Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Partham helps Preeta find Shristhi

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Preeta asks Partham how is he driving as someone has been kidnapped, Partham replies that the lane is very slow and they cannot drive faster, Mohit suddenly says that his mother is getting severe chest pain and so asks Partham to suddenly stop the car, Mohit quickly goes to sit in the driving seat when Partham asks what is he doing when Preeta promises that Mohit is going to drive his car very carefully but would make sure that it is not scratched, Partham agrees to sit in the back seat and then requests Mohit to drive it carefully, Mohit asks if everyone is wearing their seat belt mentioning now this car is going to fly.

Nidhi in the room with Arohi is trying to call Nikhil, he is in the car with his accomplice when he finally answers his phone, Nidhi questions why was he not answering ti when he says he was busy in kidnapping hearing which Nidhi asks if they have competed the kidnapping when Nikhil says she must come to meet him in their hideout. Shristhi wonders who are these kidnappers talking to and who is her enemy that had her kidnapped. Arohi asks Nidhi if they should celebrate since finally she got what she deserves, Nidhi exclaims that now Preeta is going to be out of her life hearing which even Arohi is glad, Nidhi asks her to wait for a while as she is going to come back very soon.

Karan enters the house wondering where is everyone, Nidhi questions Karan what is he doing here when he asks if Rishab came back so Nidhi replies that he has not arrived till now so Karan walks away, Nidhi gets furious and remembering how Karan and Rakhi mom were talking about he birthday celebration of Preeta, she angrily forces him to turn and even throws his phone when he asks why did she throw it, Nidhi is furious saying what would it matter if the phone breaks saying he does not care that she is talking to him, karan apologizes that he did not pay attention to her so questions what is she saying, Nidhi replies she was telling him because she is not confused, karan asks why is she talking like his mother as she also does not come to the point when she is angry even if it is a small thing. Nidhi says she cannot leave this place when karan asks what does she really mean, Nidhi asks if he ever thought for a moment that he is going to celebrate the birthday of Preeta in front of her, karan replies he would not talk of it again mentioning he knows Preeta is still alive and very close to their house, he feels Nidhi has also felt it but does not want to believe it hearing which Nidhi says then what would happen to her if Preeta comes back. Karan seeing Rishab and his father questions why were they not answering his call, Rishab replies because they were not interested, Karan replies he had something important to talk with them, Rishab informs they were stuck in traffic.

Rakhi is scolding someone on the phone asking him to come quickly, Rishab asks who was she scolding when she says that ever since they have seen Rajveer propose Palki on the screen then Rajveer has been walking nervously as if he is the most innocent person. Rajveer also comes into the Luthra Mansion when he goes to Rakhi who starts twisting his ear, Karan seeing her tries to stop Rakhi saying that the ear of Rjaveer has gotten red, Rakhi also starts scolding him when Karan rushes into the house saying he has some work, Mahesh asks if he can have some tea due to the situation in this house, Rakhi informs Rajveer that Mahesh jee always likes to have some tea whenever he comes back from his office, she leaves advising Rajveer to be comfortable when Rishab also says that he is going to come back after a while. Mahesh explains he is going to surely come back and then talk with Rajveer. Rakhi comes back saying she knows Mahesh je will have tea but what is he going to like, Rajveer replies he does not need anything when Rakhi threatens to slap him, Rajveer agrees to bear it when she replies she can only shower her love on him, Rakhi leaves promising to make something better for him when Rajveer thinks that she is very nice and his mother is surely like Rakhi mom.

Shristhi is in the cr with the kidnappers when Nikhil wonders if he has the key to the warehouse so he decides to check, Nikhil steps out of the car when Shristhi thinks that she has to be a bit more courageous so Shristhi pushes them away and runs out of the car, Nikhil starts following her.

Kavya and Bani Dadi are in the car when Bani Dadi says she is scared of these lonely roads, Kavya replies one should be scared when they are left alone, Bani Dadi agrees saying they should see Karan because he has been left alone every since Preeta left and is just living with her memories, kavya replies even she is excited to meet her mother, Bani Dadi mentions the entire Luthra family would enjoy if both the sisters return and she feels they are very close, Shristhi yells them to stop and even runs after the car but is not able to get their attention, Kavya sees Nikhil and his accomplice on the road acting as if they are drunk, Bani Dadi requests her to not leave the car so they drive away, Nikhil warns Shristhi to not try and do anything of the sort ever again since she would be surely killed if she attempts to escape, Shristhi thinks she has to find a way so she secretly tears a piece from her dupatta while she is forced into the car, Nikhil asks his accomplice to quickly drive the car.

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Mohit is driving when Partham keeps requesting him to drive a bit slow as this is the car however Preeta instructs Mohit to keep driving fast, Gurpreet also says that they would pay for the damages in the installments, Mohit stops the car wondering where should they go now as it is a junction, Partham informs that he should turn left since there are usually warehouses and factories there, Preeta asks how does he know it all when Partham replies that this is his work and he is a detective, Mohit quickly turns left and starts driving there.

Shaurya enters his room and gets furious seeing the women clothes on the bed and questions who put them there, Rakhi enters the room asking if he would have tea, he questions who put these clothes here when Rakhi says that they might be off Kavya, Shaurya replies he does not like it, Rakhi says he is saying ti now but what would he do once he gets married, mentioning even his father was the same and would argue with his mother so she feels both the father and son are the same, she says she forgot to talk about the most important thing and would he have some tea, Shaurya asks has she seen him have tea when Rakhi replies that she knows that the modern generation only likes to have the junk food, Rakhi leaves when Shaurya thinks that Shanaya has really caused a lot of problems in his life, he calls Shanaya asking her to come to his house and clear the entire mess with his Badi mom. Rakhi standing at the door thinks that all the boys are the same and even Shaurya is acting as if he does not like Shanaya but in reality wants Shanaya to meet her so they can get married. Shanaya asks Shaurya why should she come, he says she needs to clarify this in the entire family. Shaurya is really frustrated.

Partham exclaims he is a very big detective and for so many years has solved so many cases, but what is right in front of him he cannot even call it as a case since then it would cause a lot of families to meet each other and the relations be solved, he is sure he would also get a lot of prayers in return which he does not expect from anyone. Mohit turns back when Partham says that he must first look at the front since he is driving very fast, Partham turns to Gurpreet says he was saying she would pay in installment but if they die then what would he do if he will not be able to take back the money. Preeta agrees with him and then asks Mohit to drive while keeping his eyes on the road, Gurpreet says they have never heard about him, Preeta tells Partham that her elder sister is very innocent but might have not meant it but she asks Partham if he can tell her anything about the kidnapping from his experience, Partham asks if her sister has any rivalry, Preeta remembers how Nidhi threatened them and explains that there is one women who is trying to hurt her as she feels that it is the work of the same women, Partham asks Preeta to not be worried assuring he would always help her if she is in any trouble and Preeta can even ask someone whom she trusts and loves. Preeta suddenly asks Mohit to stop the car seeing which everyone gets worried, Preeta quickly picks the piece of the dupatta from the floor and says that it belongs to Shristhi, Gurpreet asks how can she be sure, Preeta replies this is the same dupatta which she took to the market, Mohit also agrees with her. Partham informs that he feels they have taken Shristhi this way because the warehouses are also present in the same direction, Preeta suggests they must leave quickly so they all rush to the car.

Rajveer is anxiously trying to call Preeta but wonders why is she not answering the call, he thinks of calling Mohit. Shanaya enters the Luthra Mansion when Rajveer questions what is she doing here and did she not go to the function, Shanaya replies she had to come here so did not go there and even palki has to come here so she did not go but Palki is about to come. Rajveer asks when will palki come when Shanaya says she will come quickly, Rajveer tells Shanaya that kavya has gone outside when she says she is going to meet Shaurya, Rajveer hearing this gets furious when Shanaya asks the reason for this face, he replies he has been trying to convince everyone why she should not marry Shaurya, he requests her to give him two minutes to explain why it is not suitable for her to marry him, Shaurya is hearing their conversation from the balcony.

Precap: Karan says to Nidhi, your value will not be reduced in this house and if you talk about me, I used to love Preeta. Preeta, on call, says Rajveer I have a bad news, few goons kidnapped your mother. Nidhi hears this and says, you made me cry a lot Shrishti and now it’s your time to cry and Preeta will die soon.