal the truth otherwise he would get beaten by Shristhi je since she is not that innocent, Preeta explains she is also going to hit him with the vase, Shambu starts laughing but Shristhi starts hitting him with the vase, he exclaims she really beat him when she threatens to beat him even more, Shambu finally agrees to tell the truth.

Palki in the room gets very emotional thinking about the moment when Shanaya took Rajveer to the room, she recalls how Rajveer said Shanaya is a nice girl and he feels not everyone can like him, she asked if he likes Shanaya to which he agrees. Palki thinks Rajveer likes Shanaya and he would anyone would like her, as Shanaya is very beautiful and intelligent but she is very simple and a book worm so why would anyone like her, Palki makes herself believe that Rajveer does not like her but likes Shanaya who is her sister, so it is wrong to even think about him, she thinks she just has to see him smile. Rajveer sees Palki crying in the room, he comes to the door when Palki is shocked seeing him, she immediately explains something went in her eyes, he replies he knew she would hide her tears from him and will even lie sayings something went in the eye, Palki asks how does he know her so much, he replies he feels that he has to know her even more, Palki angrily leaves when he wonders if he has said anything wrong, Rajveer tries to follow her but he bumps into Shanaya who is about to fall so he catches her, Palki turns back and is shocked to see them both together.

Precap: Preeta says to Srishti now I’m sure it was Nidhi who attacked me when I was in hospital. Srishti says this time I’ll support you. Preeta asks Srishti what should we do now, she says we have to disguise ourselves or else they will recognise us.