Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The criminals start searching for the Luthra’s

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The criminal says Rishab thinks he has seen him somewhere then is correct as he has already seen him, Rishab explains he has a problem with him and come to his house so he is going to talk with them all but not here, so asks them all to put down their weapons. Karan asks Rishab if he knows him when Rishab replies he cannot remember the time, Mahesh says he would talk but the criminals threatens him which Rajveer is not able to bear so stands in front of them both seeing which karan is also shocked. Daljeet asks Shanaya if this is the game of the Luthra’s but Shanaya asks her to stop talking, Daljeet explains that had Nidhi come here then their problem would have been sorted and she would have been married to Shaurya. The criminals says that Mahesh seems the elder of this family and so explains he is the owner of this house, he then one by one names each and every member of the Luthra family, he finally goes to Rajveer asking who is he since he is not a member of this family then why did he risk his life to come and save them all. The criminal wonders if both Shaurya and Rjaveer are brothers, Shaurya asks if he is crazy as their faces are not matching, Shaurya says that he is a stupid person to think they would beg in front of him and this is the Luthra Mansion, the criminal says that their house has CCTV along with the guards, one of them says that they have blacked out the cameras while even the guards are unconscious in their cabin. The criminal explains he is not a professional thief but has killed a very big business and only Rishab knows it, so asks if he remembers him when Rishab says that he is Shekar who killed his boss because he fired him, Shekar replies he killed his boss because Rishab did not like the work that he did for his boss. One of the criminal pulls a guest when Rakhi requests him to not harm her since she is their guest , Kavya explains that it might be fake but they have very big safe in their house whose keys are in her room, she runs so Shekar orders his accomplices to catch them but the entire Luthra family starts running after them an they are fighting.

Preeta wakes up and coming out of the wardrobe is shocked to see Ketki, she tries to wake her up but she does not respond when Preeta remembers how she heard the plans of the criminals who were planning to rob this house, she thinks of informing everyone that the criminals are roaming in this house. Preeta places Kritika n the bed before leaving the room which she locks from outside.

Shanaya is slowly walking wondering where can she hide as what if the criminals come to her, Shaurya is not able to find even a single network when Shanaya ska shim what is he doing, he say that he is just looking around but explains that there is not even a single bar on his mobile as he is trying to contact the police. Shanaya sees the criminals so pushes Shaurya into the room, they both fall on the floor when Shanaya lands on him, he questions what is she doing but she covers his mouth with her hands. The criminals are breaking the vases when Shaurya also asks what is she doing, the criminals both point their gun and knife at Shaurya saying that they want to rob the entire family and then need one person from their family to drop them at the ocean since then they can run away from the city. Daljeet sees that Shanaya and Shaurya are trapped so thinks of protecting them both, she threatens the criminals asking if they know that he is her son in law hearing which Shaurya is shocked but finally agrees when Daljeet using her mind hits them with a slipper and run away from the room.

Preeta is running in the Luthra Mansion when she bumps into Nidhi who asks what is she doing, preeta explains that there are criminals in her house who are trying to rob them so she should wear everyone, Nidhi however says she wants her to get out from her house as she would otherwise call the guards, preeta asks if Nidhi has lost her mind as she would suffer in her egoistic nature, Nidhi replies she can take care of her family and Preeta is black omen on her family who causes problems whenever she comes here, preeta replies Nidhi is a bad women because she does not want to listen to anything that is happening because they all are at risk. Gurpreet seeing them gets furious, she asks if Nidhi has lost her respect and honor after getting money explaining that he is warning her that there are criminals in her house but she is not bothered, Nidhi gets worried so leaves saying she wants to hide. Preeta asks Gurpreet if no one is hurt so she leaves saying she wants to help them. Gurpreet wonders what sort of women is Nidhi since she hid after hearing the news but Preeta je is running to protect everyone, she leaves praying that preeta should once again meet everyone from her family.

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Karan hides with Karina in the room explaining they have to make sure the criminals leave their house so he has to go but Karina insists on going with him however Karan explains if she is with him then he would be worried for her but Karina replies she still wants to go with him. Karan promises to return quickly promising to never let anything happen to anyone from their family, Karina asks him to take care of himself when he suggest she should lock the door from inside and not let anyone enter the room.

Shekar is walking with the criminals thinking they have to find everyone in the house and not let anyone escape, Shekar sees Karan with his accomplice so they rush to him, Karan explains he has to deal for them both and promises to not touch them both but they should listen to him and leave this house, he promises to not even inform the police since today is Diwali and he does not want to fight with anyone. Shekar says they would not leave but rob the entire house after placing the gun on his chest, Karan asks how did he think he would listen to them and is Shekar mad, Karan explains the entire police department knows them so he will call the police but Shekar says they have jammed the entire cellular network from this house so he should think of protecting him. Karan laughs asking if he think that he just has this phone but he even has a satellite phone, Karan runs when Shekar rushes after him.

Shanaya is with Daljeet while Shaurya asks them both to be quiet, he questions why did Daljeet hit them with a slipper so she replies she only had it and it is a weapon of the women. Daljeet explains she used to go all of the events in her youth and win a lot of prizes while they would call her the queen of the event, Shaurya starts laughing while Shanaya asks her to calm down, she slips but Shaurya says she is very funny. Shaurya explains that Palki does not even know how to walk properly and she always keeps falling, Shaurya suggests they both should hide in the room after which he would think what to do next. Nidhi angrily warns them both to not yell otherwise the criminal would come here, Shanaya angrily questions why doe she keep blaming them when she heard that Nidhi was a business women but it has been a long time, Nidhi angrily slaps her when Shanaya realizes it is just a dream, Nidhi once again tries to push Shanaya out of the room but Daljeet questions what does she think of herself.

Mahesh is taking out all of the marbles from his drawer, Rishab along with Rakhi come to hide in the room when he asks hat is Mahesh doing who explains they have to use their mind because when the criminals would come towards them then they would hit them with the marbles. Rishab asks if he thinks he would be able to do it, Rakhi questions why is he not trusting his own father because Mahesh was the marble king in their village and would always win, he replies he would have even won if there was any competition right now. Mahesh and Rakhi leave saying Rishab can also come if he feels like it, Rishab leaves asking both the girls to stay here if they do not want to play the marble.

The associates of the criminal come from the back door but it is locked when he calls Shekar informing that the the door is locked, Shekar say she would send Bablu to open it, Kavya suddenly opens the door when Shekar points the gun at her demanding the keys to the safe, she asks what if she is not able to give it to them so Shekar replies then they would not wait for even a single moment to kill her, Kavya acts as if she is taking out the keys but then runs away.

Daljeet replies that even they have a very big farm in their village which would be worth a lot, Nidhi says that she changes the car in every few months which is worth more then their entire farm, she acts shocked saying that there is someone in the bathroom so both Shanaya and Daljeet leave, Nidhi starts smiling and closes the door.

Kavya is hiding from the criminals when they keep trying to look for her but she using her cleverness manages to hide from them, they leave so Kavya thinks she has to actually do something now as things have gotten out of their hands.