Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: RV gets Jasbir arrested, Poorvi-Ashutosh gets engaged

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The Episode starts with RV asking Jassi to leave Poorvi’s hand. Jassi says he is threatening me. He raises hand on RV. RV holds his hand and hits him. He moves Poorvi back and fights with Jassi. Diya hugs Poorvi. Yug fights with Jassi’s goons. RV beats Jassi and makes him fall down. He then kicks him. Jassi gets up and pushes RV on his goons. The goons hold RV. Jassi says he has made me mad and says I will marry today itself. He asks Poorvi to marry him, and asks her to come. He tells that he will first make her as his wife and then will play RV’s band. Poorvi asks Ashutosh to do something and says please. Jassi asks Ashutosh to keep his head down. RV sees Poorvi crying and Ashutosh standing like a coward. He pushes the goons and frees himself. He goes to Jassi and asks him to leave Poorvi. He beats him. Poorvi runs from there. Inspector comes there and arrests Jassi and his goons. Poorvi hugs Prachi and cries. Ashok asks Inspector to arrest him, as he was trying to marry his grand daughter forcibly. Inspector says we have come here as RV has complained against him, and says Jassi made the Ravan fell down intentionally. Jassi asks who told you. RV says whoever tries to do wrong with me, don’t get saved and says your time is over. Jassi says my time will over when I will over your time. He says I will come soon in a new avatar. He is taken away by the Police.

Ashok thanks RV for saving Poorvi. Manpreet says you have stopped destruction from happening. Vishaka also thanks him. RV says don’t thank me, and says I came to catch Jasbir here. Diya asks him to make di wear the ring before going, and says you had made her wear before also. Beena says she is a girl and saying anything. RV asks Ashutosh to take care of Poorvi and take her responsibility. He goes out.

Ashutosh takes the ring and says I will make her wear it. Everyone looks at him. Yug asks RV, when he did he learn the fight and says I didn’t know as I was away at Nani’s place for 3 years. He says you was jovial and fun loving then. He asks why did you fight? RV says I fought as she needed my help and says he would have helped if there was any guy there. He asks him not to make faces and come. Yug asks how did you know that I was making faces. RV says you are very predictable. Yug says you are like psychological Guru types, and says you know people in one meeting, nobody can cheat you. RV gets sad. He sits in the car.

Poorvi is thinking about the happenings. Ashutosh signs her to come for engagement. Diya signs Poorvi not to get engaged to him. Poorvi comes to Ashutosh and sits with him for the engagement. Pandit ji does their tilak and asks them to stand up. He then asks Poorvi to make him wear ring. Poorvi makes Ashutosh wear the ring. Pandit ji asks Ashutosh to make poorvi wear the ring. He makes her wear the ring. Everyone claps. Ashutosh Bua and Beena hugs Prachi and others. Diya gets upset and goes from there. Later Poorvi comes to the room. Diya asks if they have gone. Poorvi says yes. Diya asks how you are feeling? Poorvi says good. Diya says you are happy to get engaged to stepni. Poorvi says stepni. Diya says he is not more than stepni and says he is not the right guy for you. Poorvi says you are saying as khushi di says. Diya says even I have mind and can’t ignore like you. She says you was in danger and Ashutosh couldn’t say even a word and didn’t save you. Poorvi says he showed maturity and understanding and didn’t fight else he would have got injuries. She says he is just a teacher. Diya says oh, RV is a boxer, black belt karate, judo champion. She tells that courage is in person’s behavior and tells that RV didn’t care for himself and fought with Jasbir for you. She says else you would have married Jasbir and ruined your life. She says you are talking about Ashutosh’s understanding and tells that if RV had not come, then you would have married Jasbir, as Police came late. Poorvi says Ashutosh is not courageous. Diya asks what about his intention and says he could have said something, but he didn’t say. She tells that he was silent when his mother took your mother’s bangles from her hand, he wouldn’t have said anything if you had not threaten to break the alliance. She says you was blamed for his scooty damaged, and RV sent bike as you got angry on him. She tells that he might have searched our address to send the bike. She asks her to see RV’s character and says he is perfect match for you and not Ashutosh. She says RV is as good as you.

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Yug and RV come to Dada ji. Yug asks where is Dadi? Dada ji says she asked me to leave the room in 5 mins, and that she can’t bear me. He says he is searching stick to go out. He then asks RV about Jasbir’s arrest. RV nods his head. Yug says Jasbir was getting engaged to Poorvi forcibly. Dada ji acts shocked. RV says I made everything fine. Dada ji asks if Jasbir married her? RV says no. Dada ji says she is a pure soul and saved me that day. He says what is my relation with her, nothing. He says if she can do so much for me then what she will do for the person she gets married too. RV says his name is Ashutosh and says she must have got engaged to him. He goes. Dada ji says its ok, just engagement happened and not marriage. He tells yug that he broke his (yug) Dadi’s engagement and got married to her and that’s why he is their Dada. Yug gets happy.

Poorvi says how can you say anything? Diya says you are not understanding what I am saying. She says there is no comparison between RV and Ashutosh.

She says Ashutosh is teacher and not boxer, but what his mother has done, she had taken Maasi’s bangles. She tells that they have feelings, emotions about relations etc, and are greedy. She says you got upset on RV once and he sent bike for you. She says I know you live in reality and not in dreams. She says you think that you will not get RV like guy and will get teacher, then you are wrong. She says if don’t dream about RV then how it will be fulfilled. She says many girls would have want him, and asks her not to bind her heart and see the dream whose name is RV. She sees broken star and asks her to see. She says this moon will tell you, who is your heart, mind and soul, who is in your destiny, the one who got scared of stick or the one who got hit by the stick for you, the one who left you in the fire and running and the one who saved you from the fire, the one who remembers himself forgetting you or the one risking his life for her. She asks her to close her eyes and see. Poorvi closes her eyes and sees a guy standing. She sees herself going near the guy and he turns to her. She sees his face and opens her eyes. Diya asks whom she saw, and asks if she saw RV. Poorvi says you are talking about him and that’s why I saw him. Diya gets happy and dances. Poorvi looks on.

Episode ends.