Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Prachi to say something. Prachi asks him to say. Ranbir asks her to say. Prachi says yesterday you asked me something. She says my answer is yes. Ranbir gets happy and emotional. Prachi says yes, Ranbir. She is driving the car still. Ranbir asks if you are fine? He says I need my family. Prachi says your family also needs you. He asks Prachi not to get worried and tells that he is coming. Prachi asks Khushi not to get worried and tells that Papa is there. Ranbir stops the truck on the way and throws the grass on the road from the truck so that when Prachi hits the truck, nothing serious happens to them. He jumps and falls down on the grass. Khushi shouts Papa. Prachi asks what you are going to do, Ranbir? Ranbir sees the car coming towards him, while Prachi tries to put the brakes still. She keeps hand on Khushi’s eyes and closes her eyes too. Ranbir jumps to safety and the car hits the grass and the truck. Ranbir is shocked to see the accident. He wipes the dust from the car and sees them. Prachi opens his eyes and sees him. She faints. Ranbir says you can’t leave him. He goes to Khushi. Khushi closes her eyes to. Ranbir says I will not let anything happen to my daughter and family. He lifts Khushi and makes her sit in the truck. He then lifts Prachi and makes her lie down in the truck. He says my family can’t leave me, I will not let anything happen to them. He starts the truck and leaves from there.

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Mihika asks Akshay to open the door and says if Prachi is alive, then none of us will get our love. Akshay asks her to stop it and says you deserve this, now you will be rotten here. Abhay asks him to free Mihika. Akshay asks if you are mad and says she tried to kill my family due to her stubbornness. Mihika says yes, to save my family. Akshay says you and ranbir? It is a joke. He says your life is already ruined, my life is set. Mihika asks if my life is ruined. Akshay says yes and says you had brought wrong guys. Mihika asks if you had brought diamonds, and asks if Prachi is diamond. Akshay says we know well what is our relation, and also our family knows, and asks her to stay away from Prachi. Mihika says Ranbir will never let Prachi become yours. Akshay says Ranbir has to do, I will kill him. Mihika says you just touch him, then I will show. Akshay says now I don’t have time, and you would have mend your ways. He says now I have to save my love. He goes. Mihika shouts in anger.

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