Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Luthra’s still try to protect themselves from the criminals

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Shekar threats Shaurya when Preeta warns him to not even think of touching Shaurya otherwise she will surely make them pay the price, Shekar says that she is a women but still threatening him so must wait to see how he cuts Shaurya into pieces, Preeta not being able to resists hits Shekar on the hand and then in the face due to which eh falls on the floor, preeta asks Shekar how he was saying that a women is weak but she is the one who has the weapon so warns him to never think that women are weak as they can even fight,, she is furious and so the rest of the Luthra family also starts beating the criminals who start running away, Shaurya asks Preeta to come with him and they leave.

Rishab along with Rajveer and Mahesh are running when they are stopped by a criminal who threats to cut them, Mahesh takes the knife from his hand and they start beating him but one of their accomplice comes from behind and points the gun at Rajveer taking them to the main hall once again, Kritika asks Rishab what happened as he got caught once again when Rishab replies just like she is free, she questions why is he scolding her. Mahesh blames Rishab for being the reason that they got caught when the criminal asks what sort of family are they since they are talking so causally, Mahesh stops the criminal mentioning he is furious on his son, Rishab asks if this is the right time to be angry at him when Mahesh says Rishab should trusted his marbles, Rajveer is also shocked asking if Mahesh uncle really thinks it happened due to his marbles so Mahesh is sure that indeed it happened due to them, Rishab asks him to stop behaving like a child as children play with marbles. The criminal misbehaves with Rishab when Mahesh says he is the father of Rishab and is the only one who has the right to scold him.

Shaurya enters the room with Preeta when she asks him to have some water but then notices he is limping, he says that his leg hurt seeing which Preeta gets worried. She immediately searches for the first aid box and then starts applying the medicine while Shaurya is screaming from pain, he has her to stop when she says that it has completed and advises him to keep it like this. She says he is even injured on the face when Shaurya replies it happens but she asks him to be quiet, Preeta once again starts applying the medicine when Shaurya says he is fine, Preeta replies she is not saying anything but even gives him the medicine, she asks him to stay here while she will come back but he stops her from going anywhere when Preeta explains that all the members are at risk. Preeta insists on going when Shaurya calls her maa so she once again sts down, he says she will not go anywhere and makes her swear on his life. Shaurya tries to get up but falls down which worries Preeta so she helps him, he asks her to not open the door for anyone besides him. Shaurya then leaves while closing the door, Preeta is emotional.

Shaurya is walking while limping when Shanaya is also following him, Karina wonders where is her mother and she cannot even see Preeta so must find them both first. Shanaya asks Shaurya why are they both hiding when she feels they should beat the criminals, Shaurya replies he thought she is smart but she is very stupid while her sister Palki would be giving a lot of lecture and would have made them gone mad, Shanaya says Palki is actually mad and he should not pay importance to her when Shaurya asks her if they should leave and he wonders where is Karina bua so after looking for her runs away while Shanaya is worried.

Karan while searching for Preeta wonders where did she run off to as she meets with him for some time, he thinks about scolding her once they meet again. Karan after hearing the foot steps of the criminals thinks of hiding but wonders why is he hiding since this is his house and he should be the one to fight with them, he picks a vase thinking that he will teach them a lesson.

The criminals start arguing amongst them both and then wonder who is going to lead them and work best, they all plan to run away but the criminals manages to catch Kritika so she apologizes to him.

Karan wonders why did no criminal come and he thinks they got scared from him, Karan is about to hit Shauyra who says that he is his son, Karan wonders from where does he come to in this house, Karan evens sees Rishab running along with Mahesh and Rajveer who asks what is he going, Rishab asks of Kritika but Mahesh replies she ran in the other direction then they see Karina running towards them and so they all run away.

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The criminal asks Kritika to come and sit with the rest of the people and even instructs the other accomplices to tie her hands, Palki comes to the main door and is about to ring the bell when she sees that everyone is sitting on the floor and even sees Kritika who is amazed to see her and then she signals her to call the police, Palki realizes what she is asking her to do when a criminals sees Kritika so he realizes what is happening when he goes to open the main door and then even catches Palki, Kritika requests him to not do anything to her.

The Luthra family is running when Karina stops so Rishab asks what happened, Karina questions who owns the house when Rishab replies sit belongs to the Luthra’s so Karina questions then why are they running and they need to fight with the criminals to take back their house. Karina says she does not want them to fight with the criminals but means they all must first get together and fight to take back their house, Mahesh wonders where is Rajveer when Shaurya questions why is Mahesh worried about Rajveer when Karina bua is making a plan, karan suggests that they should release smoke but Karina wonders how can they do it.

The criminals push palki on the floor when Kritika gets furious questioning if they do not have any way to treat the women with respect, Palki asks Kritika to calm down but she is furious with the criminals for having any respect, Palki replies they do not care of anyone either a women or man. Kritika asks if they know whose house is this when the criminals says he knows it is of a wealthy family, she replies then he must rest assured they surely get a severe punishment for it, the criminal asks him to shift Kritika and Palki to two separate rooms as they would otherwise not stop talking.

Karina says this is why their house faces a lot of problems while if Preeta was here then would have surely send the criminals away, Karan gets furious at it saying that Karina bua should not respect Preeta because he was the one who always gave her the ideas and it was actually his mind, Shaurya is confused asking if his mother was a doctor even after failing fourth grade. Mahesh stops them all saying that his daughter was the most clever in this house and even today. Karina says they can stop talking of Preeta but focus on the situation, Rishab asks what would happen when they donot have any weapons so Karina so says that every Indian household has the weapons, they donot understand when she says she means knife, and other kitchen tools, they all rush to get them when Shaurya goes in the other direction.

The criminals pushes Kritika to the room when she warns him that he would not be able to get away as her brother would not leave him at all but he leaves after completely tying her, Palki is also taken to the other room when she also calls for help but she is also tied, Palki notices how he forgot to lock the door and thinks this is the best time to escape she tries her best to remove the ope but is not able to do it, she then tries to use the wardrobe but is still not successful at first however after a lot of effort finally manages to get free from the ropes and she carefully checks to see if anyone is present before running away.

Mahesh hides after hearing the foot steps, she picks a vase to hit but stops seeing his mother who questions if he did not recognize her when he asks how would he be able to recognize her without seeing her first, Bani Dadi says that he broke her heart as she knew everything even before he was born, Mahesh asks which show is she watching when she says that he should earned a little less money so that thieves should not have come to rob their house on Diwali, Mahesh gets furious asking how can he not earn a lot of money when he further says that her daughter in law always keeps motivating him to earn a lot more money, she asks him to come and stop complaining.

Palki is very tensed while walking when she unknowingly hits Shaurya and is about to fall but he catches her, he is not able to think of anything else other then the previous times when he saved Palki, she after realizing that it is Shaurya gets a bit irritated and starts looking around while Shauyra is just looking at her.