Kundali Bhagya 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Karan hires an investigator to search for Preeta

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Karan takes the hand of Preeta and after placing it on his heart asks if she can feel his heart beat, he asks for an answer when he mentions how people say if the heart beat is present then they are alive but he was dead even when his heart is beating, even Shaurya is emotional when Karan mentions that he only beats for Preeta and did not know if he was even present here, but just had her name and if he had not taken it then would have died a long time ago because he has loved her soul but how can she feel it when she has not loved him, Karan says that she needs to love him to the extent that when the love walks away then the person does not know what to do and this sort of love he has done with Preeta, with her soul and even her name. Karan asks Preeta to once again say if she does not recognize him now, only then she can leave this house, he says this time he will not come after her. Karan tries to leave but Preeta stops him holding his hand, she gets really emotional asking how can anyone love so much, and there is love even in his frustration and anger so how is this possible. Preeta starts crying seeing which even Karan gets emotional so he hugs her, Shristhi is also not able to control herself and she starts crying. The entire Luthra family is smiling seeing both Karan and Preeta hug each other. Karina mentions they bought were always like this because they would always fight with each other but also loved, Bani Dadi says that they used to fight like this, Rakhi mentions they would come running to her so she had to solve their problems, Mahesh hugs Rakhi.

Bani Dadi goes to Shristhi along with Rakhi, who is not able to understand and gets emotional. Mahesh hugs Rajveer when Shristhi also embraces both Bani Dadi and Rakhi who then hugs Shaurya.

Shaurya tries to go near her when Nidhi stops him saying he should not let Preeta enter this house, he says that he cannot let this happen since he even loves her but has only know this feeling because of Preeta. Nidhi angrily shouts hearing which both Karan and Rishab are shocked so he comes to her asking what is the matter, Arohi calms her down so Nidhi says it is nothing worth it but Rishab replies something would have surely happened. Karan gets the call of Pritam so leaves to answer it, Nidhi wonders what is she thinking and feels it might be true, she thinks Preeta is not coming because the Luthra’s have ousted her and this is why she did not come back, Nidhi thinks she has now taken the place of Preeta and so is going to stay at this position.

Preeta asks everyone where is Karan because she said the reason as Daljeet je has come here and with the sweets, Daljeet entering the house gives the sweets to everyone explaining she is very soon going to become a wealthy person and will have a lot of servants around her, Gurpreet says that Daljeet has said these things but should also reveal the reason, Shristhi explains even she cannot wait, Daljeet says that her daughter Shaurya is going to get married to the son of Karan Luthra after the wedding of Kavya. Preeta gets really excited so hugs Daljeet mentioning she knows Shaurya is a very nice person and would be very suited for Shanaya, Rajveer questions why is she supporting this marriage as Shaurya is a not a nice person, Shristhi questions what does he have to do it with it, Rajveer replies that Daljeet must seriously think about this as Shanaya is a very sweet girl who would get any good boy but not deserves someone like Shanaya. Daljeet questions why is he saying it and has he himself fallen in love with Shanaya hearing this Shristhi and Rajveer are shocked.

Pritam says he said he needs to talk of something important with him tomorrow but came here because Karan sir himself asked him to come here, Karan replies he forgot certain things so called him here, Pritam agrees to them when Karan reveals that Preeta has come into this house several times but did not meet anyone from the family and even Rishab himself saw her here, Karan further says that he suspects there is some relation between one of their employee Rajveer Arora and Preeta but whenever they asked Rajveer about it he has always refused to answer, Rishab says they meant that they feel Preeta je lives with Rajveer but whenever they went to confirm it they never found them, Pritam asks for his contact number when Karan immediately gives it, Pritam says had they not given him this information even then he would have found Preeta je by tomorrow night, Rishab replies they are sure of it but wanted to give their full strength, Nidhi secretly hearing their conversation gets worried thinking they have gotten very near to finding Preeta.

Rajveer accepts that he loves her but clarifying it is not as what they are thinking about because Palki is the one who supported him and gave them a place to live so Shanaya is the sister of Palki, but there is no relation like this however he feels Shaurya is not a nice person for Shanaya. Preeta asks him to remain quiet saying she knows that Shaurya is a very nice person so Daljeet agrees with her, Preeta explains she felt very nice to hear that Shanaya is getting married to him, Rajveer stops Preeta saying that he knows she considers him to be like her son but he knows Shaurya is an ill mannered person like his father, Mohit also agrees telling Preeta that Shaurya has a lot of girlfriends, Daljeet explains that it is not like that because people tend to get better after their marriage, she says she knows he only had one girlfriend who is her daughter Shanaya, she will surely help her in getting the love of her life, Mohit asks Daljeet if Palki loved then would have she supported her like this, Daljeet replies she would have first seen the conditions of the boy as nothing happens without money and she knows Shaurya is a very wealthy person. Gurpreet replies that she understood it that Daljeet has seen their money, Daljeet replies that she has seen they are very wealthy people and even belong to a nice family, Preeta agrees with her saying that Rajveer should stop and she mentions they are very happy, Daljeet gets excited so leaves mentioning she has a lot of work left.

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Rishab brings his coffee and then picks a pack of Oreo when Karan comes in excitement explaining that the next match is going to be very good since their cricketers are very good and the batsman will play really well along with the bowlers, Rishab forces Karan to stop saying that something bad might happen if he keeps talking like this. Karan agrees with Rishab.

Nidhi angrily sitting on her bed keeps thinking about how the Luthra family members are always talking about Preeta and praising her, she goes to the mirror thinking she has given her entire life to this family and done a lot for them but they still care for Preeta and even Shaurya is not a young child who could not live without a mother but whenever they find Preeta these people are going to throw her out off this house. Nidhi exclaims she has done all this so she could be called as the daughter in law of the Luthra family but very soon all of this will be snatched so can she willingly lose it, Nidhi exclaims that it cannot happen so for this she has to do something, Nidhi picks up her phone and starts calling the person to meet her at tomorrow afternoon.

In the morning Rishab walks in the room of Karan but is shocked to see Pritam asking what is he doing here since Karan gave him an important work, Karan them comes asking Pritam to come with him, Nidhi says the breakfast is ready but Karan refuses it saying that he has an important work, Nidhi is shocked when both Rishab and Karan leave so she thinks that she does not have any importance in their lives, she exclaims that she knows Karan is going to find Preeta but she is also going to do what she can, she calls the person ordering him that it is time.

Preeta asks Gurpreet di how are the dupatta, Shristhi says they are going to be very good as she is the one who purchased them, Preeta smiles saying that indeed whatever Shristhi buys would always be perfect hearing this Shristhi says because she has a very good choice, she sees Rjaveer coming to have some water so mentions she even likes Palki Rajveer suddenly starts coughing seeing which everyone gets worried and Preeta asks if he is fine, Shristhi says she knows what happened to him as it is loveria or rather Malaria, Shristhi tells that the weather is very strange but Preeta replies tat in malaria there is fever first, Shristhi says that sometimes there is coughing but Preeta scolds her, Shristhi explains that she was just joking, Preeta says if she teases Shristhi then she would not like it, she goes to get the pico on the dupatta. Shristhi asks Gurpreet di if the new proposal for Palki has been fixed, Rjaveer gets shocked when Mohit signals him when Shristhi asks Mohit what is he signaling, she says that she has seen how Rjaveer looks at Palki and it is that of love. Rajveer gets nervous when Shristhi says she has also done a lot for romance in her youth and she knows he really likes Palki which she even likes, Shristhi says that she is seriously saying that both Rajveer and palki look really good together and she feels that Palki is in his Bhagya, she asks if she should match their Kundali. Rajveer gets really nervous when Shristhi asks why is he so nervous, she questions why has he kept the truth hidden from Palki and they need to express otherwise life becomes very boring, she points to herself seeing which Gurpreet gets a bit suspicious while Shristhi herself gets worried.