Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir filling Prachi’s maang with sindoor and says you are just mine now. Pandit ji says the marriage is solemnized, you both are husband and wife and life partners, and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Vikram and Ashok have a hug. Sona sona song plays….Ranbir and Prachi smiles. They take Pallavi, Dida, Manpreet and others’ blessings. Pallavi says your daughter is ours now. Dida says send her to our house, and says I am taking my daughter home. Manpreet asks her to take care of her and says she regarded her more than her own daughter. Ranbir says I will take care of her more than myself. Vishaka says she will bring bidaai stuff. Vikram tells Khushi that she will go to their house with them. Khushi gets happy. Mihika says this can’t happen, I want to be with Khushi, don’t take her from here, I can’t stay without her. Ashok says Khushi will go with her parents, and tomorrow she has to return to her hostel. Mihika says let me be with Khushi tonight.

Pallavi says ok, and asks them to let Mihika be with them tonight. Vishaka says ok and asks them to start the bidaai ritual. Prachi throws the puffed rice behind her. Dilbaro song plays…..Manpreet asks her to remember that she will be her mother always and cries. Ashok says even your Dad is here and you can come at anytime. Ranbir says nothing will change and Prachi will be your daughter always, I will complain to you if Prachi does any mistake. Prachi smiles. He asks them to permit them to go. They leave.

At home, Pallavi makes arrangements for Grah Pravesh. Khushi comes there and takes Vikram’s phone and makes the video. Mihika comes and stands behind Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi does Ranbir and Prachi’s aarti and asks Prachi to come inside kicking the kalash, and then enter the house stepping in the kumkum thaal. Ranbir holds her hand. Prachi gets inside the house with Ranbir and takes everyone’s blessings. Mihika kicks the kalash, keeps her feet in the kumkum thaal and gets inside leaving her foot prints. Dida asks whose footprints is this? Mihika says I have kept my feet on Prachi’s footprints, and that’s why these impressions came. Pallavi says this is inauspicious. Vikram says everything will be auspicious now. Mihika thinks what medicine he takes, he should have suffered heart attack like pain by now. Suddenly he feels pain. Pallavi tells Ranbir that Vikram is unwell since many days, and they are taking him to London tomorrow to get his surgery done. Dida says we will stay there till he gets fine. Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me? Vikram says I was waiting for this marriage to happen. Ranbir says you should have postponed the marriage. Prachi says what to do. Ranbir says he will go to London with them. Vikram asks them to go for honeymoon and start their new life. He convinces Ranbir. He asks Pallavi to make arrangements for the rasam and asks where is Khushi, I have to show her room. Prachi calls Khushi. Khushi comes there and goes with Vikram to see her room. Mihika also goes. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to worry and be happy with Prachi. Dida blesses them and asks them to go and rest. Prachi says I want to stay with everyone, be it here or in London. Pallavi says you need to stay with Ranbir, you are newly weds. Dida asks if you are a doctor and says we both will go with him and take good care of him.

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Prachi comes to the room and gets teary eyed. Ranbir asks if you didn’t like the decoration. Prachi says she can’t believe that they are married now, and Mummy is very happy. She says the room is beautifully decorated and tells that last time Rhea was there and…Ranbir promises her that nobody can separate her them ever. Prachi says I love you…..Ranbir says I love you the most. Chal tere ishq me plays…..Prachi hugs him and smiles, and she gets emotional too.

Khushi asks Mihika to sleep. Mihika asks her if she is not missing them and asks them to go to her Mummy and Papa’s room. Khushi says she is sleepy and will sleep here. Mihika asks her to go there and tell them that she loves them a lot, and wants to sleep with them, else they will leave her in hostel. Khushi asks really? She says yes.

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