Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Diya asking Poorvi whose face she has seen. Poorvi says you are talking about him and putting nonsense talks in my mind and that’s why I saw him. Diya gets happy and dances. Prachi comes there and asks what happened to you? Diya says nothing and asks did you see broken star. Prachi says yes. Diya asks what did you ask? Prachi says she wished that Khushi and Poorvi’s Papa would have been with them. She asks what did you ask? Diya says clarity about heart and thoughts. Prachi asks them to have milk and go to sleep. Poorvi asks Diya to keep her thoughts limited to her mind. She asks her to go. Diya says I know that you have seen RV and your heart is saying the same as me, but you need to agree to it. She goes. Poorvi thinks about RV. Ranbir looks outside the window and says I wish you was with me, Prachi. He says we have seen all happiness and faces troubles together and says why you couldn’t love me like I loved you. He says we got married again and had the same love. He says we went to resort together and then everything finished. He thinks what happened after that. He says what had happened, my nerves tear thinking what wrong did I do, why you don’t love me. He says he has so much pain in his heart and has nobody to share the pain. He says his heart is heavy and can’t bear. Prachi says today my heart has become heavy and feels that wherever you are, you are sad. She says don’t be sad, please. She says your heart sadness is reaching my heart. Yaara ve…..Prachi says life has done wrong with us, you are not here, and I am alone without you. She says I want to tell you that you are with me and I am with you and will be in your heart always, and will not go anywhere. She says I love you baklu and closes her eyes.

RV is sleeping and recalls getting the flashes, in which he is sitting on the mandap, when the Police comes and drags him out. He shouts and wakes up from sleep. His parents come there with Dada ji. His mother hugs him. His father says again the same dream. His mother says all is good. Dada ji asks him to forget that inauspicious day. His mother asks him to call Doctor. RV’s father asks him to forget whatever happened. Dada ji says you are whatever today, is because of your past and tells that he has everything and is not empty handed. He says you have all the family members. He asks him to move on in life else the present will become like past and his past was not good. He asks if this much lecture is enough or shall your Mom call the doctor. RV says I can only handle myself. He apologizes to his parents for making them scared and hugs them. Dada ji asks why he didn’t hug him. RV hugs him too.

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Later his mother Harleen asks her husband to call Doctor and tells that this is happening for the third time. She says it all started again on pandal night, when the Ravan caught fire. He says he will talk to Doctor and asks her not to tell anything to anyone and says my son is God’s blessing and nothing will happen to him. She hugs him as he pacifies her.

Beena and Ashutosh comes to Prachi’s house. Prachi asks if they would like to have tea. Beena says I thought to clear the misunderstanding and tells that she will talk to her, until Ashutosh and Poorvi books the hotel room and come back. Poorvi comes there. Ashutosh asks her not to sit and tells that they have to go to five star hotel to book the hotel room. Poorvi asks room? Beena says for your first night. He says he will go on the new bike. Beena praises the everyone is talking that Ashutosh got such a good sasural. Diya asks where is Di? Beena says she went to see the room with Ashutosh for first night.

RV comes to his mother. His mother gives him aarti and asks how is he? He says he is perfectly fine. His father says your Mata rani didn’t let me sleep all night due to tension. RV asks Harleen if she got scared and says I am fine, and has Papa, you and Dada ji. He throws pillow at Dada ji. Dada ji says he is awake even when sleeping. RV says he is tiger’s grand son who is also a tiger. RV’s father says he is also tiger and says son and father are both tigers. Harleen says you have made the house as birds sanctuary.

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