Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini meets Naren in the house of Visakha

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 12th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

HemRaj is walking when Samta requests him to listen but he refuses, Virel comes saying he will talk with Ronaq, HemRaj furiously scolds him saying if Virel could have talked then what was the need to do anything, Virel replies he has done anything he can as a father, HemRaj says then who would take his responsibility when Virel asks what has he done, HemRaj replies he was apologizing to Ishwar, Virel says that Ishwar is their in Laws but HemRaj replies he is of the girls side, HemRaj says he has been strict with Naren from his childhood and Virel had been the same then nothing could have happened, HemRaj vows to teach a lesson to Ronaq, Virel replies he has left for Rajkot, when HemRaj is glad as now the wedding would be without any trouble.

Nandini and Naren are standing in front of each other while everyone is praising them both for the contest to eat Pani Puri which they eat and then Naren gives the final one to Nandini so she wins the competition between them both.

Dhawal is with Jigar saying that he enjoyed whatever happened today when Jigar says he has a news that will ignite everything but Dhawal asks about it, Jigar questions what does he think would be the cost of this hotel, Jigar replies that Ishwar just paid very little amount while Naren is the one who has paid the entire amount, Dhawal and Jigar are glad hearing it but get shocked seeing Heta so Dhawal leaves furiously, Heta says that she knows she left Jigar alone with his father but this does not mean he becomes like his own father explaining that she heard him talking about the bomb, Jigar promises his mother to not let any problem come in the wedding of Naren, when Heta is worried.

Nandini is signing while setting the dresses, Manri sees her so stops there when Ishwar calls her but she pulls him to the side asking if he can hear the happiness in the singing of their daughter because they can feel whatever they done is right and nothing is wrong, Manri asks him to say something but he is just lost in his thinking, Manri questions what did she say however Ishwar is not able to reply, Nandini says that Visakha has come when she requests Manri if she can take Nandini to her home as she is not able to figure out what she can wear at her wedding, Visakha says Nandini knows her very well so Nandini requests if she can go, Manri says it is already ten and they even have to get up early, Ishwar allows Nandini mentioning she only has tonight so must live her life as tomorrow she will go her In laws house. They all leave when Manri questions what advice can Nandini give to Visakha when she herself does not have any idea what to wear, she once again asks Ishwar but he leaves.

Visakha and Nandini are smiling saying they both enjoyed a lot, Vinet is quiet when Visakha asks Nandini how did she like her in laws when she has met everyone, Nandini even asks Visakha who smiles, Vinet recalls the incident and talks about Ronaq, Nandini asks Vinet if something has happened bu Visakha refuses however Vinet is trying to explain when Visakha asks him to look ahead so he agrees when she informs he forgot the right turn so Vinet says he will take a u turn. Visakha is taking Nandini to the roof who get shocked asking if Visakha will try the clothes on the roof then Visakha pushing her on the roof closes the door, Nandini gets shocked seeing Naren and covers her face.

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Visakha goes to Vinet who asks why did she not let him tell the truth to Nandini about Ronaq because his actions have to be revealed, she replies she does not want the marriage of Nandini to befall any trouble, Vinet asks if Visakha thinks she will not find out the truth, Visakha says she knows the truth will come out but till that time the wedding would have concluded.

Nandini says her aunt said she cannot see Naren till their wedding, Naren replies he does not like the double standard as the aunt did not have any problem when they were playing Dandia, Nandini says because she could see him till that time however Naren says he wants to see his bride so removes the dupatta when she runs to the corner asking what was it that he could not wait even for a day, Naren says that it was something which would decide the future of their marriage, Nandini says that their love and respect would decide the future of the wedding, Naren wonders how can he tell her that the dowry which she hates so much has been given by all of the daughter in laws, Nandini asks what was the important thing, Naren quietly says that he wants to talk of honeymoon, Nandini asks if it is necessary to go on the honeymoon, he replies when a newly wed couple goes for the honeymoon then they get the chance to understand each other and they join with each other, Nandini asks if those couples who go on honeymoon understand each other then they should not have any divorce, Naren says it is just for the starting understanding so the hesitation ends between them both, Nandini says she does not have even a bit of hesitation from him, he asks if she is saying she does not have any shame or hesitation, so he asks if she is sure then when Nandini agrees, he pulls her close to him saying she just said she does not have shame for him, Nandini closes her eyes. He asks if she is not afraid of the rituals, she replies she is even afraid to break them but Naren slowly kisses her on the cheek. Visakha knocks on the door asking Nandini if the ghost left her.

The girlfriend of Ronaq opens the door asking what is he doing here when he had gone for the wedding of Naren and Nandini, she asks what was the need to drink when Ronaq asks if she knows what HemRaj said about her so she gets shocked thinking how long will HemRaj stop her as she will come to his house as the wife of Ronaq.

Ishwar is standing by the window while Manri is sleeping, he is just thinking about the words of HemRaj who asked for his farm or fifty told gold, Ishwar then starts walking in the room before slowly opening the door to walk out, he holding both of his hands apologizes to Maa if he has made any sort of mistake because the dowry because of which his sister lost his life then he has to give it for the happiness of his daughter, Nandini coming asks whom does he have to give the dowry, Ishwar is shcoked seeing Nandini who is worried.